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# region Imports
from __future__ import annotations
from typing import NamedTuple
import uno

from ooodev.utils import props as mProps
from ooodev.exceptions import ex as mEx
from import CalcStylePageKind
from ooodev.format.inner.modify.calc.cell_style_base import CellStyleBase

# endregion Imports

[docs]class PrintProps(NamedTuple): """Inner Properties""" headers: str grid: str comments: str obj_img: str charts: str draw_obj: str formula: str zero_val: str
[docs]class Printing(CellStyleBase): """ Page Style Order. .. seealso:: - :ref:`help_calc_format_modify_page_sheet` .. versionadded:: 0.9.0 """
[docs] def __init__( self, *, header: bool | None = None, grid: bool | None = None, comment: bool | None = None, obj_img: bool | None = None, chart: bool | None = None, drawing: bool | None = None, formula: bool | None = None, zero_value: bool | None = None, style_name: CalcStylePageKind | str = CalcStylePageKind.DEFAULT, style_family: str = "PageStyles", ) -> None: """ Constructor Args: header (bool, optional): Specifies if headers are printed. grid (bool, optional): Specifies if grids are printed. comment (bool, optional): Specifies if comments are printed. obj_img (bool, optional): Specifies if objects and images are printed. chart (bool, optional): Specifies if charts are printed. drawing (bool, optional): Specifies if drawings are printed. formula (bool, optional): Specifies if formulas are printed. zero_value (bool, optional): Specifies if zero values are printed. style_name (CalcStylePageKind, str, optional): Specifies the Page Style that instance applies to. Default is Default Page Style. style_family (str, optional): Style family. Default ``PageStyles``. Returns: None: See Also: - :ref:`help_calc_format_modify_page_sheet` """ super().__init__(style_name=style_name, style_family=style_family) if header is not None: self.prop_header = header if grid is not None: self.prop_grid = grid if comment is not None: self.prop_comment = comment if obj_img is not None: self.prop_obj_img = obj_img if chart is not None: self.prop_chart = chart if drawing is not None: self.prop_drawing = drawing if formula is not None: self.prop_formula = formula if zero_value is not None: self.prop_zero_value = zero_value
[docs] @classmethod def from_style( cls, doc: object, style_name: CalcStylePageKind | str = CalcStylePageKind.DEFAULT, style_family: str = "PageStyles", ) -> Printing: """ Gets instance from Document. Args: doc (object): UNO Document Object. style_name (CalcStylePageKind, str, optional): Specifies the Paragraph Style that instance applies to. Default is Default Paragraph Style. style_family (str, optional): Style family. Default ``PageStyles``. Raises: NotSupportedError: If ``obj`` is not supported. Returns: Printing: ``Printing`` instance from document properties. """ inst = cls(style_name=style_name, style_family=style_family) style_props = inst.get_style_props(doc) if not inst._is_valid_obj(style_props): raise mEx.NotSupportedError(f"Object is not support to convert to {cls.__name__}") for prop in inst._props: if prop: inst._set(prop, mProps.Props.get(style_props, prop)) return inst
# region Properties @property def prop_header(self) -> bool | None: """ Gets/Sets Print Headers """ return self._get(self._props.headers) @prop_header.setter def prop_header(self, value: bool | None): if value is None: self._remove(self._props.headers) return self._set(self._props.headers, value) @property def prop_grid(self) -> bool | None: """ Gets/Sets Print Grid. """ return self._get(self._props.grid) @prop_grid.setter def prop_grid(self, value: bool | None): if value is None: self._remove(self._props.grid) return self._set(self._props.grid, value) @property def prop_comment(self) -> bool | None: """ Gets/Sets Print Comments. """ return self._get(self._props.comments) @prop_comment.setter def prop_comment(self, value: bool | None): if value is None: self._remove(self._props.comments) return self._set(self._props.comments, value) @property def prop_obj_img(self) -> bool | None: """ Gets/Sets Print Object/images. """ return self._get(self._props.obj_img) @prop_obj_img.setter def prop_obj_img(self, value: bool | None): if value is None: self._remove(self._props.obj_img) return self._set(self._props.obj_img, value) @property def prop_chart(self) -> bool | None: """ Gets/Sets Print Charts. """ return self._get(self._props.charts) @prop_chart.setter def prop_chart(self, value: bool | None): if value is None: self._remove(self._props.charts) return self._set(self._props.charts, value) @property def prop_drawing(self) -> bool | None: """ Gets/Sets Print Drawing. """ return self._get(self._props.draw_obj) @prop_drawing.setter def prop_drawing(self, value: bool | None): if value is None: self._remove(self._props.draw_obj) return self._set(self._props.draw_obj, value) @property def prop_formula(self) -> bool | None: """ Gets/Sets Print Formulas. """ return self._get(self._props.formula) @prop_formula.setter def prop_formula(self, value: bool | None): if value is None: self._remove(self._props.formula) return self._set(self._props.formula, value) @property def prop_zero_value(self) -> bool | None: """ Gets/Sets Print Zero Values. """ return self._get(self._props.zero_val) @prop_zero_value.setter def prop_zero_value(self, value: bool | None): if value is None: self._remove(self._props.zero_val) return self._set(self._props.zero_val, value) @property def _props(self) -> PrintProps: try: return self._props_internal_attributes except AttributeError: self._props_internal_attributes = PrintProps( headers="PrintHeaders", grid="PrintGrid", comments="PrintAnnotations", obj_img="PrintObjects", charts="PrintCharts", draw_obj="PrintDrawing", formula="PrintFormulas", zero_val="PrintZeroValues", ) return self._props_internal_attributes
# endregion Properties