Module for managing paragraph Outline and List.

New in version 0.9.0.

class*, ol_level=None, ls_style=None, ls_num=None, ln_num=None)[source]

Bases: StyleMulti

Paragraph Outline and List

New in version 0.9.0.

__init__(*, ol_level=None, ls_style=None, ls_num=None, ln_num=None)[source]


  • ol_level (LevelKind, optional) – Outline level.

  • ls_style (str, StyleListKind, optional) – List Style.

  • ls_num (int, optional) – Starts with number. If -1 then restart numbering at current paragraph is consider to be False. If -2 then restart numbering at current paragraph is consider to be True. Otherwise, number starts at the value passed in.

  • ln_num (int, optional) – Restart paragraph with number. If 0 then this paragraph is include in line numbering. If -1 then this paragraph is excluded in line numbering. If greater then zero then this paragraph is included in line numbering and the numbering is restarted with value of ln_num.

Return type:



Arguments that start with ol_ set Outline.

Arguments that start with ls_ set List Style.

Arguments that start with ln_ set Line Spacing.

classmethod from_obj(obj)[source]
classmethod from_obj(obj, **kwargs)
classmethod from_obj(obj, **kwargs)

Gets instance from object


obj (object) – UNO object.


NotSupportedError – If obj is not supported.


OutlineList instance that represents obj Outline and List.

Return type:


property default: _TOutlineList

Gets OutlineList default.

Return type:

TypeVar(_TOutlineList, bound= OutlineList)

property prop_format_kind: FormatKind

Gets the kind of style

Return type:


property prop_inner_line_number: LineNum | None

Gets Line Number instance

Return type:

LineNum | None

property prop_inner_list_style: ParaListStyle | None

Gets List Style instance

Return type:

ParaListStyle | None

property prop_inner_outline: InnerOutline | None

Gets Outline instance

Return type:

InnerOutline | None