Source code for ooodev.utils.partial.gui_partial

from __future__ import annotations
from typing import Any, TYPE_CHECKING
import contextlib
import uno
from import XTopWindow2
from import XWindow2
from import XController
from import XDispatchProviderInterception
from import XFrame
from import XModel
from import XControlAccess
from import XSelectionSupplier

from ooodev.gui import gui as mGui
from ooodev.gui.comp.frame import Frame
from ooodev.loader.inst.lo_inst import LoInst
from ooodev.utils.context.lo_context import LoContext
from ooodev.utils.partial.lo_inst_props_partial import LoInstPropsPartial

    from import XTopWindow

[docs]class GuiPartial:
[docs] def __init__(self, component: Any, lo_inst: LoInst): self.__lo_inst = lo_inst # may be used in future self.__component = component
[docs] def get_current_controller(self) -> XController: """ Gets controller from document. Returns: XController: controller. """ model = self.__lo_inst.qi(XModel, self.__component, True) return model.getCurrentController()
[docs] def get_frame(self) -> XFrame: """ Gets frame from doc. Returns: XFrame: document frame. """ controller = self.get_current_controller() return controller.getFrame()
[docs] def get_frame_comp(self) -> Frame: """ Gets frame from doc as a FrameComp. Returns: FrameComp: document frame. """ frm = self.get_frame() if frm is None: return None # type: ignore if isinstance(self, LoInstPropsPartial): return Frame(frm, lo_inst=self.lo_inst) return Frame(frm)
[docs] def get_control_access(self) -> XControlAccess: """ Get control access from office document. Returns: XControlAccess: control access. """ return self.__lo_inst.qi(XControlAccess, self.get_current_controller(), True)
[docs] def get_selection_supplier(self) -> XSelectionSupplier: """ Gets selection supplier Returns: XSelectionSupplier: Selection supplier """ controller = self.get_current_controller() return self.__lo_inst.qi(XSelectionSupplier, controller, True)
[docs] def get_selection(self) -> Any: """ Gets selection. Returns: Any: Returns current selection or None. """ with contextlib.suppress(Exception): return self.get_selection_supplier().getSelection() return None
[docs] def get_dpi(self) -> XDispatchProviderInterception: """ Gets Dispatch provider interception. Returns: XDispatchProviderInterception: Dispatch provider interception. """ frame = self.get_frame() return self.__lo_inst.qi(XDispatchProviderInterception, frame, True)
[docs] def get_top_window(self) -> XTopWindow | None: """ Gets top window. Returns: XTopWindow | None: Top window or None if there is no Active Top Window. """ # pylint: disable=import-outside-toplevel from ooodev.adapter.awt.toolkit_comp import ToolkitComp tk = ToolkitComp.from_lo(self.__lo_inst) return tk.get_active_top_window()
[docs] def activate(self) -> None: """ Activates document window. """ def gui_activate(): with LoContext(self.__lo_inst): mGui.GUI.activate(self.__component) frame = self.get_frame() if frame is not None: container = frame.getContainerWindow() if container is None: gui_activate() return x_win2 = self.__lo_inst.qi(XWindow2, container) if x_win2 is None: gui_activate() return top2 = self.__lo_inst.qi(XTopWindow2, container) if top2 is None: gui_activate() return if not x_win2.isVisible(): x_win2.setVisible(True) if top2.IsMinimized: top2.IsMinimized = False x_win2.setFocus() top2.toFront() else: gui_activate()
[docs] def maximize(self) -> None: """ Maximizes document window. """ with LoContext(self.__lo_inst): mGui.GUI.maximize(self.__component)
[docs] def minimize(self) -> None: """ Minimizes document window. """ with LoContext(self.__lo_inst): mGui.GUI.minimize(self.__component)
[docs] def add_item_to_toolbar(self, toolbar_name: str, item_name: str, im_fnm: str) -> None: """ Add a user-defined icon and command to the start of the specified toolbar. Args: toolbar_name (str): toolbar name. item_name (str): item name. im_fnm (str): image file path. """ with LoContext(self.__lo_inst): mGui.GUI.add_item_to_toolbar(self.__component, toolbar_name, item_name, im_fnm)
[docs] def show_menu_bar(self) -> None: """ Shows the main menu bar. """ with LoContext(self.__lo_inst): mGui.GUI.show_menu_bar(self.__component)
[docs] def hide_menu_bar(self) -> None: """ Hides the main menu bar. """ with LoContext(self.__lo_inst): mGui.GUI.hide_menu_bar(self.__component)
[docs] def hide_all_menu_bars(self) -> None: """ Make all the toolbars invisible. """ with LoContext(self.__lo_inst): mGui.GUI.show_none(self.__component)
[docs] def toggle_menu_bar(self) -> None: """ Toggles the main menu bar. """ with LoContext(self.__lo_inst): mGui.GUI.toggle_menu_bar()