Install Zaz-Pip LibreOffice Extension


Pip is a package-management system written in Python used to install and manage software packages. The Python Software Foundation recommends using pip for installing Python applications and their dependencies during deployment. Pip connects to an online repository of public packages called the Python Package Index.

Note that an extension is not required to install Python packages. However, the extension does make it easier to install packages from within LibreOffice. See Windows - Install pip packages into LibreOffice for more information.

The Zaz-Pip LibreOffice extension is a LibreOffice extension that allows pip installation of Python packages from within LibreOffice.


This guide assumes you have already installed LibreOffice.


The Plugin can be found on elmau/zaz-pip.

Download the oxt version as seen in Fig. 1200

Zaz-Pip Release Download

Fig. 1200 Zaz-Pip Release Download

Open Extension Manager

From LibreOffice open the extension manager, Tools -> Extension Manager.

LibreOffice Extension Manager

Fig. 1201 LibreOffice Extension Manager

Click Add and install the downloaded ZAZPip_v1.0.0.oxt file.

LibreOffice Extension Manager with extension added

Fig. 1202 LibreOffice Extension Manager with extension added

You may be prompted to restart LibreOffice. Restart to use extension.