Source code for ooodev.formatters.format_list_item

from __future__ import annotations
from typing import Sequence, Tuple

[docs]class FormatListItem:
[docs] def __init__(self, format: str | Tuple[str, ...], idxs: Sequence[int]) -> None: self._format = format self._idxs = idxs
"""Custom Format. Applies to specific indexes of a list"""
[docs] def has_index(self, idx: int) -> bool: """ Gets if instance contains ``idx`` Args: idx (int): Index value Returns: bool: ``True`` if index is found; Otherwise, ``False`` """ return idx in self._idxs
@property def format(self) -> str | Tuple[str, ...]: """ Gets Format Format option such as ``.2f`` Multiple formats can be added such as ``(".2f", "<10")``. Formats are applied in the order they are added. In this case first float is formatted as string with two decimal places, and then value is padded to the right with spaces. """ return self._format @property def idxs(self) -> Sequence[int]: """Gets indexes of a list that this formatting applies to""" return self._idxs
__all__ = ["FormatListItem"]