Source code for ooodev.format.proto.structs.locale_t

from __future__ import annotations
from typing import Any, overload, TYPE_CHECKING, Dict
import uno

from ooodev.mock.mock_g import DOCS_BUILDING
from ooodev.format.proto.style_t import StyleT

    from typing_extensions import Self
    from typing_extensions import Protocol
    Protocol = object
    Self = Any

[docs]class LocaleT(StyleT, Protocol): """Font Effect Protocol"""
[docs] def __init__(self, *, country: str = ..., language: str = ..., variant: str = ...) -> None: ...
@overload def apply(self, obj: Any, keys: Dict[str, str]) -> None: # type: ignore ... @overload @classmethod def from_obj(cls, obj: Any) -> LocaleT: ... @overload @classmethod def from_obj(cls, obj: Any, **kwargs) -> LocaleT: ... # region Format Methods
[docs] def fmt_country(self, value: str) -> Self: """ Gets a copy of instance with country set. Args: value (int): Country value. Returns: LocaleT: ``LocaleT`` instance """ ...
[docs] def fmt_language(self, value: str) -> Self: """ Gets a copy of instance with language set. Args: value (int): Language value. Returns: LocaleT: ``LocaleT`` instance """ ...
[docs] def fmt_variant(self, value: str) -> Self: """ Gets a copy of instance with variant set. Args: value (int): Variant value. Returns: LocaleT: ``LocaleT`` instance """ ...
# endregion Format Methods # region Style Properties @property def english_us(self) -> Self: """Gets English US locale""" ... @property def locale_none(self) -> Self: """Gets no locale""" ... @property def english_australia(self) -> Self: """Gets English Australia locale""" ... @property def english_belize(self) -> Self: """Gets English Belize locale""" ... @property def english_botswana(self) -> Self: """Gets English Botswana locale""" ... @property def english_canada(self) -> Self: """Gets English Canada locale""" ... @property def english_caribbean(self) -> Self: """Gets English Caribbean locale""" ... @property def english_gambia(self) -> Self: """Gets English Gambia locale""" ... @property def english_ghana(self) -> Self: """Gets English Ghana locale""" ... @property def english_hong_kong(self) -> Self: """Gets English Hong Kong locale""" ... @property def english_india(self) -> Self: """Gets English India locale""" ... @property def english_ireland(self) -> Self: """Gets English Ireland locale""" ... @property def english_israel(self) -> Self: """Gets English Israel locale""" ... @property def english_jamaica(self) -> Self: """Gets English Jamaica locale""" ... @property def english_kenya(self) -> Self: """Gets English Kenya locale""" ... @property def english_malawi(self) -> Self: """Gets English Malawi locale""" ... @property def english_malaysia(self) -> Self: """Gets English Malaysia locale""" ... @property def english_mauritius(self) -> Self: """Gets English Mauritius locale""" ... @property def english_namibia(self) -> Self: """Gets English Namibia locale""" ... @property def english_new_zealand(self) -> Self: """Gets English New Zealand locale""" ... @property def english_nigeria(self) -> Self: """Gets English Nigeria locale""" ... @property def english_philippines(self) -> Self: """Gets English Philippines locale""" ... @property def english_south_africa(self) -> Self: """Gets English South Africa locale""" ... @property def english_sri_lanka(self) -> Self: """Gets English ``Sri Lanka`` locale""" ... @property def english_trinidad(self) -> Self: """Gets English Trinidad locale""" ... @property def english_uk(self) -> Self: """Gets English UK locale""" ... @property def english_usa(self) -> Self: """Gets English USA locale""" ... @property def english_zambia(self) -> Self: """Gets English Zambia locale""" ... @property def english_zimbabwe(self) -> Self: """Gets English Zimbabwe locale""" ... @property def english_uk_ode(self) -> Self: """Gets English ODE Spelling UK locale""" ... @property def german_austria(self) -> Self: """Gets German Austria locale""" ... @property def german_belgium(self) -> Self: """Gets German Belgium locale""" ... @property def german_germany(self) -> Self: """Gets German Germany locale""" ... @property def german_liechtenstein(self) -> Self: """Gets German Liechtenstein locale""" ... @property def german_luxembourg(self) -> Self: """Gets German Luxembourg locale""" ... @property def german_switzerland(self) -> Self: """Gets German Switzerland locale""" ... @property def french_belgium(self) -> Self: """Gets French Belgium locale""" ... @property def french_benin(self) -> Self: """Gets French Benin locale""" ... @property def french_burkina_faso(self) -> Self: """Gets French ``Burkina Faso`` locale""" ... @property def french_canada(self) -> Self: """Gets French Canada locale""" ... @property def french_cote_d_ivoire(self) -> Self: """Gets French ``Côte d'Ivoire`` locale""" ... @property def french_france(self) -> Self: """Gets French France locale""" ... @property def french_luxembourg(self) -> Self: """Gets French Luxembourg locale""" ... @property def french_mali(self) -> Self: """Gets French Mali locale""" ... @property def french_mauritius(self) -> Self: """Gets French Mauritius locale""" ... @property def french_monaco(self) -> Self: """Gets French Monaco locale""" ... @property def french_niger(self) -> Self: """Gets French Niger locale""" ... @property def french_senegal(self) -> Self: """Gets French Senegal locale""" ... @property def french_switzerland(self) -> Self: """Gets French Switzerland locale""" ... @property def french_togo(self) -> Self: """Gets French Togo locale""" ... @property def spanish_argentina(self) -> Self: """Gets Spanish Argentina locale""" ... @property def spanish_bolivia(self) -> Self: """Gets Spanish Bolivia locale""" ... @property def spanish_chile(self) -> Self: """Gets Spanish Chile locale""" ... @property def spanish_colombia(self) -> Self: """Gets Spanish Colombia locale""" ... @property def spanish_costa_rica(self) -> Self: """Gets Spanish ``Costa Rica`` locale""" ... @property def spanish_cuba(self) -> Self: """Gets Spanish Cuba locale""" ... @property def spanish_dom_rep(self) -> Self: """Gets Spanish Dominion Republic locale""" ... @property def spanish_ecuador(self) -> Self: """Gets Spanish Ecuador locale""" ... @property def spanish_el_salvador(self) -> Self: """Gets Spanish ``El Salvador`` locale""" ... @property def spanish_equatorial_guinea(self) -> Self: """Gets Spanish Equatorial Guinea locale ``es-GQ``""" ... @property def spanish_guatemala(self) -> Self: """Gets Spanish Guatemala locale""" ... @property def spanish_honduras(self) -> Self: """Gets Spanish Honduras locale""" ... @property def spanish_mexico(self) -> Self: """Gets Spanish Mexico locale""" ... @property def spanish_nicaragua(self) -> Self: """Gets Spanish Nicaragua locale""" ... @property def spanish_panama(self) -> Self: """Gets Spanish Panama locale""" ... @property def spanish_paraguay(self) -> Self: """Gets Spanish Paraguay locale""" ... @property def spanish_peru(self) -> Self: """Gets Spanish Peru locale""" ... @property def spanish_philippines(self) -> Self: """Gets Spanish Philippines locale ``es-PH``""" ... @property def spanish_puerto_rico(self) -> Self: """Gets Spanish Puerto Rico locale""" ... @property def spanish_spain(self) -> Self: """Gets Spanish Spain locale""" ... @property def spanish_usa(self) -> Self: """Gets Spanish USA locale ``es-US``""" ... @property def spanish_uruguay(self) -> Self: """Gets Spanish Uruguay locale""" ... @property def spanish_venezuela(self) -> Self: """Gets Spanish Venezuela locale""" ... @property def spanish_es(self) -> Self: """Gets Spanish locale ``es``""" ... # endregion Style Properties # region Prop Properties @property def prop_country(self) -> str: """Gets/Sets the ``ISO 3166`` Country Code""" ... @prop_country.setter def prop_country(self, value: str) -> None: ... @property def prop_language(self) -> str: """Gets/Sets the ``ISO 639`` Language Code.""" ... @prop_language.setter def prop_language(self, value: str) -> None: ... @property def prop_variant(self) -> str: """Gets/Sets the ``BCP 47`` Language Tag.""" ... @prop_variant.setter def prop_variant(self, value: str) -> None: ...
# endregion Prop Properties