Source code for ooodev.format.proto.structs.hatch_struct_t

from __future__ import annotations
from typing import Any, overload, TYPE_CHECKING
import uno

from ooodev.mock.mock_g import DOCS_BUILDING
from ooodev.format.proto.style_t import StyleT

    from typing_extensions import Protocol
    from ooodev.utils.color import Color
    from ooodev.units.angle import Angle
    from ooodev.units.unit_obj import UnitT
    from ooodev.units.unit_mm import UnitMM
    from ooo.dyn.drawing.hatch import Hatch
    from ooo.dyn.drawing.hatch_style import HatchStyle
    Protocol = object
    Color = Any
    Angle = Any
    UnitT = Any
    UnitMM = Any
    Hatch = Any
    HatchStyle = Any

[docs]class HatchStructT(StyleT, Protocol): """Hatch Struct Protocol"""
[docs] def __init__(
self, *, style: HatchStyle = ..., color: Color = ..., distance: float | UnitT = ..., angle: Angle | int = ..., ) -> None: ... """ Constructor Args: style (HatchStyle, optional): Specifies the kind of lines used to draw this hatch. Default ``HatchStyle.SINGLE``. color (:py:data:`~.utils.color.Color`, optional): Specifies the color of the hatch lines. Default ``0``. distance (int, UnitT, optional): Specifies the distance between the lines in the hatch (in ``mm`` units) or :ref:`proto_unit_obj`. Default ``0.0`` angle (Angle, int, optional): Specifies angle of the hatch in degrees. Default to ``0``. Returns: None: """
[docs] def get_uno_struct(self) -> Hatch: """ Gets UNO ``Hatch`` from instance. Returns: Hatch: ``Hatch`` instance """ ...
@overload @classmethod def from_obj(cls, obj: Any) -> HatchStructT: ... @overload @classmethod def from_obj(cls, obj: Any, **kwargs) -> HatchStructT: ... # region Style Properties # endregion Style Properties # region Prop Properties @property def prop_style(self) -> HatchStyle: """Gets/Sets the style of the hatch.""" ... @prop_style.setter def prop_style(self, value: HatchStyle): ... @property def prop_color(self) -> Color: """Gets/Sets the color of the hatch lines.""" ... @prop_color.setter def prop_color(self, value: Color): ... @property def prop_distance(self) -> UnitMM: """Gets/Sets the distance between the lines in the hatch (in ``mm`` units).""" ... @prop_distance.setter def prop_distance(self, value: float | UnitT): ... @property def prop_angle(self) -> Angle: """Gets/Sets angle of the hatch.""" ... @prop_angle.setter def prop_angle(self, value: Angle | int): ...
# endregion Prop Properties