ooodev.format.inner.partial.chart2.series.data_labels.data_labels.chart2_data_label_text_attribute_partial module

class ooodev.format.inner.partial.chart2.series.data_labels.data_labels.chart2_data_label_text_attribute_partial.Chart2DataLabelTextAttributePartial(component)[source]

Bases: object

Partial class for Chart2 Data Labels Text Attribute.


component (Any) –


component (Any) –

Return type:


style_text_attributes(*, show_number=False, show_number_in_percent=False, show_category_name=False, show_legend_symbol=False, show_custom_label=False, show_series_name=False, auto_text_wrap=None)[source]

Style Chart2 Data Series Text Attributes.

  • show_number (bool, optional) – if True, the value that is represented by a data point is displayed next to it. Defaults to False.

  • show_number_in_percent (bool, optional) – Only effective, if ShowNumber is True. If this member is also True, the numbers are displayed as percentages of a category. That means, if a data point is the first one of a series, the percentage is calculated by using the first data points of all available series. Defaults to False.

  • show_category_name (bool, optional) – Specifies the caption contains the category name of the category to which a data point belongs. Defaults to False.

  • show_legend_symbol (bool, optional) – Specifies the symbol of data series is additionally displayed in the caption. Since LibreOffice 7.1. Defaults to False.

  • show_custom_label (bool, optional) – Specifies the caption contains a custom label text, which belongs to a data point label. Defaults to False.

  • show_series_name (bool, optional) – Specifies the name of the data series is additionally displayed in the caption. Since LibreOffice 7.2. Defaults to False.

  • auto_text_wrap (bool, optional) – Specifies the text is automatically wrapped, if the text is too long to fit in the available space.


CancelEventError – If the event before_style_chart2_data_label_text_attribs is cancelled and not handled.


Text Attribute Style instance or None if cancelled.

Return type:

AttribOptions | None