ooodev.format.proto.calc.alignment.text_align_t module

protocol ooodev.format.proto.calc.alignment.text_align_t.TextAlignT[source]

Bases: StyleT, Protocol

Cell Text Alignment.

Classes that implement this protocol must have the following methods / attributes:

__init__(*, hori_align=Ellipsis, indent=Ellipsis, vert_align=Ellipsis)[source]


  • hori_align (HoriAlignKind, optional) – Specifies Horizontal Alignment.

  • indent (float | UnitT | None) – (float, UnitT, optional): Specifies indent in pt (point) units or Class UnitT. Only used when hori_align is set to HoriAlignKind.LEFT

  • vert_align (VertAdjustKind, optional) – Specifies Vertical Alignment.

Return type:



  • HoriAlignKind can be imported from

  • VertAlignKind can be imported from

from_obj(obj: object) TextAlignT
from_obj(obj: object, **kwargs) TextAlignT

Helper for @overload to raise when called.

__protocol_attrs__ = {'add_event_listener', 'add_event_observer', 'apply', 'backup', 'copy', 'from_obj', 'get_attrs', 'get_props', 'get_update_obj', 'has_update_obj', 'on_applied', 'on_applying', 'on_property_backed_up', 'on_property_backing_up', 'on_property_restore_set', 'on_property_restore_setting', 'on_property_set', 'on_property_set_error', 'prop_format_kind', 'prop_has_attribs', 'prop_has_backup', 'prop_hori_align', 'prop_indent', 'prop_parent', 'prop_vert_align', 'remove_event_listener', 'remove_event_observer', 'restore', 'set_update_obj', 'support_service', 'update'}
property prop_hori_align: HoriAlignKind | None

Gets/Sets Horizontal align value.

Return type:

HoriAlignKind | None

property prop_indent: UnitPT | None

Gets/Sets indent.

Return type:

UnitPT | None

property prop_vert_align: VertAlignKind | None

Gets/Sets vertical align value.

Return type:

VertAlignKind | None