Class Input

Input Box

For inputting text and passwords.

from ooodev.dialog.input import Input

pwd = Input.get_input(title="Password", msg="Input Password:", is_password=True)
class ooodev.dialog.input.Input[source]
static get_input(title, msg, input_value='', ok_lbl='OK', cancel_lbl='Cancel', is_password=False)[source]

Displays an input box and returns the results.

Method NOT is Lo Instance Safe. Use Class LoContext when using with multiple document instances.

  • title (str) – Title for the dialog

  • msg (str) – Message to display such as “Input your Name”

  • input_value (str, optional) – Value of input box when first displayed.

  • ok_lbl (str, optional) – OK button Label. Defaults to “OK”.

  • cancel_lbl (str, optional) – Cancel Button Label. Defaults to “Cancel”.

  • is_password (bool, optional) – Determines if the input box is masked for password input. Defaults to False.


CancelEventError – If the dialog creation was cancelled.


The value of input or empty string.

Return type:



Raises a global event GblNamedEvent.INPUT_BOX_CREATING before creating the dialog. The event args are of type CancelEventArgs. The event_data is a dictionary that contains the following key:

  • msg: The message to display.

  • title: The title of the dialog.

  • input_value: The value of the input box when first displayed.

  • ok_lbl: The label for the OK button.

  • cancel_lbl: The label for the Cancel button.

  • is_password: Determines if the input box is masked for password input.

  • frame: The frame of the dialog. If not set, the frame of the current document is used.

The default frame is None. If set value must be a XFrame object.

If the event is cancelled, the result value of event_data` if set will be returned. Otherwise if the event is not handled, a ``CancelEventError is raised.