ooodev.adapter.text.table_column_separator_struct_comp module

class ooodev.adapter.text.table_column_separator_struct_comp.TableColumnSeparatorStructComp(component, prop_name, event_provider=None)[source]

Bases: StructBase[TableColumnSeparator]

Table Column Separator Struct.

This class raises an event before and after a property is changed if it has been passed an event provider.

The event raised before the property is changed is called com_sun_star_text_TableColumnSeparator_changing. The event raised after the property is changed is called com_sun_star_text_TableColumnSeparator_changed.

The event args for before the property is changed is of type KeyValCancelArgs. The event args for after the property is changed is of type KeyValArgs.

__init__(component, prop_name, event_provider=None)[source]


  • component (TableColumnSeparator) – Table Column Separator.

  • prop_name (str) – Property Name. This value is assigned to the prop_name of event_data.

  • event_provider (EventsT, optional) – Event Provider.

Return type:


property is_visible: bool

Gets/Sets if the separator is visible.


Is Visible.

Return type:


property position: int

Gets/Sets the position of the separator.

Return type: