Source code for ooodev.write.write_text_cursor

from __future__ import annotations
from typing import Any, cast, Sequence, overload, TYPE_CHECKING, TypeVar, Generic
import uno

from ooodev.mock import mock_g
from ooodev.adapter.beans.property_change_implement import PropertyChangeImplement
from ooodev.adapter.beans.vetoable_change_implement import VetoableChangeImplement
from ooodev.adapter.text.paragraph_cursor_partial import ParagraphCursorPartial
from ooodev.adapter.text.sentence_cursor_partial import SentenceCursorPartial
from import CharacterPropertiesPartial
from import ParagraphPropertiesPartial
from ooodev.adapter.text.text_cursor_comp import TextCursorComp
from ooodev.adapter.text.word_cursor_partial import WordCursorPartial
from ooodev.format.inner.style_partial import StylePartial
from import write as mWrite
from ooodev.loader import lo as mLo
from ooodev.utils import selection as mSelection
from ooodev.utils.context.lo_context import LoContext
from ooodev.loader.inst.lo_inst import LoInst
from ooodev.utils.partial.lo_inst_props_partial import LoInstPropsPartial
from ooodev.utils.partial.prop_partial import PropPartial
from ooodev.utils.partial.qi_partial import QiPartial
from ooodev.write.partial.text_cursor_partial import TextCursorPartial
from ooodev.write.partial.write_doc_prop_partial import WriteDocPropPartial
from import EventsPartial
from ooodev.write.write_text import WriteText
from ooodev.proto.component_proto import ComponentT

    from import XTextDocument
    from import XTextCursor
    from ooodev.proto.style_obj import StyleT
    from import CharacterStyler

T = TypeVar("T", bound="ComponentT")

[docs]class WriteTextCursor( LoInstPropsPartial, WriteDocPropPartial, EventsPartial, TextCursorPartial[T], Generic[T], TextCursorComp, ParagraphCursorPartial, SentenceCursorPartial, WordCursorPartial, CharacterPropertiesPartial, ParagraphPropertiesPartial, PropertyChangeImplement, VetoableChangeImplement, PropPartial, QiPartial, StylePartial, ): """ Represents a writer text cursor. This class implements ``__len__()`` method, which returns the number of characters in the range. .. seealso:: - :ref:`help_writer_format_direct_cursor_char_styler` """
[docs] def __init__(self, owner: T, component: XTextCursor, lo_inst: LoInst | None = None) -> None: """ Constructor Args: owner (T): Owner of this component. component (XTextCursor): A UNO object that supports ```` service. lo_inst (LoInst, optional): Lo instance. Defaults to ``None``. """ if lo_inst is None: lo_inst = mLo.Lo.current_lo self._owner = owner LoInstPropsPartial.__init__(self, lo_inst=lo_inst) if not isinstance(owner, WriteDocPropPartial): raise TypeError("WriteDocPropPartial is not inherited by owner.") WriteDocPropPartial.__init__(self, obj=owner.write_doc) # type: ignore EventsPartial.__init__(self) TextCursorPartial.__init__(self, owner=self._owner, component=component) TextCursorComp.__init__(self, component) # type: ignore ParagraphCursorPartial.__init__(self, component, None) # type: ignore SentenceCursorPartial.__init__(self, component, None) # type: ignore WordCursorPartial.__init__(self, component, None) # type: ignore CharacterPropertiesPartial.__init__(self, component=component) # type: ignore ParagraphPropertiesPartial.__init__(self, component=component) # type: ignore # pylint: disable=no-member generic_args = self._ComponentBase__get_generic_args() # type: ignore PropertyChangeImplement.__init__(self, component=self.component, trigger_args=generic_args) VetoableChangeImplement.__init__(self, component=self.component, trigger_args=generic_args) PropPartial.__init__(self, component=component, lo_inst=self.lo_inst) QiPartial.__init__(self, component=component, lo_inst=self.lo_inst) # type: ignore StylePartial.__init__(self, component=component) self._style_direct_char = None
def __len__(self) -> int: with LoContext(self.lo_inst): result = mSelection.Selection.range_len(cast("XTextDocument", self.owner.component), self.component) return result
[docs] def get_write_text(self) -> WriteText[WriteTextCursor]: """ Gets the WriteText (XText Component) object from the cursor. Returns: WriteText: WriteText object """ return WriteText(self, self.get_text())
# region style_prev_paragraph() @overload def style_prev_paragraph(self, styles: Sequence[StyleT]) -> None: """ Style previous paragraph. Args: styles (Sequence[StyleT]): One or more styles to apply to text. Returns: None: """ ... @overload def style_prev_paragraph(self, prop_val: Any) -> None: """ Style previous paragraph. Args: prop_val (Any): Property value. Applied to ``ParaStyleName`` property. Returns: None: """ ... @overload def style_prev_paragraph(self, prop_val: Any, prop_name: str) -> None: """ Style previous paragraph. Args: prop_val (Any): Property value. prop_name (str): Property Name. This is the property name to apply the style to. Returns: None: """ ...
[docs] def style_prev_paragraph(self, *args, **kwargs) -> None: """ Style previous paragraph. Args: styles (Sequence[StyleT]): One or more styles to apply to text. prop_val (Any): Property value. prop_name (str): Property Name. :events: If using styles then the following events are triggered for each style. .. cssclass:: lo_event - :py:attr:`` :eventref:`src-docs-event-cancel` - :py:attr:`` :eventref:`src-docs-event` Otherwise the following events are triggered once. .. cssclass:: lo_event - :py:attr:`` :eventref:`src-docs-key-event-cancel` - :py:attr:`` :eventref:`src-docs-key-event` Returns: None: .. collapse:: Example .. code-block:: python doc.style_prev_paragraph(prop_val=ParagraphAdjust.CENTER, prop_name="ParaAdjust") """ mWrite.Write.style_prev_paragraph(self.component, *args, **kwargs)
# endregion style_prev_paragraph() # region Properties @property def owner(self) -> T: """Owner of this component.""" return self._owner @property def style_direct_char(self) -> CharacterStyler: """ Direct Character Styler. Returns: CharacterStyler: Character Styler """ if self._style_direct_char is None: # pylint: disable=import-outside-toplevel from import CharacterStyler self._style_direct_char = CharacterStyler(write_doc=self.write_doc, component=self.component) self._style_direct_char.add_event_observers(self.event_observer) return self._style_direct_char
# endregion Properties if mock_g.FULL_IMPORT: from import CharacterStyler