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from __future__ import annotations
from typing import overload
from typing import Any, cast, Tuple, Type, TypeVar, TYPE_CHECKING

# from ....style_base import StyleBase
from import KeyValCancelArgs
from ooodev.exceptions import ex as mEx
from ooodev.loader import lo as mLo
from ooodev.utils import props as mProps
from ooodev.format.inner.kind.format_kind import FormatKind
from ooodev.format.inner.common.abstract.abstract_document import AbstractDocument
from ooodev.format.inner.common.props.frame_options_names_props import FrameOptionsNamesProps

    from import ChainedTextFrame  # service

_TNames = TypeVar(name="_TNames", bound="Names")

[docs]class Names(AbstractDocument): """ Frame Name options .. versionadded:: 0.9.0 """
[docs] def __init__( self, *, name: str | None = None, desc: str | None = None, prev: str | None = None, next: str | None = None ) -> None: """ Constructor Args: name (str, optional): Specifies frame name. desc (str, optional): Specifies frame description. prev (str, optional): Specifies previous link. next (str, optional): Specifies next link. Returns: None: See Also: LibreOffice Help <Inserting, Editing and Linking Frames ``>__ Note: Flowing text from one text frame to another, via ``prev`` and ``next`` required the text frame being flow to not contain text. If the frame to flow to contains text then ``prev`` and ``next`` do not have any effect. """ # Now Working, able to get prev and next working on "" service. # Posted issue on Ask: # If Text is added to both frames that are to be chained together then # LO will not chain them. # The Frame.ChainNextName and Frame.ChainPrevName properties cannot be set. and do not raise any error. # This is the default behavior and makes sense. # If the frame to flow to has text already then previous frame cannot flow to it. super().__init__() if name is not None: self.prop_name = name if desc is not None: self.prop_desc = desc if prev is not None: self.prop_prev = prev if next is not None: self.prop_next = next
# region Overrides
[docs] def apply(self, obj: object, **kwargs) -> None: super().apply(obj, **kwargs) # for some reason setting Name property raises "UnknownPropertyException" when "setPropertyValue()" is used (Which Props.set() uses). # However, setting Name via setattr() works fine. # for this reason this class cancels setting of Name property and sets it via setattr() here. name = self.prop_name if not name: return obj_name = cast(str, getattr(obj,, None)) if obj_name is None: return if obj_name != name: # only set name is it is different setattr(obj,, name) try: p_prev = self.prop_prev p_next = self.prop_next except mEx.DeletedAttributeError: # attributes not used in a child class. return if p_prev is None and p_next is None: return frames = self.get_text_frames() if frames is None: return if self.prop_name is None: return if not frames.hasByName(self.prop_name): return this_frame = cast("ChainedTextFrame", frames.getByName(self.prop_name)) if p_prev is not None: this_frame.ChainPrevName = p_prev if p_next is not None: this_frame.ChainNextName = p_next
[docs] def on_property_setting(self, source: Any, event_args: KeyValCancelArgs) -> None: skip = (, self._props.prev, if event_args.key in skip: event_args.cancel = True event_args.handled = True # see bug specified in apply() method. super().on_property_setting(source, event_args)
def _supported_services(self) -> Tuple[str, ...]: try: return self._supported_services_values except AttributeError: self._supported_services_values = ("", "") # This should be ChainedTextFrame only, however there seems to be a bug in LibreOffice. # Even though an object is passed in that has ChainedTextFrame properties it does not support ChainedTextFrame service, # but does support TextFrame service. return self._supported_services_values def _props_set(self, obj: object, **kwargs: Any) -> None: try: return super()._props_set(obj, **kwargs) except mEx.MultiError as e: mLo.Lo.print(f"{self.__class__.__name__}.apply(): Unable to set Property") for err in e.errors: mLo.Lo.print(f" {err}") # endregion Overrides # region from_obj() @overload @classmethod def from_obj(cls: Type[_TNames], obj: Any) -> _TNames: ... @overload @classmethod def from_obj(cls: Type[_TNames], obj: Any, **kwargs) -> _TNames: ...
[docs] @classmethod def from_obj(cls: Type[_TNames], obj: Any, **kwargs) -> _TNames: """ Gets instance from object Args: obj (Any): UNO Object. Raises: NotSupportedError: If ``obj`` is not supported. Returns: Names: Instance that represents Frame Name options. """ # this nu is only used to get Property Name inst = cls(**kwargs) if not inst._is_valid_obj(obj): raise mEx.NotSupportedError(f'Object is not supported for conversion to "{cls.__name__}"') for prop_name in inst._props: if prop_name: try: inst._set(prop_name, mProps.Props.get(obj, prop_name)) except mEx.PropertyNotFoundError: # there is a bug. See apply() if hasattr(obj, prop_name): inst._set(prop_name, getattr(obj, prop_name)) else: raise # prev, next not currently working return inst
# endregion from_obj() @property def prop_format_kind(self) -> FormatKind: """Gets the kind of style""" try: return self._format_kind_prop except AttributeError: self._format_kind_prop = FormatKind.FRAME return self._format_kind_prop @property def prop_name(self) -> str | None: """Gets/Sets name""" return self._get( @prop_name.setter def prop_name(self, value: str | None) -> None: if value is None: self._remove( return self._set(, value) @property def prop_desc(self) -> str | None: """Gets/Sets description""" return self._get(self._props.desc) @prop_desc.setter def prop_desc(self, value: str | None) -> None: if value is None: self._remove(self._props.desc) return self._set(self._props.desc, value) # Prev and Next not currently working @property def prop_prev(self) -> str | None: """Gets/Sets frame previous link""" return self._get(self._props.prev) @prop_prev.setter def prop_prev(self, value: str | None) -> None: if value is None: self._remove(self._props.prev) return self._set(self._props.prev, value) @property def prop_next(self) -> str | None: """Gets/Sets frame next link""" return self._get( @prop_next.setter def prop_next(self, value: str | None) -> None: if value is None: self._remove( return self._set(, value) @property def _props(self) -> FrameOptionsNamesProps: try: return self._props_internal_attributes except AttributeError: self._props_internal_attributes = FrameOptionsNamesProps( name="Name", desc="Description", prev="ChainPrevName", next="ChainNextName", ) return self._props_internal_attributes