Module type_var

ooodev.utils.type_var.T = TypeVar(T)

Type:    TypeVar

Invariant TypeVar.

ooodev.utils.type_var.Column = typing.Any

Represents a Column of a Table.

ooodev.utils.type_var.DictRow = typing.Any

Represents a Row of a Table as a dictionary of Key, value. Where the key is the column name.

ooodev.utils.type_var.DictTable = typing.Any

Represents a Dictionary table. Each Element in the sequence as DictRow (dictionary of key, value) with key as column name.

ooodev.utils.type_var.DocOrCursor = typing.Any

Type of Text Document or Cursor

ooodev.utils.type_var.DocOrText = typing.Any

Type of Text Document of Text

ooodev.utils.type_var.EventCallback = typing.Any

Event Callback

ooodev.utils.type_var.FloatList = typing.Any

List of Floats

ooodev.utils.type_var.FloatTable = typing.Any

Table like array of floats with rows and columns

ooodev.utils.type_var.ListenerEventCallbackT = typing.Any

Listener Event Callback

ooodev.utils.type_var.PathOrStr = typing.Any

Path like object or string

ooodev.utils.type_var.Row = typing.Any

Represents a Row of a Table.

ooodev.utils.type_var.Table = typing.Any

Represents a 2-D Table of Rows and Columns

ooodev.utils.type_var.TupleArray = typing.Any

Table like tuples with rows and columns

ooodev.utils.type_var.UnoInterface = typing.Any

Represents a uno interface class. Any uno Class that starts with X