Source code for ooodev.utils.kind.graphic_arrow_style_kind

from enum import Enum
from ooodev.utils.kind import kind_helper

# see Grouper Example

[docs]class GraphicArrowStyleKind(str, Enum): """ Graphic Arrow Styles Lookup Values The values here are sourced from LibreOffice 7.4 Draw, Graphic Styles: Arrow Line dialog box. Example: .. code-block:: python from import Draw GraphicStyleKind from ooodev.utils.props import Props from ooodev.utils.kind.graphic_arrow_style_kind import GraphicArrowStyleKind Draw.set_style(shape=conn_shape, graphic_styles=g_styles, style_name=GraphicStyleKind.ARROW_LINE) # note that GraphicArrowStyleKind.ARROW_SHORT is wrapped in str() to get the required string value. Props.set( conn_shape, LineWidth=50, FillColor=CommonColor.DARK_BLUE, LineStartName=str(GraphicArrowStyleKind.ARROW_SHORT), LineStartCenter=False, LineEndName=str(GraphicArrowStyleKind.DIAMOND), ) """ NONE = "" ARROW = "Arrow" ARROW_LARGE = "Arrow large" ARROW_SHORT = "Arrow short" CF_MANY = "CF Many" CF_MANY_ONE = "CF Many One" CF_ONE = "CF One" CF_ONLY_ONE = "CF Only One" CF_ZERO_MANY = "CF Zero Many" CF_ZERO_ONE = "CF Zero One" CIRCLE = "Circle" CIRCLE_UNFILLED = "Circle unfilled" CONCAVE = "Concave" CONCAVE_SHORT = "Concave short" DIAMOND = "Diamond" DIAMOND_UNFILLED = "Diamond unfilled" DIMENSION_LINE = "Dimension Line" DIMENSION_LINE_ARROW = "Dimension Line Arrow" DIMENSION_LINES = "Dimension Lines" DOUBLE_ARROW = "Double Arrow" HALF_ARROW_LEFT = "Half Arrow left" HALF_ARROW_RIGHT = "Half Arrow right" HALF_CIRCLE = "Half Circle" HALF_CIRCLE_UNFILLED = "Half Circle unfilled" LINE = "Line" LINE_SHORT = "Line short" REVERSE_ARROW = "Reverse Arrow" SQUARE = "Square" SQUARE_45 = "Square 45" SQUARE_45_UNFILLED = "Square 45 unfilled" SQURE_UNFILLED = "Square unfilled" """Same as SQUARE_UNFILLED""" SQUARE_UNFILLED = "Square unfilled" TRIANGLE = "Triangle" TRIANGLE_UNFILLED = "Triangle unfilled" def __str__(self) -> str: return self.value
[docs] @staticmethod def from_str(s: str) -> "GraphicArrowStyleKind": """ Gets an ``GraphicArrowStyleKind`` instance from string. Args: s (str): String that represents the name of an enum Name. ``s`` is case insensitive and can be ``CamelCase``, ``pascal_case`` , ``snake_case``, ``hyphen-case``, ``normal case``. Raises: ValueError: If input string is empty. AttributeError: If unable to get ``GraphicArrowStyleKind`` instance. Returns: GraphicArrowStyleKind: Enum instance. """ return kind_helper.enum_from_string(s, GraphicArrowStyleKind)