class*, wrap_auto=None, hyphen_active=None, shrink_to_fit=None, direction=None)[source]

Bases: StyleBase

Text Properties

New in version 0.9.0.

__init__(*, wrap_auto=None, hyphen_active=None, shrink_to_fit=None, direction=None)[source]


  • wrap_auto (bool, optional) – Specifies wrap text automatically.

  • hyphen_active (bool, optional) – Specifies hyphenation active.

  • shrink_to_fit (bool, optional) – Specifies if text will shrink to cell.

  • direction (TextDirectionKind, optional) – Specifies Text Direction.

Return type:



When wrap_auto is True shrink_to_fit is not used.

classmethod from_obj(obj)[source]
classmethod from_obj(obj, **kwargs)
classmethod from_obj(obj, **kwargs)

Gets instance from object


obj (object) – UNO Object.


NotSupportedError – If obj is not supported.


Instance that represents text property options.

Return type:


property prop_direction: TextDirectionKind | None

Gets/Sets Text Direction Kind.

Return type:

TextDirectionKind | None

property prop_format_kind: FormatKind

Gets the kind of style

Return type:


property prop_hyphen_active: bool | None

Gets/Sets If text is hyphenation is active.

Return type:

bool | None

property prop_shrink_to_fit: bool | None

Gets/Sets If text shrinks to cell size.

Return type:

bool | None

property prop_wrap_auto: bool | None

Gets/Sets If text is wrapped automatically.

Return type:

bool | None


Bases: Enum

Describes different writing directions

LR_TB = 0

Left-to-right (LTR)

Text within lines is written left-to-right. Lines and blocks are placed top-to-bottom. Typically, this is the writing mode for normal alphabetic text.

PAGE = 4

Use super-ordinate object settings

Obtain writing mode from the current page. May not be used in page styles.

RL_TB = 1

Right-to-left (RTL).

text within a line are written right-to-left. Lines and blocks are placed top-to-bottom. Typically, this writing mode is used in Arabic and Hebrew text.