ooodev.format.inner.partial.calc.font.font_effects_partial module

class ooodev.format.inner.partial.calc.font.font_effects_partial.FontEffectsPartial(factory_name, component, lo_inst=None)[source]

Bases: FontEffectsPartial

  • factory_name (str) –

  • component (Any) –

  • lo_inst (LoInst | None) –

style_font_effect(*, color=None, transparency=None, overline=None, underline=None, strike=None, word_mode=None, case=None, relief=None, outline=None, shadowed=None)[source]

Style Font options.

  • color (Color, optional) – The value of the text color. If value is -1 the automatic color is applied.

  • transparency (Intensity, int, optional) – The transparency value from 0 to 100 for the font color.

  • overline (FontLine, optional) – Character overline values.

  • underline (FontLine, optional) – Character underline values.

  • strike (FontStrikeoutEnum, optional) – Determines the type of the strike out of the character.

  • word_mode (bool, optional) – If True, the underline and strike-through properties are not applied to white spaces.

  • case (CaseMapEnum, optional) – Specifies the case of the font.

  • relief (FontReliefEnum, optional) – Specifies the relief of the font.

  • outline (bool, optional) – Specifies if the font is outlined.

  • shadowed (bool, optional) – Specifies if the characters are formatted and displayed with a shadow effect.


CancelEventError – If the event before_style_font_effect is cancelled and not handled.


Font Effects instance or None if cancelled.

Return type:

FontEffectsT | None


  • CaseMapEnum can be imported from

  • FontReliefEnum can be imported from ooo.dyn.awt.font_relief

  • FontStrikeoutEnum can be imported from ooo.dyn.awt.font_strikeout

  • FontLine can be imported from

  • Intensity can be imported from ooodev.utils.data_type.intensity

  • FontUnderlineEnum can be imported from ooo.dyn.awt.font_underline