Install APSO LibreOffice Extension


APSO will install a macro organizer dedicated to python scripts. The APSO extension is found on LibreOffice Extensions.

APSO Extension

Fig. 1190 APSO Extension


This guide assumes you have already installed LibreOffice.


Download the extension. The download button is lower on the page as seen in Fig. 1191.

Download APSO Extension

Fig. 1191 Download APSO Extension


From LibreOffice open the extension manager, Tools -> Extension Manager.

Extension Manager

Fig. 1192 Extension Manager

Click Add and install the downloaded apso.oxt file. The installed extension will be seen in the extension manager as seen in Fig. 1193.

Extension Manager APSO Installed

Fig. 1193 Extension Manager APSO Installed

You may be prompted to restart LibreOffice. Restart to use extension.

Configure APSO

Open the APSO organizer, Tools -> Extension Manager.

Select the APSO extension as seen in Fig. 1193 and click the Options button.

Set the desired editor.


If you are using LibreOffice as a snap on Ubuntu then leave the editor blank. When you choose to edit Macro from APSO a popup will appear offering a choice of editors.

APSO Configuration

Fig. 1194 APSO Configuration

Starting APSO

To start APSO, Tools -> Macros -> Organize Python Scripts.

Click the Menu button and select Python Shell as seen in Fig. 1195.

APSO Configuration

Fig. 1195 APSO Configuration

This will open the python shell as seen in Fig. 1196.

APSO Console

Fig. 1196 APSO Console