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# region Import
from __future__ import annotations
from typing import Any, Tuple, Type, TypeVar, cast, overload

from ooodev.exceptions import ex as mEx
from ooodev.utils import props as mProps
from ooodev.format.inner.kind.format_kind import FormatKind
from ooodev.format.inner.style_base import StyleBase
from ooodev.format.inner.common.props.frame_wrap_options_props import FrameWrapOptionsProps

# endregion Import

_TOptions = TypeVar(name="_TOptions", bound="Options")

[docs]class Options(StyleBase): """ Frame Vertical Alignment .. versionadded:: 0.9.0 """
[docs] def __init__( self, *, first: bool | None = None, background: bool | None = None, contour: bool | None = None, outside: bool | None = None, overlap: bool | None = None, ) -> None: """ Constructor Args: first (bool , optional): Specifies first paragraph. background (bool , optional): Specifies in background. contour (bool , optional): Specifies contour. outside (bool , optional): Specifies contour outside only. ``contour`` must be ``True`` for this parameter to be effective. overlap (bool , optional): Specifies allow overlap. """ super().__init__() if first is not None: self.prop_first = first if background is not None: self.prop_background = background if contour is not None: self.prop_contour = contour if outside is not None: self.prop_outside = outside if overlap is not None: self.prop_overlap = overlap
# region Overrides def _supported_services(self) -> Tuple[str, ...]: try: return self._supported_services_values except AttributeError: self._supported_services_values = ( "", "", "", "", "", ) return self._supported_services_values def _is_valid_obj(self, obj: Any) -> bool: """ Gets if ``obj`` supports one of the services required by style class Args: obj (Any): UNO object that must have requires service Returns: bool: ``True`` if has a required service; Otherwise, ``False`` """ if super()._is_valid_obj(obj): return True # check if obj has matching property # Some objects such as '' sometime support this style. # Such is the case when a shape is added to a Writer drawing page. # Assume if on attribute matches then it all is a match. return hasattr(obj, self._props.contour) # endregion Overrides # region from_obj() @overload @classmethod def from_obj(cls: Type[_TOptions], obj: Any) -> _TOptions: ... @overload @classmethod def from_obj(cls: Type[_TOptions], obj: Any, **kwargs) -> _TOptions: ...
[docs] @classmethod def from_obj(cls: Type[_TOptions], obj: Any, **kwargs) -> _TOptions: """ Gets instance from object Args: obj (Any): UNO Object. Raises: NotSupportedError: If ``obj`` is not supported. Returns: Options: Instance that represents Frame Wrap Settings. """ # this nu is only used to get Property Name inst = cls(**kwargs) if not inst._is_valid_obj(obj): raise mEx.NotSupportedError(f'Object is not supported for conversion to "{cls.__name__}"') for prop in inst._props: inst._set(prop, mProps.Props.get(obj, prop, False)) return inst
# endregion from_obj() # region Style Properties @property def first(self: _TOptions) -> _TOptions: """Gets copy of instance with first paragraph set to ``True``""" opt = self.copy() opt.prop_first = True return opt @property def background(self: _TOptions) -> _TOptions: """Gets copy of instance with in background set to ``True``""" opt = self.copy() opt.prop_background = True return opt @property def contour(self: _TOptions) -> _TOptions: """Gets copy of instance with contour set to ``True``""" opt = self.copy() opt.prop_contour = True return opt @property def outside(self: _TOptions) -> _TOptions: """Gets copy of instance with contour outside only set to ``True``""" opt = self.copy() opt.prop_outside = True return opt @property def overlap(self: _TOptions) -> _TOptions: """Gets copy of instance with allow overlap set to ``True``""" opt = self.copy() opt.prop_overlap = True return opt # endregion Style Properties # region Prop Properties @property def prop_format_kind(self) -> FormatKind: """Gets the kind of style""" try: return self._format_kind_prop except AttributeError: self._format_kind_prop = FormatKind.DOC | FormatKind.STYLE return self._format_kind_prop @property def prop_first(self) -> bool | None: """Gets/Sets first paragraph value""" return self._get(self._props.first_para) @prop_first.setter def prop_first(self, value: bool | None) -> None: if value is None: self._remove(self._props.first_para) return self._set(self._props.first_para, value) @property def prop_background(self) -> bool | None: """Gets/Sets background value""" # background (Opaque) is stored in toggled mode When background is True, Opaque is False pv = cast(bool, self._get(self._props.background)) return None if pv is None else not pv @prop_background.setter def prop_background(self, value: bool | None) -> None: if value is None: self._remove(self._props.background) return self._set(self._props.background, not value) @property def prop_contour(self) -> bool | None: """Gets/Sets contour value""" return self._get(self._props.contour) @prop_contour.setter def prop_contour(self, value: bool | None) -> None: if value is None: self._remove(self._props.contour) return self._set(self._props.contour, value) @property def prop_outside(self) -> bool | None: """Gets/Sets contour outside only value""" return self._get(self._props.contour) @prop_outside.setter def prop_outside(self, value: bool | None) -> None: if value is None: self._remove(self._props.contour) return self._set(self._props.contour, value) @property def prop_overlap(self) -> bool | None: """Gets/Sets allow overlap value""" return self._get(self._props.outside) @prop_overlap.setter def prop_overlap(self, value: bool | None) -> None: if value is None: self._remove(self._props.outside) return self._set(self._props.outside, value) @property def _props(self) -> FrameWrapOptionsProps: try: return self._props_internal_attributes except AttributeError: # background (Opaque) is stored in toggled mode When background is True, Opaque is False self._props_internal_attributes = FrameWrapOptionsProps( first_para="SurroundAnchorOnly", background="Opaque", contour="SurroundContour", outside="ContourOutside", overlap="AllowOverlap", ) return self._props_internal_attributes
# endregion Prop Properties