Source code for ooodev.dialog.input

from typing import TYPE_CHECKING, cast
import uno  # pylint: disable=unused-import

from ooo.dyn.awt.pos_size import PosSize
from ooo.dyn.awt.push_button_type import PushButtonType
from ooo.dyn.awt.font_descriptor import FontDescriptor

from ooodev.utils.kind.border_kind import BorderKind
from ooodev.dialog.dialogs import Dialogs
from import CancelEventArgs
from import _Events
from import GblNamedEvent
from ooodev.exceptions import ex as mEx
from ooodev.loader import lo as mLo
from ooodev.utils import info as mInfo

    from import XFrame

[docs]class Input:
[docs] @staticmethod def get_input( title: str, msg: str, input_value: str = "", ok_lbl: str = "OK", cancel_lbl: str = "Cancel", is_password: bool = False, ) -> str: """ Displays an input box and returns the results. |lo_unsafe| Args: title (str): Title for the dialog msg (str): Message to display such as "Input your Name" input_value (str, optional): Value of input box when first displayed. ok_lbl (str, optional): OK button Label. Defaults to "OK". cancel_lbl (str, optional): Cancel Button Label. Defaults to "Cancel". is_password (bool, optional): Determines if the input box is masked for password input. Defaults to ``False``. Raises: CancelEventError: If the dialog creation was cancelled. Returns: str: The value of input or empty string. Note: Raises a global event ``GblNamedEvent.INPUT_BOX_CREATING`` before creating the dialog. The event args are of type ``CancelEventArgs``. The ``event_data`` is a dictionary that contains the following key: - ``msg``: The message to display. - ``title``: The title of the dialog. - ``input_value``: The value of the input box when first displayed. - ``ok_lbl``: The label for the OK button. - ``cancel_lbl``: The label for the Cancel button. - ``is_password``: Determines if the input box is masked for password input. - ``frame``: The frame of the dialog. If not set, the frame of the current document is used. The default ``frame`` is ``None``. If set value must be a ``XFrame`` object. If the event is cancelled, the ``result`` value of ``event_data` if set will be returned. Otherwise if the event is not handled, a ``CancelEventError`` is raised. """ cargs = CancelEventArgs(Input.get_input.__qualname__) cargs.event_data = { "msg": msg, "title": title, "input_value": input_value, "ok_lbl": ok_lbl, "cancel_lbl": cancel_lbl, "is_password": is_password, "frame": None, } _Events().trigger(GblNamedEvent.INPUT_BOX_CREATING, cargs) if cargs.cancel is True: if "result" in cargs.event_data: return cast(str, cargs.event_data["result"]) if cargs.handled is False: raise mEx.CancelEventError(cargs, "Dialog creation was cancelled.") msg = cast(str, cargs.event_data["msg"]) title = cast(str, cargs.event_data["title"]) input_value = cast(str, cargs.event_data["input_value"]) ok_lbl = cast(str, cargs.event_data["ok_lbl"]) cancel_lbl = cast(str, cargs.event_data["cancel_lbl"]) is_password = cast(bool, cargs.event_data["is_password"]) # get or set a font descriptor. This helps to keep the font consistent across different platforms. fd = mInfo.Info.get_font_descriptor("Liberation Serif", "Regular") if fd is None: fd = FontDescriptor( CharacterWidth=100.0, Kerning=True, WordLineMode=False, Pitch=2, Weight=100, ) fd.Height = 10 width = 450 height = 120 btn_width = 100 btn_height = 30 margin = 6 vert_margin = 12 border_kind = BorderKind.BORDER_SIMPLE dialog = Dialogs.create_dialog( x=-1, y=-1, width=width, height=height, title=title, ) ctl_lbl = Dialogs.insert_label( dialog_ctrl=dialog.control, label=msg, x=margin, y=margin, width=width - (margin * 2), height=20 ) ctl_lbl.font_descriptor = fd sz = ctl_lbl.view.getPosSize() if is_password: txt_input = Dialogs.insert_password_field( dialog_ctrl=dialog.control, text=input_value, x=sz.X, y=sz.Height + sz.Y + vert_margin, width=sz.Width, height=sz.Height, border=border_kind, ) else: txt_input = Dialogs.insert_text_field( dialog_ctrl=dialog.control, text=input_value, x=sz.X, y=sz.Height + sz.Y + vert_margin, width=sz.Width, height=sz.Height, border=border_kind, ) txt_input.font_descriptor = fd ctl_btn_cancel = Dialogs.insert_button( dialog_ctrl=dialog.control, label=cancel_lbl, x=width - btn_width - margin, y=height - btn_height - vert_margin, width=btn_width, height=btn_height, btn_type=PushButtonType.CANCEL, ) ctl_btn_cancel.font_descriptor = fd ctl_btn_cancel.font_descriptor.height = 12 sz = ctl_btn_cancel.view.getPosSize() ctl_btn_ok = Dialogs.insert_button( dialog_ctrl=dialog.control, label=ok_lbl, x=sz.X - sz.Width - margin, y=sz.Y, width=btn_width, height=btn_height, btn_type=PushButtonType.OK, DefaultButton=True, ) ctl_btn_ok.set_font_descriptor(ctl_btn_cancel.font_descriptor) frame = cast("XFrame", cargs.event_data["frame"]) if frame is not None: window = frame.getContainerWindow() else: window = mLo.Lo.get_frame().getContainerWindow() ps = window.getPosSize() x = round(ps.Width / 2 - width / 2) y = round(ps.Height / 2 - height / 2) dialog.set_pos_size(x, y, width, height, PosSize.POSSIZE) dialog.set_visible(True) ret = txt_input.text if dialog.execute() else "" # type: ignore dialog.dispose() return ret