Class CalcNamedEvent

Event names that are raised by Calc.


Named events for Calc class

CELLS_BORDER_ADDED = 'calc_cells_border_added'

Cells Border Added see Calc.add_border()

CELLS_BORDER_ADDING = 'calc_cells_border_adding'

Cells Border Adding see Calc.add_border()

CELLS_BORDER_REMOVED = 'calc_cells_border_removed'

Cells Border Removed see Calc.remove_border()

CELLS_BORDER_REMOVING = 'calc_cells_border_removing'

Cells Border Removing see Calc.remove_border()

CELLS_CLEARED = 'calc_cells_cleared'

Cells Cleared see Calc.clear_cells()

CELLS_CLEARING = 'calc_cells_clearing'

Cells Clearing see Calc.clear_cells()

CELLS_DELETED = 'calc_cells_deleted'

Cells Deleted see Calc.delete_cells()

CELLS_DELETING = 'calc_cells_deleting'

Cells Deleting see Calc.delete_cells()

CELLS_HIGH_LIGHTED = 'calc_cells_high_lighted'

Cells Highlighted see Calc.highlight_range()

CELLS_HIGH_LIGHTING = 'calc_cells_high_lighting'

Cells Highlighting see Calc.highlight_range()

CELLS_INSERTED = 'calc_cells_inserted'

Cells Inserted see Calc.insert_cells()

CELLS_INSERTING = 'calc_cells_inserting'

Cells Inserting see Calc.insert_cells()

DOC_CREATED = 'calc_doc_created'

Doc Created see Calc.create_doc()

DOC_CREATING = 'calc_doc_creating'

Doc Creating see Calc.create_doc()

DOC_OPENED = 'calc_doc_opened'

Doc Opened Spreadsheet see Calc.open_doc()

DOC_OPENING = 'calc_doc_opening'

Doc Opening Spreadsheet see Calc.open_doc()

DOC_SAVED = 'calc_doc_saved'

Doc Saving Spreadsheet document see Calc.save_doc()

DOC_SAVING = 'calc_doc_saving'

Doc Saving Spreadsheet document see Calc.save_doc()

DOC_SS = 'calc_doc_ss'

Doc Get Spreadsheet see Calc.get_ss_doc()

EXPORTED_RANGE_JPG = 'calc_exported_range_jpg'

Exported a Range to image format of JPG.

EXPORTED_RANGE_PNG = 'calc_exported_range_png'

Exported a Range to image format of PNG.

EXPORTING_RANGE_JPG = 'calc_exporting_range_jpg'

Exporting a Range to image format of JPG.

EXPORTING_RANGE_PNG = 'calc_exporting_range_png'

Exporting a Range to image format of PNG.

SHEET_ACTIVATED = 'calc_sheet_activated'

Sheet Activated see Calc.set_active_sheet()

SHEET_ACTIVATING = 'calc_sheet_activating'

Sheet Activating see Calc.set_active_sheet()

SHEET_COL_DELETED = 'calc_sheet_col_deleted'

Sheet column deleted see Calc.delete_column()

SHEET_COL_DELETING = 'calc_sheet_col_deleting'

Sheet column deleting see Calc.delete_column()

SHEET_COL_INSERTED = 'calc_sheet_col_inserted'

Sheet column inserted see Calc.insert_column()

SHEET_COL_INSERTING = 'calc_sheet_col_inserting'

Sheet column inserting see Calc.insert_column()

SHEET_COL_WIDTH_SET = 'calc_sheet_col_width_set'

Sheet set column width see Calc.set_col_width()

SHEET_COL_WIDTH_SETTING = 'calc_sheet_col_width_setting'

Sheet setting column width see Calc.set_col_width()

SHEET_GET = 'calc_sheet_get'

Sheet Get see Calc.get_sheet()

SHEET_GETTING = 'calc_sheet_getting'

Sheet Getting see Calc.get_sheet()

SHEET_INSERTED = 'calc_sheet_inserted:'

Sheet Inserted see Calc.insert_sheet()

SHEET_INSERTING = 'calc_sheet_inserting'

Sheet Inserting see Calc.insert_sheet()

SHEET_MOVED = 'calc_sheet_moved'

Sheet Moved see Calc.move_sheet()

SHEET_MOVING = 'calc_sheet_moving'

Sheet Moving see Calc.move_sheet()

SHEET_REMOVED = 'calc_sheet_removed'

Sheet Removed see Calc.remove_sheet()

SHEET_REMOVING = 'calc_sheet_removing'

Sheet Removing see Calc.remove_sheet()

SHEET_ROW_DELETED = 'calc_sheet_row_deleted'

Sheet row deleted see Calc.delete_row()

SHEET_ROW_DELETING = 'calc_sheet_row_deleting'

Sheet row deleting see Calc.delete_row()

SHEET_ROW_HEIGHT_SET = 'calc_sheet_row_height_set'

Sheet set row height see Calc.set_row_height()

SHEET_ROW_HEIGHT_SETTING = 'calc_sheet_row_height_setting'

Sheet setting row height see Calc.set_row_height()

SHEET_ROW_INSERTED = 'calc_sheet_row_inserted'

Sheet row inserted see Calc.insert_row()

SHEET_ROW_INSERTING = 'calc_sheet_row_inserting'

Sheet row inserting see Calc.insert_row()