Source code for ooodev.utils.lo_util

# coding: utf-8
import os
import sys
from pathlib import Path
import shutil

if sys.platform == "win32":
    import winreg


[docs]def get_soffice_install_path() -> Path: """ Gets the Soffice install path. For windows this will be something like: ``C:\\Program Files\\LibreOffice``. For Linux this will be something like: ``/usr/lib/libreoffice`` Returns: Path: install as Path. """ global _INSTALL_PATH if _INSTALL_PATH is not None: return _INSTALL_PATH if sys.platform == "win32": # get the path location from registry value = "" for _key in ( # LibreOffice 3.4.5,6,7 on Windows "SOFTWARE\\LibreOffice\\UNO\\InstallPath", # OpenOffice 3.3 "SOFTWARE\\\\UNO\\InstallPath", ): try: value = winreg.QueryValue(winreg.HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE, _key) except Exception as detail: value = "" # _errMess = "%s" % detail else: break # first existing key will do if value != "": _INSTALL_PATH = Path("\\".join(value.split("\\")[:-1])) # drop the program return _INSTALL_PATH # failed to get path from registry. Going Manual soffice = "soffice.exe" p_sf = Path(os.environ["PROGRAMFILES"], "LibreOffice", "program", soffice) if not p_sf.exists() or not p_sf.is_file(): p_sf = Path(os.environ["PROGRAMFILES(X86)"], "LibreOffice", "program", soffice) else: # unix soffice = "soffice" # search system path s = shutil.which(soffice) p_sf = None if s is not None: # expect '/usr/bin/soffice' p_sf = Path(os.path.realpath(s)) if os.path.islink(s) else Path(s) if p_sf is None: s = "/usr/bin/soffice" p_sf = Path(os.path.realpath(s)) if os.path.islink(s) else Path(s) if not p_sf.exists(): raise FileNotFoundError(f"LibreOffice '{p_sf}' not found.") if not p_sf.is_file(): raise IsADirectoryError(f"LibreOffice '{p_sf}' is not a file.") # drop \program\soffice.exe # expect C:\Program Files\LibreOffice _INSTALL_PATH = p_sf.parent.parent return _INSTALL_PATH