Version History

Version 0.40.0


The gui module has been moved from the ooodev.utils to the ooodev.gui module.

The old imports still work but are deprecated.

New proper usage:

from ooodev.gui import Gui
# ...

New ooodev.macro.MacroScript class tha can be used to invoke python or basic macro scripts.

Many new enhancements to the underlying dynamic construction of components that implement services. Now classes can be implemented based upon the services they support at runtime.


Added a new caching class that can be used to cache objects.

The ooodev.utils.lru_cache.LRUCache class can be used to cache objects.

The an instance LRUCache is used in the Lo class and can be accessed via the Lo.cache property. The Lo.cache can be used to cache objects that are used often.

The size of the cache can be set in the options if needed. The default size is 200.

from ooodev.loader import Lo
from ooodev.loader.inst import Options

loader = Lo.load_office(
    opt=Options(log_level=logging.DEBUG, lo_cache_size=400)
# ...
Lo.cache["my_key"] = "my_value"
assert Lo.cache["my_key"] == "my_value"


A new logger has been added to the library.

The default logging level is logging.INFO.

Currently there is only logging to the console.

The OooDev Library uses is currently using this logging in a limited way. This will change in subsequent versions.

Logging Module

This logger is a singleton and can be accessed via the ooodev.logger module.

To use the logger simply import the module and use th logging methods:

Logging Date format is in the format "%d/%m/%Y %H:%M:%S" (Day, Month, Year, Hour, Minute, Second).

from import logging as logger"Hello World")
logger.error("Error has occured")

Named Logger

For convenience a named logger has been added to the library. It is a wrapper around the logger that allows for a name to be added to the log output.

from import NamedLogger

class MyClass:
    def __init__(self):
        # ...
        self._logger = NamedLogger(name=f"{self.__class__.__name__} - {self._implementation_name}")

    def _process_import(self, arg) -> None:
        # ...
        clz = self._get_class(arg)
        self._add_base(clz, arg)
        self._logger.debug(f"Added: {arg.ooodev_name}")
        # ...

The log output might look like this:

09/04/2024 10:15:45 - DEBUG - MyClass - ScTabViewObj: Added: ooodev.utils.partial.service_partial.ServicePartial

Logging Options

Options now has a new log_level property that can be set to control the logging level of the library.

import logging
from ooodev.loader.inst.options import Options

loader = Lo.load_office(connector=Lo.ConnectPipe(), opt=Options(log_level=logging.DEBUG))
# ...

Also the log level can be set via the logging module.

import logging
from import logging as logger

assert logger.get_log_level() == logging.DEBUG

Bug Fixes

Fixed bug in ooodev.units.UnitMM10.from_unit_val() that was not converting the value correctly.

Version 0.39.1

Update Form Controls to allow for better access to the control properties. Form controls are now also context managers.

Using ctl.set_property() will automatically toggle control design mode if needed.

Example of using a control as a context manager:

The width block will toggle design mode on and off.

with ctl:
    ctl.model.Width = 200

Version 0.39.0

Add dozens of new classes to support Extended view on controls.

Version 0.38.2

Extended ooodev.adapter.sheet.spreadsheet_view_comp.SpreadsheetViewComp to include ooodev.adapter.view.form_layer_access_partial.FormLayerAccessPartial.

Now checking of a Calc document in in design mode can be done as follows:

>>> from ooodev.calc import CalcDoc
>>> doc = CalcDoc.from_current_doc()
>>> view = doc.get_view()
>>> view.is_form_design_mode()

>>> view.set_form_design_mode(True)
>>> view.is_form_design_mode()

Version 0.38.1

Added new Class DispatchContext.

Now Message box boxtype can also accept an int value.

Minor updates and bug fixes.

Version 0.38.0

Cell and Range Controls

Add a new property to CalcCell and CalcCellRange called controls. This property returns a CalcCellControls and CalcCellRangeControls class respectively. These classes can be used to access and manipulate the form controls in a cell or range. In other words this makes it super simple to add controls to a cell or a range.

from ooodev.calc import CalcDoc
doc = CalcDoc.create_doc(visible=True)
sheet = doc.sheets[0]

cell = sheet["A1"]
chk = cell.control.insert_control_check_box("My CheckBox", tri_state=False)
assert chk is not None

cell = sheet["A1"]
chk = cell.control.current_control
assert chk is not None

cell = sheet["B3"]
btn = cell.control.insert_control_button("My Button")
assert btn is not None

cell = sheet["B3"]
btn = cell.control.current_control

rng = sheet.get_range(range_name="b10:c12")
list_box = rng.control.insert_control_list_box(entries=["D", "E", "F"], drop_down=False)

Basic Script Access

Add a new Basic script manager that can be used to access basic scripts.

ooodev.macro.script.basic import Basic
def r_trim(input: str, remove: str = " ") -> str:
    script = Basic.get_basic_script(macro="RTrimStr", module="Strings", library="Tools", embedded=False)
    res = script.invoke((input, remove), (), ())
    return res[0]
result = r_trim("hello ")
assert result == "hello"


Now it is possible to Find a shape in a Draw Page with the Form.find_shape_for_control() method.

Also a new Form.find_cell_with_control() method has been added that can be used to find a cell that contains a form control.

Version 0.37.0

Added new reflect class ooodev.utils.reflection.reflect.Reflect that can be used to reflect UNO objects.

Added new ooodev.utils.kind.enum_helper.EnumHelper class that can be used to get the enum values of a UNO object and can create dynamic enums.

Breaking Changes

Dialog controls now use UnitPX and AppFont* classes for measurements. Int values can still be used to set measurements as before and still default to Pixels. Now the default is UnitPX for measurements. Dialog UNO controls by default use pixels for View measurements and App Font measurements for Model measurements.

This change should not affect most users as the default is still pixels. But now reading pixels will return a UnitPX object which. Hint: int(my_unit_px) will return the pixel value as in int.

Version 0.36.3

Added new App Font Classes:

  • ooodev.units.AppFontSize

  • ooodev.units.AppFontPos

  • ooodev.units.UnitAppFontWidth

  • ooodev.units.UnitAppFontHeight.

Version 0.36.2

Fix for ooodev.units.UnitAppFont Now UnitAppFont is UnitAppFontX. Added a new UnitAppFontY class.

LibreOffice Office uses different AppFont values for X and Y.

Version 0.36.1

Minor adjustment for ooodev.dialog.dl_control.CtlGrid properties row_header_width, and row_height.

Version 0.36.0

Added ooodev.units.UnitAppFont class that can be used where App Font Measurements are used. UnitAppFont units may change value on different systems. This class is used for measurements that are based on the current system.

ooodev.dialog.dl_control.CtlGrid now uses UnitAppFont for column_header_height, row_header_width, and row_height properties.

Version 0.35.0

Added all the same conversions found in CONVERT function to convert. There are enum for all the conversions.

Version 0.34.3

Update for Draw Shapes. Now can access many more properties on various shapes.

Added ooodev.draw.shapes.shape_factory.ShapeFactory class that can be used to Convert XShape into OooDev Shapes.

ooodev.adapter.text.graphic_crop_struct_comp.GraphicCropStructComp Now is a Generic for Unit measurements.

ooodev.adapter.drawing.rotation_descriptor_properties_partial.RotationDescriptorPropertiesPartial.shear_angle property is not optional.

Version 0.34.1

Add a unit factory for converting units to other units. The module is ooodev.units.unit_factory.

Draw shapes now have better support when selecting Group Shapes.

Shapes can now set size and position directly by setting the x, y, width and height properties of size and position properties.

New Generic ooodev.adapter.awt.size_struct_generic_comp.SizeStructGenericComp for working with sizes and generic Unit Sizes. New Generic ooodev.adapter.awt.point_struct_generic_comp.PointStructGenericComp for working with positions and generic Unit Sizes.

Version 0.34.0

Customs shapes are much more dynamic. when selecting shapes the list of the selected shapes have access to many more properties. Many properties are added to shapes based upon the services they support.

Index containers in ooodev.adapter.container package are now generic. This allow for better tying support when working with elements in the container.

Created and implement this class. It has bee implemented into all Documents and many other classes.

For instance Draw shapes implement OfficeDocumentPropPartial and this gives access to the document that the shape is in.

DrawDoc class and ImpressDoc class now have a common base class DocPartial.

Version 0.33.0

Now there is a get_selected_shapes() method for DrawDoc and ImpressDoc that returns a list of the current selected shapes.

Many updates for Draw Shapes. Now can access many more properties on various shapes.

Now DrawDoc has a current_controller property that returns a DrawDocView instance. DrawDocView is a new class that represents a Draw document view.

Angles can now be added, subtracted, multiplied and divided to each other and the conversion is automatic.

from ooodev.units import Angle, Angle10
a1 = Angle(90)
a2 = Angle10(110) # 10 degrees
a3 = a1 + a2
assert isinstance(a3, Angle)
assert a3 == 101

Version 0.32.2

Added Table Border 2 for Writer Tables.

Version 0.32.1

Added new formatting options to Write Tables.

Version 0.32.0

Many classes added for working with Writer Tables. See table namespace.

Other additions to Write to make accessing various parts of the document easier.

Other minor updates and bug fixes.

RangeObj Updates

Fix for RangeObj.get_row() returning the wrong row.

Update for RangeObj. Now you can iterate over the cells in a range.

The iteration is done in a row-major order, meaning that the cells are iterated over by row, then by column.

>>> rng = RangeObj.from_range("A1:C4")
>>> for cell in rng:
>>>     print(cell)

The iteration can be especially useful when you want iterate over a row or a column in a range.

Iterating over a row in a range:

>>> rng = RangeObj.from_range("A1:C4")
>>> for cell in rng.get_row(1):
>>>     print(cell)

Iterating over a column in a range:

>>> rng = RangeObj.from_range("A1:C4")
>>> for cell in rng.get_col("B"):
>>>     print(cell)

Checking if range contains a cell This is functionally the same as the RangeObj.contains() method.

>>> rng = RangeObj.from_range("A1:C4")
>>> assert "B2" in rng

Getting a CellObj from a RangeObj:

>>> rng = RangeObj.from_range("A1:C4")
>>> cell = rng["B2"] # gets a CellObj instance
>>> assert str(cell) == "B2"

Version 0.31.0

Massive refactoring of imports. Inspired by André Menck - Avoiding Circular Imports in Python article. This version saw then entire library refactored to help avoid circular imports. Over 1,000 modules were updated. Now objects are always imported from the files where they are defined in. Test have be constructed to ensure this rule.

Version 0.30.4

Minor updates. Better support for compiled script via the oooscript command line tool.

Version 0.30.3

Minor updates and bug fixes.

Breaking Changes

ooodev.write.WriteText.create_text_cursor() now return instance of ooodev.write.WriteTextCursor[WriteText] instead of XTextCursor. Direct access to can be done via WriteTextCursor.component. or WriteText.component.createTextCursor().

ooodev.write.WriteText.create_text_cursor_by_range() now return instance of ooodev.write.WriteTextCursor[WriteText] instead of XTextCursor. Direct access to can be done via WriteTextCursor.component. or WriteText.component.create_text_cursor_by_range().

Version 0.30.2

Added WriteTextViewCursor.style_direct_char that allows for direct character styling.

Same as changes for WriteTextCursor in version 0.30.1.

Version 0.30.1

Added WriteTextCursor.style_direct_char that allows for direct character styling.


doc = WriteDoc.create_doc(visible=True)

cursor = doc.get_cursor()
cursor.go_left(5, True)
# font 30, bold, italic, underline, blue
# reset the style before adding more text

Version 0.30.0

Added search and replace methods to WriteDoc and WriteTextViewCursor.

Version 0.29.0

Added new CtlSpinButton class for working with Spin Button controls. Update all controls to make formatting (font, text color, etc) easier. This includes the ability to set font and text color for all controls that support it.

Version 0.28.4

Added CalcCellTextCursor class that can be used to get the text of a cell. Cursor can be accessed via CalcCell.create_text_cursor().

from ooodev.calc import CalcDoc
doc = CalcDoc.create_doc(visible=True)
sheet = doc.sheets[0]
cell = sheet["A1"]
cursor = cell.create_text_cursor()
cursor.append_para("Text in first line.")
cursor.append("And a ")

Version 0.28.3

CalcCell and CalcCellRange now have style_by_name() methods that allow setting a cell or range style by name.

Version 0.28.2

Added many style methods to Calc classes such as CalcCell and CalcCellRange.

Version 0.28.1

Minor fix for getting the current document in multi document usage.

Version 0.28.0

Added Class TheGlobalEventBroadcaster.

Added style_*get methods to many partial style classes.

Updated help docs for Chart2 styling.

Version 0.27.1

Update documentation for Chart2 Calc related classes.

Other minor updates and bug fixes.

Version 0.27.0

Big update for charts. Now charts can be created and modified in a much easier way.

Charts are now accessible via CalcSheet and CalcDoc classes.

Styling of most all chart objects is built into the chart objects themselves.

sheet = doc.sheets[0] # get the first sheet from the Calc doc
range_addr = sheet.rng("A2:B8")
tbl_chart = sheet.charts.insert_chart(

chart_doc = tbl_chart.chart_doc
_ = chart_doc.set_title(sheet["A1"].value)
_ = chart_doc.axis_x.set_title(sheet["A2"].value)
y_axis_title = chart_doc.axis_y.set_title(sheet["B2"].value)
chart_doc.style_border_line(color=CommonColor.DARK_BLUE, width=0.8)

See chart2

Other minor updates and bug fixes.

Version 0.26.0

The Lo class and other loader classes ahve been moved into ooodev.loader namespace.

Now Lo is imported as follows. from ooodev.loader import Lo. This should not be a breaking change as the old import should still work. Previous import was from ooodev.utils.lo import Lo.

Lo is basically the context manager for the entire library. It is used to connect to LibreOffice, manage the connection and communitate with Documents. In this version the Lo and related classes have been update to have much better multi-document support.

Lo class now has a desktop property that is an instance of the new ooodev.loader.comp.the_desktop.TheDesktop class.

Now in macro mode there are multiple ways to get the current document. The Lo class has a current_doc property that returns the current document. In Macro Mode it is not necessary to use ooodev.macro.MacroLoader to access the document in the following mannor.

from ooodev.loader import Lo
doc = Lo.current_doc
doc.msgbox("Hello World")

or for know more specific document types such as ooodev.write.WriteDoc or ooodev.calc.CalcDoc.

from ooodev.write import WriteDoc
doc = WriteDoc.from_current_doc()
doc.msgbox("Hello World")
from ooodev.calc import CalcDoc
doc = CalcDoc.from_current_doc()
doc.msgbox("Hello World")

Version 0.25.2

Added the ability for Document classes to dispatch commands via the dispatch_cmd(). This allows for dispatching to be done to the correct document in multi-document usage.

Other minor fixes and updates.

Breaking Changes

Removed redundant ooodev.calc.calc_cell_range.set_style() method. This method was not needed and was redundant with ooodev.calc.calc_cell_range.apply_styles().

Version 0.25.1

Better support for ooodev.utils.lo.Lo.current_doc in macros. Now it is possible to use ooodev.utils.lo.Lo.current_doc in macros to get the current document without needing to use ooodev.macro.MacroLoader.

from ooodev.loader.lo import Lo

# get the current document
doc = Lo.current_doc

Added ooodev.utils.partial.doc_io_partial.from_current_doc() method. This method load a document from the current context and applies to all document classes such as a ooodev.write.WriteDoc or ooodev.calc.CalcDoc. This will also work in macros without needing to use ooodev.macro.MacroLoader.

from ooodev.calc import CalcDoc
doc = CalcDoc.from_current_doc()
doc.sheets[0]["A1"].Value = "Hello World"

Version 0.25.0

Added ooodev.utils.lo.Lo.current_doc static property. This property returns the current document that is being worked on such as a ooodev.write.WriteDoc or ooodev.calc.CalcDoc.

Type support for a more general Document via ooodev.proto.office_document_t.OfficeDocumentT. This is the type returned by ooodev.utils.lo.Lo.current_doc.

Other Type enhancements and protocols.

Version 0.24.0

Update for Dialogs and Multi-document support. Now Dialogs can be created from document classes such as ooodev.write.WriteDoc and ooodev.calc.CalcDoc. This ensures that the Dialog is created in the same context as the document and this supports multi-document usage.

Other minor bug fixes and updates.

Version 0.23.1

Minor updates for form controls.

Version 0.23.0

Document classes can now create instances of themselves and open documents.

ooodev.Calc.CalcCellRange now has a highlight() method.

ooodev.Calc.CalcCell now has a make_constraint() method.

Updates for event related classes.

Other Misc updates.

Version 0.22.1

Added ooodev.write.WriteDoc.text_frames property. This property returns a ooodev.write.WriteTextFrames class for working with text frames.

Marked many methods in class as safe for multi-document usage or not. When no the LoContext manager can be used.

Better support for multi documents. Now classes ooodev.draw, ooodev.calc and ooodev.write can be used with multiple documents at the same time.

Version 0.22.0

Added ooodev.draw.ImpressPages class. Handles working with Impress pages via ooodev.Draw.ImpressDoc.

Add a Content manager, ooodev.utils.context.lo_context.Locontext. This class can be used to manage the context of a LibreOffice instance. Now it is possible to have multiple LibreOffice document running at the same time. Implemented for ooodev.draw.ImpressDoc and ooodev.draw.DrawDoc and ooodev.write.WriteDoc so far.

Example of create two Draw documents at the same time.

from ooodev.draw import DrawDoc
from ooodev.loader.lo import Lo

# create first doc normally
doc_first = DrawDoc.create_doc()

# for a second doc create a new LoInst to open an new document with.
lo_inst = Lo.create_lo_instance()
# create a new DrawDoc and pass it the new instance context.
second_doc = DrawDoc.create_doc(lo_inst=lo_inst)

Version 0.21.3

Now shapes in the ooodev.draw.shapes namespace can cloned using the clone() method.

Added Create Document methods to WriteDoc, DrawDoc, ImpressDoc.

Version 0.21.1

Added LO Instance to Writer Classes. This will allow for better support of multiple Writer documents.

Implement a shape factory, ooodev.draw.shapes.partial.shape_factory_partial.ShapeFactoryPartial. Now various Draw pages can return know shapes as objects such as ooodev.draw.shapes.Rectangle and ooodev.draw.shapes.Ellipse.

# doc is a DrawDoc instance in this case
# The first shape added to the first slide of the document is a rectangle
>>> shape = doc.slides[0][0]
>>> shape.get_shape_type()
>>> shape
<ooodev.draw.shapes.rectangle_shape.RectangleShape object at 0x7f9f87133ac0>

Version 0.21.0

DrawDoc and all of the related classes now can use a seperate instance of Lo to connect to LibreOffice. In short this means it is now possible have mulitiple instanes of Draw Doucment open at the same time.

DrawPage can now export the page as a png or jpg image using the export_page_png() and export_page_jpg() methods. See tests/test_draw/test_draw_ns/ for examples.

All Shapes in the ooodev.draw.shapes namespace now can export the shape as a png or jpg image using the export_shape_png() and export_shape_jpg() methods.

Calc Range can now export the range as a png or jpg image using the export_range_png() and export_range_jpg() methods that can alos set the image resolution.

Breaking Changes has been removed. No longer needed now that CalcCellRange.export_png() and CalcCellRange.export_jpg() have been implemented.

Version 0.20.4

Now ooodev.write.WriteTextViewCursor export Writer document pages as images (png or jpg) files. See ./tests/test_write/test_write_ns/ file for examples.

Version 0.20.3

Now a Calc spreadsheet range can be exported to an image (png or jpg) file. Exported is done via `` class.

Example of saving range as image.

sheet = doc.sheets[0]
rng = sheet.get_range(range_name="A1:M4")

Version 0.20.2

Updated ooodev.draw.DrawDoc. Now has a save_doc method for saving the document.

Updated ooodev.draw.ImpressDoc. Now has a save_doc method for saving the document.

Other minor bug fixes and updates.

Version 0.20.1

ooodev.calc.CalcCell Now has a value attribute that can get or set the value of the cell.

Breaking Changes

ooodev.calc.CalcCell.position now returns Class GenericUnitPoint instead of a UNO Point. UNO Point can still be accessed via ooodev.calc.CalcCell.component.Position.

Version 0.20.0

Many new classes for working with Calc Spreadsheet view added to ooodev.adapter module.

Added ooodev.adapter.calc.CalcDoc.current_controller property.

Other minor bug fixes and updates.

Version 0.19.0

ooodev.draw.DrawPage now has a forms property that returns a ooodev.Draw.DrawForms class for working with and accessing forms.

Breaking Changes

ooodev.form.control.* controls no longer have width, height, x, y properties. They were not reporting the correct value from the draw page. They can still be accessed via the controls ctl.get_view().getPosSize() method.

Now there are size and position properties that return the expected values as UnitMM objects.

Version 0.18.2

Added ooodev.calc.SpreadsheetDrawPages class. Handles working with Calc Draw Pages. Added ooodev.calc.SpreadsheetDrawPage class. Handles working with Calc Sheet Draw Page.

Added ooodev.calc.CalcForms class. Handles working with Calc Sheet Forms. Added ooodev.calc.CalcForm class. Handles working with Calc Sheet Form.

Version 0.18.1

Added ooodev.draw.GenericDrawPage class. Handles generic draw page such as ooodev.write.WriteDoc.get_draw_page(). Added ooodev.draw.GenericDrawPages class. Handles generic draw pages such as ooodev.write.WriteDoc.get_draw_pages(). Added ooodev.calc.SpreadsheetDrawPages class. Added ooodev.calc.SpreadsheetDrawPage class.

ooodev.calc.CalcDoc now have has a draw_pages property that returns a ooodev.calc.SpreadsheetDrawPages class. ooodev.calc.CalcSheet now have has a draw_page property that returns a ooodev.calc.SpreadsheetDrawPage class.

Breaking Changes

ooodev.write.WriteDrawPage has been removed. Now ooodev.write.WriteDoc.get_draw_page() returns a ooodev.draw.GenericDrawPage[WriteDoc]:

Version 0.18.0

Now many Draw shape will accept -1 as a value for width, height, x, y. This will usually mean that the shape size and/or position will not be set when created.

Now the Units in the ooodev.units can do math such has +, -, *, /, +-, -+. Eg:

from ooodev.units import UnitCM, UnitInch
u1 = UnitCM(0.44)
u1 = += 1 # 1.44 cm
u2 = UnitInch(2)
u3 = u1 + u2
assert u3 == 6.52

Version 0.17.13

Added ooodev.draw.DrawPages class that is accessed via DrawDoc.slides property.

Breaking changes

CalcDoc.get_by_index() Now returns a CalcSheet instance instead of service. The CalcSheet.component will return the service.

CalcDoc.get_by_name() Now returns a CalcSheet instance instead of service. The CalcSheet.component will return the service.

Version 0.17.12

Added support for modifying Draw Style Indent and Spacing.

Version 0.17.11

Added ooodev.calc.CalcSheets class that is accessed via CalcDoc.sheets property.

Version 0.17.10

Calc Sheets now can use sheet["A1"] to get a cell. This is a shortcut for sheet.get_cell("A1"). Any single parameter method of get_cell() can now use this shortcut such as cell_range, cell_name, cell_obj, cell and addr.

Version 0.17.9

Add support for modifying Draw Style Area Image.

Add support for modifying Draw Style Area Gradient. Add support for modifying Draw Style Area Transparency. Add support for modifying Draw Style Font. Add support for modifying Draw Style Font Effects.

Version 0.17.8

Add support for formatting Draw Shape Text columns and Text Alignment.

Version 0.17.7

Added get_write_text() to WriteTextCursor() that allows for easier access to the XText of a cursor.

Version 0.17.6

Add text animation support to Draw Shapes.

Version 0.17.5

Add get_shape_text_cursor() to Draw Shapes that allows for getting the text cursor of a shape. This allows editing and formatting of the text in a shape.

More new formats for Draw Shapes.

Version 0.17.4

More new formats for Draw Shapes.

Version 0.17.3

Added new formats for Draw Shapes.

Version 0.17.2

Fix to allow as a ShapeComp.

Version 0.17.1

Added support for LineCursor and ScreenCursor on ooodev.write.WriteTextViewCursor.

Version 0.17.0

Added ooodev.draw module. This module contains classes for working with Draw and Impress documents. Many new classes which make working with Draw and Impress documents much easier.

Version 0.16.0

Added ooodev.write module. This module contains classes for working with Writer documents. Many new classes which make working with Writer documents much easier.

Version 0.15.1

Extended ooodev.calc classes with new methods

Version 0.15.0

Added ooodev.calc Which contains classes for working with Calc documents. Now Calc documents are much easier to work with.

Version 0.14.2

Updates for Forms and Dialogs.

Version 0.14.1

Minor updates for Forms and Dialogs.

Version 0.14.0

Added Form Controls and Form Database Controls. More then 30 new classes for working with forms.

Add several new classes in the adapter module.

Other minor bug fixes and updates.

Version 0.13.7

Added Form Controls and Form Database Controls

Added many new classes in the adapter module.

Renamed StyleObj to StyleT

Renamed UnitObj to UnitT

Version 0.13.7

Added dozens of new classes in the adapter module.

Version 0.13.6

Added subscriber to constructor of many classes in the adapter module.

Version 0.13.5

Event classes now implement dispose method in the adapter module classes.

Version 0.13.4

New options for event classes in the adapter module.

Version 0.13.3

Update to CtlTree for better flat list loading of data.

Other minor bug fixes and updates.

Version 0.13.2

Add new properties to several Dialog control classes.

Add new classes in adapters module.

Version 0.13.0

Dialog Module added. Many new classes for working with dialogs. Many new adapters added into the adapter module.

Other minor bug fixes and updates.

Version 0.12.1

Doc updates, minor bug fixes and updates.

Add guide for installing OooDev as a LibreOffice Extension.

Version 0.12.0

This version saw the removal of lxml as a dependency. Now the Library has no external binary dependencies.

The ooodev.utils.xml_util module was removed and all methods were moved to Ooo Dev Xml package.

If you were using the class directly from the ooodev.utils.xml_util module, you can now use the class from the ooodev_xml.odxml module.

Version 0.11.14

Added FileIO.expand_macro() method that can be used to expand macro paths.

Version 0.11.13

Updates for better support of Lo.this_component in and Lo.XSCRIPTCONTEXT.

Version 0.11.12

Fix bug in Calc.set_sheet_name() that was not working correctly.

Add new parameter to Calc.get_sheet_name() that allows for wrapping of the sheet name in single quotes if it is needed.

Version 0.11.11

Now there is a context manager for macros that set the proper context for the document and OooDev. See 2.10 Loading for Macro Execution.

Version 0.11.10

Updated connection to LibreOffice be more robust. Remote connections have been tested and work.

Version 0.11.9

Fix for potential bug when connection to LibreOffice instance.

Version 0.11.8

Update to allow connections to LibreOffice Snap and Flatpak versions on Linux.

Version 0.11.7

Added env_vars options to Bridge base connectors. Now Environment variables can be passed to the subprocess that connects to LibreOffice. This makes it possible to connect to a snap instance of LibreOffice and pass in PYTHONPATH and other environment variables.

Version 0.11.6

Add environment check to ooodev.utils.paths.get_soffice_path to ODEV_CONN_SOFFICE environment variable is set to LibreOffice soffice.

Update for better support of Lo.this_component in macros.

Version 0.11.5

Remove unused module ooodev.utils.images.

Remove unused dependency Pillow.

Version 0.11.4

Fix for Write.get_cursor() not working correctly in Snap version of LibreOffice in macros.

Version 0.11.3

Fix for Lo.this_component in macros.

Version 0.11.2

Added Calc.print_sheet() method that allows printing of a specified cell range directly to a printer.

Version 0.11.1

Minor tweaks and dependency updates.

Version 0.11.0

Major Refactoring of entire Library. Much improved typing support.

This version now has complete type support. Entire code base has been refactored to support type hints and type checking.

Test have been preformed with pyright to ensure type hints are correct.

Version 0.10.3

Minor bug fixes and updates.

Version 0.10.2

Fix for Chart2 Gradient Fill class.

Version 0.10.1

Minor style bug fixes.

Version 0.10.0

Support dropped for Python 3.7. Now supporting Python 3.8 and up.

Added Calc methods get_cell_protection(), is_cell_protected(), protect_sheet(), unprotect_sheet() and is_sheet_protected().

Other Minor Calc tweaks.

Version 0.9.8

Created lo that also contains LoInst class. This class can create a new LibreOffice instance and connect to it and/or connect to an existing LibreOffice instance and be used for sub-components. This class is for advanced usage. The Lo class is still the recommended way to connect to LibreOffice and under the hood it uses LoInst. See 2.9 Opening Multiple Documents.

Version 0.9.7

Fix ooodev.utils.data_type.size_mm.SizeMM constructor to accept UnitObj as well as float.

Minor bug fixes and updates.

Version 0.9.6

Minor bug fixes and updates.

Version 0.9.5

Minor bug fixes and updates.

Version 0.9.4

Added more than five dozen new classes in for formatting Chart2 charts.

Added class that can be used to lock and unlock Chart2 charts for faster updating.

Added class that can be used to format numbers styles in Calc cells and ranges.

Added new event to ooodev.utils.props.Props.set(). Now subscribers can be notified when a property set error occurs and handle the error if needed.

Added new event to ooodev.utils.props.Props.set_default(). Now subscribers can be notified when a property set default error occurs and handle the error if needed.

Version 0.9.3

Minor revisions and updates.

Version 0.9.2

Added style options to from ooodev.utils.forms.Forms module methods.

Added Write.create_style_para() that creates new paragraph styles and adds the them to the document paragraph styles.

Added Write.create_style_char() that creates new character styles and adds the them to the document character styles.

Added Write.set_footer() that sets the footer text and style.

Added styles to Write.set_header() that also sets the header style.

Added module that contains classes for page header and footer styles that can be used with Write.set_header() and Write.set_footer().

Version 0.9.1

Added theme that access LibreOffice theme properties.

Added Info.get_office_theme() That gets the current LibreOffice theme name.

Added overloads to several Calc methods to allow styles to be applied when setting sheet values.

Version 0.9.0

Added format module with hundreds of new classes for applying styles and formatting to documents and sheets.

Added units module that contains classes for many of the LibreOffice units such as mm units, px units and pt units (and more).

Renamed method GUI.show_memu_bar() to GUI.show_menu_bar()

Fixed issue with Calc.get_sheet_names() when overload with no args was used.

Rename CellObj.col_info to CellObj.col_obj

Rename CellObj.row_info to CellObj.row_obj

All events now can have key value pairs of data added or removed

Added Calc.get_safe_rng_str() method.

Added Info.is_uno() method.

Added method.

Added Write.get_cursor() overload.

Added Write.append(cursor: XTextCursor, text: str, styles: Iterable[StyleObj]) overload.

Added Write.style_left(cursor: XTextCursor, pos: int, styles: Iterable[StyleObj]) overload.

Added Write.style_prev_paragraph(cursor: XTextCursor, styles: Iterable[StyleObj]) overload.

Added Write.append_line(cursor: XTextCursor, text: str, styles: Iterable[StyleObj]) overload.

Added Write.append_para(cursor: XTextCursor, text: str, styles: Iterable[StyleObj]) overload.

Added Chart2.style_background() Method.

Added Chart2.style_wall() Method.

Added Chart2.style_data_point() Method.

Version 0.8.6

Added Styles namespace.

Extended Cell Objects with focus on CellValues Class.

Added overload to GUI.set_visible()

Added overload to GUI.set_visible()

Added overload to Calc.get_sheet_names()

Added overload to Calc.set_sheet_name()

Changed Calc.get_sheet(doc: XSpreadsheetDocument, index: int) to Calc.get_sheet(doc: XSpreadsheetDocument, idx: int). index will still work but is not documented.

Changed Calc.remove_sheet(doc: XSpreadsheetDocument, index: int) to Calc.remove_sheet(doc: XSpreadsheetDocument, idx: int) index will still work but is not documented.

Version 0.8.5

Fix for Some Calc related method getting a new doc with the existing doc was expected.

Version 0.8.4

Added methods, Calc.merge_cells(), Calc.unmerge_cells(), and Calc.is_merged_cells()

Version 0.8.3

Many new Overloads in Calc module for range objects.

Several enhancements for range objects.

Version 0.8.2

Added Calc.is_single_column_range().

Added Calc.is_single_row_range().

Added Calc.get_range_size()

Added Calc.get_range_obj()

Added Calc.get_selected_range()

Added Calc.get_selected_cell()

Many enhancements for working with sheet ranges.

Version 0.8.1

Chart2.insert_chart() all parameters made optional, added chart_name parameter.

Added Chart2.remove_chart().

Added Calc.set_selected_addr().

Updated Angle to accept any integer value, positive or negative.

Version 0.8.0

Added Calc.get_col_first_used_index() method.

Added Calc.get_col_last_used_index() method.

Added Calc.get_row_first_used_index() method.

Added Calc.get_row_last_used_index() method.

Added overloads to Calc.get_col().

Added overloads to Calc.get_row().

Calc.get_col() now returns an empty list like Calc.get_row() if no values are found. In previous version it it returned None When no values were found.

Calc.extract_col() now returns an empty list if no values are found. In previous version it it returned None When no values were found.

Version 0.7.1

Minor updates to chart2_types module.

Version 0.7.0

Added Lo.loader_current. Now after Lo.load_office() is called the Lo.loader_current property will contain the same loader that is returned by Lo.load_office()

All methods that are using loader now have a overload to make loader optional.

Calc.open_doc() has new overloads. Now if a file is not passed to open then a new spreadsheet document is returned.

Write.open_doc() has new overloads. Now if a file is not passed to open then a new Writer document is returned.

Version 0.6.10

Now Lo.load_load() has extra options that allow for turning on or off of verbose via the loader. Going forward verbose is off by default.

Added overload to Calc.get_sheet()

Update Props.show_props() to support extra formatting.

Fix bug in Calc.get_function_names()

Removed unnecessary events from

  • Calc.print_addresses()

  • Calc.print_array()

  • Calc.print_cell_address()

  • Calc.print_fun_arguments()

  • Calc.print_function_info()

  • Calc.print_head_foot.print_address

  • Calc.print_head_foot

Version 0.6.9

Added FileIO.uri_absolute()

Added overload to props.get().

FileIO.uri_to_path() now raises ConvertPathError if unable to convert.

Added an enum lookup option to Info.get_paths().

Added utils.Gallery module.

Version 0.6.8

Added utils.adapter namespace and classes.

Version 0.6.7

Add new methods convert_1d_to_2d, get_smallest_str, get_largest_str, get_smallest_int, get_largest_int to TableHelper Class.

Added overload method Lo.print_table(name: str, table: Table, format_opt: FormatterTable)

Updated Lo.print_names() to print output in a table format.

Version 0.6.6

Add overload to Calc.convert_to_floats

Add formatters module for formatting console output.

Added overload method Calc.print_array(vals: Table, format_opt: FormatterTable)

Version 0.6.5

Added overload to FileIo.make_directory that handles creating directory from file path.

Fix for FileIo.url_to_path on windows sometimes not converting correctly.

Other FileIo Minor updates.

Fix bug in Chart2.set_template when diagram_name was passed as string.

Fix bug in Draw.warns_position when no Slide size is available.

Renamed Calc.get_range_str args from start_col, start_row, end_col, end_row to col_start, row_start, col_end, row_end respectively. Change is backwards compatible.

Renamed Calc.get_cell_range args from start_col, start_row, end_col, end_row to col_start, row_start, col_end, row_end respectively. Change is backwards compatible.

Version 0.6.4

Fix for Draw.report_pos_size. Now handles when a shape does not have a Name property an other errors.

Version 0.6.3

Overloads for GUI.get_window_handle()

Removed unused *titles arg from Draw.add_dispatch_shape() method.

Removed unused *titles arg from Draw.create_dispatch_shape() method.

GUI.get_title_bar() method now returns empty string when not able to get title bar text.

Version 0.6.2

Rename private enum _LayoutKind to public LayoutKind to make available for public use.

Added new Fast Lookup methods to Props class.

New Exceptions PropertyGeneralError

Version 0.6.1

Added Draw.add_dispatch_shape() method.

Added Draw.create_dispatch_shape() method.

Added Dispatch Lookup ShapeDispatchKind Enum.

Added None to GraphicArrowStyleKind Enum.

Added classes WindowTitle and DialogTitle for working with GUI packages.

Version 0.6.0

Breaking changes.

Write.ControlCharacter was an alias of ooo.dyn.text.control_character.ControlCharacterEnum. Now ControlCharacterEnum must be used instead of Write.ControlCharacter. ControlCharacterEnum can be imported from Write. e.g. from import Write, ControlCharacterEnum

Write.DictionaryType was an alias of ooo.dyn.linguistic2.dictionary_type.DictionaryType. Now DictionaryType must be used instead of Write.DictionaryType. DictionaryType can be imported from Write. e.g. from import Write, DictionaryType

Calc.CellFlags was an alias of ooo.dyn.sheet.cell_flags.CellFlagsEnum. Now CellFlagsEnum must be used instead of Calc.CellFlags. CellFlagsEnum can be imported from Calc. e.g. from import Calc, CellFlagsEnum

Calc.GeneralFunction was an alias of ooo.dyn.sheet.general_function.GeneralFunction. Now GeneralFunction must be used instead of Calc.GeneralFunction. GeneralFunction can be imported from Calc. e.g. from import Calc, GeneralFunction

Calc.SolverConstraintOperator was an alias of ooo.dyn.sheet.solver_constraint_operator.SolverConstraintOperator. Now SolverConstraintOperator must be used instead of Calc.SolverConstraintOperator. SolverConstraintOperator can be imported from Calc. e.g. from import Calc, SolverConstraintOperator

Calc.FillDateMode was an alias of ooo.dyn.sheet.fill_date_mode.FillDateMode. Now FillDateMode must be used instead of Calc.FillDateMode. FillDateMode can be imported from Calc. e.g. from import Calc, FillDateMode

Version 0.5.3

Lo.dispatch_cmd Now returns the result of the dispatch command if any. Formerly a bool was returned.

Lo.dispatch_cmd Now raises DispatchError if an error occurs.

Version 0.5.2

Chart Samples and tests

Misc code tweaks.

Version 0.5.1

Chart 2 Samples and tests.

Version 0.5.0

New modules

  • Draw

  • Chart

  • Chart2

Added utils.dispatch which as several new classes for looking up dispatch values.

Misc bug fixes.

Version 0.4.19

Fix bug in

Version 0.4.17

Update to Write:

  • new method split_paragraph_into_sentences

  • new overloads for print_meaning

  • new overloads for print_services_info

  • new overloads for proof_sentence

  • new overloads for spell_sentence

  • new overloads for spell_word

  • load_spell_checker now load spell checker from

Version 0.4.16

Fixes for Write spell checking

Version 0.4.15

Update Graphic methods to move away from GraphicURL

Other minor bug fixes.

Version 0.4.14

Minor fix in Write.set_page_numbers

Version 0.4.13

Fix for Write.add_text_frame() events.

Version 0.4.12

Add defaults for cfg in case config.json is not available.

Version 0.4.11

Fix bug in Lo.print_names()

Remove internal events from some print functions that should not have had them.

Fix bug that did copy config.json during setup.

Version 0.4.10

Add new event_source property to internal event classes.

Version 0.4.9

Added a Bridge Connector Lo.bridge

Added Session class for registering and importing. See example: Shared Library Access

Version 0.4.8

New listeners in ooodev.listeners namespace


Version 0.4.7

Added minimize(), maximize() and activate() methods to GUI class.

Version 0.4.6

Updates and fixes for Info class.

Version 0.4.5

Added BreakContext class.

Version 0.4.4

Bug fix reading document properties.

Version 0.4.2

Fix bug in windows connections

Version 0.4.1

Fix bug in Info. Some methods were expecting string but got Path object.

Version 0.4.0

New more flexible and robust way of connecting to office.

This update change Lo.load_office() method

Paths used internally now automatically resolve to absolute paths.

Version 0.3.0

Write module released

Version 0.2.0

Initial release with full support for calc.