Source code for ooodev.utils.kind.drawing_bitmap_kind

from enum import Enum
from ooodev.utils.kind import kind_helper

[docs]class DrawingBitmapKind(str, Enum): """ Drawing (some) Bitmap Values. The actual value may change from version to version and may be different in other languages. These are just quick suggestion that show up in Draw Bitmap options. """ BATHROOM_TILES = "Bathroom Tiles" BRICK_WALL = "Brick Wall" CARDBOARD = "Cardboard" COFFEE_BEANS = "Coffee Beans" COLOR_STRIPES = "Color Stripes" COLORFUL_PEBBLES = "Colorful Pebbles" CONCRETE = "Concrete" FENCE = "Fence" FLORAL = "Floral" ICE_LIGHT = "Ice light" INVOICE_PAPER = "Invoice Paper" LAWN = "Lawn" LITTLE_CLOUDS = "Little Clouds" MAPLE_LEAVES = "Maple Leaves" MARBLE = "Marble" PAINTED_WHITE = "Painted White" PAPER_CRUMPLED = "Paper Crumpled" PAPER_GRAPH = "Paper Graph" PAPER_TEXTURE = "Paper Texture" PARCHMENT_PAPER = "Parchment Paper" POOL = "Pool" SAND_LIGHT = "Sand light" SPACE = "Space" STONE_WALL = "Stone Wall" STONE = "Stone" STUDIO = "Studio" SURFACE = "Surface" WALL_OF_ROCK = "Wall of Rock" WHITE_DIFFUSION = "White Diffusion" ZEBRA = "Zebra" def __str__(self) -> str: return self.value
[docs] @staticmethod def from_str(s: str) -> "DrawingBitmapKind": """ Gets an ``DrawingBitmapKind`` instance from string. Args: s (str): String that represents the name of an enum Name. ``s`` is case insensitive and can be ``CamelCase``, ``pascal_case`` , ``snake_case``, ``hyphen-case``, ``normal case``. Raises: ValueError: If input string is empty. AttributeError: If unable to get ``DrawingBitmapKind`` instance. Returns: DrawingBitmapKind: Enum instance. """ return kind_helper.enum_from_string(s, DrawingBitmapKind)