Source code for ooodev.utils.kind.drawing_slide_show_kind

from enum import IntEnum
from ooodev.utils.kind import kind_helper

[docs]class DrawingSlideShowKind(IntEnum): """DrawPage slide show change constants""" AUTO_CHANGE = 1 """Everything (page change, animation effects) is automatic""" CLICK_ALL_CHANGE = 0 """A mouse-click triggers the next animation effect or page change""" CLICK_PAGE_CHANGE = 2 """Animation effects run automatically, but the user must click on the page to change it"""
[docs] @staticmethod def from_str(s: str) -> "DrawingSlideShowKind": """ Gets an ``DrawingSlideShowKind`` instance from string. Args: s (str): String that represents the name of an enum Name. ``s`` is case insensitive and can be ``CamelCase``, ``pascal_case`` , ``snake_case``, ``hyphen-case``, ``normal case``. Raises: ValueError: If input string is empty. AttributeError: If unable to get ``DrawingSlideShowKind`` instance. Returns: DrawingSlideShowKind: Enum instance. """ return kind_helper.enum_from_string(s, DrawingSlideShowKind)