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Module for ``LocaleStruct`` struct.

.. versionadded:: 0.9.0

# region Import
from __future__ import annotations
from typing import Any, Dict, Tuple, Type, cast, overload, TypeVar

import uno
from ooo.dyn.lang.locale import Locale

from import CancelEventArgs
from import EventArgs
from import FormatNamedEvent
from ooodev.exceptions import ex as mEx
from import StructBase
from ooodev.format.inner.kind.format_kind import FormatKind
from ooodev.utils import props as mProps

# endregion Import
# pylint: disable=unexpected-keyword-arg

_TLocaleStruct = TypeVar(name="_TLocaleStruct", bound="LocaleStruct")

[docs]class LocaleStruct(StructBase): """ Paragraph Drop Cap Any properties starting with ``prop_`` set or get current instance values. All methods starting with ``fmt_`` can be used to chain together properties. .. versionadded:: 0.9.0 """ # region init
[docs] def __init__(self, *, country: str = "US", language: str = "en", variant: str = "") -> None: """ Constructor Args: country (str, optional): Specifies an ``ISO 3166`` Country Code. These codes are the upper-case two-letter codes as defined by ``ISO 3166-1``. You can find a full list of these codes at a number of sites, such as: `Wikipedia ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 <>`__. If this field contains an empty string, the meaning depends on the context. language (str, optional): Specifies an ``ISO 639`` Language Code. These codes are preferably the lower-case two-letter codes as defined by ``ISO 639-1``, or three-letter codes as defined by ``ISO 639-3``. You can find a full list of these codes at a number of sites, such as: `ISO 639 Code Tables <>`__. If this field contains an empty string, the meaning depends on the context. variant (str, optional): Specifies a ``BCP 47`` Language Tag. You can find BCP 47 language tag resources at: `Wikipedia IETF language tag <>`__ or `Language tags in HTML and XML <>`__. Returns: None: """ init_vals = {"Country": country.upper()[:2], "Language": language, "Variant": variant} super().__init__(**init_vals)
# endregion init # region methods def _supported_services(self) -> Tuple[str, ...]: try: return self._supported_services_values except AttributeError: self._supported_services_values = () return self._supported_services_values def _get_property_name(self) -> str: try: return self._property_name except AttributeError: self._property_name = "CharLocale" return self._property_name def _is_valid_obj(self, obj: Any) -> bool: return mProps.Props.has(obj, self._get_property_name())
[docs] def get_attrs(self) -> Tuple[str, ...]: return (self._get_property_name(),)
# region apply() @overload def apply(self, obj: Any) -> None: ... @overload def apply(self, obj: Any, keys: Dict[str, str]) -> None: # type: ignore ...
[docs] def apply(self, obj: Any, **kwargs) -> None: # type: ignore """ Applies tab properties to ``obj`` Args: obj (object): UNO object. keys (Dict[str, str], optional): Property key, value items that map properties. :events: .. cssclass:: lo_event - :py:attr:`` :eventref:`src-docs-event-cancel` - :py:attr:`` :eventref:`src-docs-event` Returns: None: """ # sourcery skip: dict-assign-update-to-union if not self._is_valid_obj(obj): # will not apply on this class but may apply on child classes self._print_not_valid_srv("apply") return cargs = CancelEventArgs(source=f"{self.apply.__qualname__}") cargs.event_data = self if cargs.cancel: return self._events.trigger(FormatNamedEvent.STYLE_APPLYING, cargs) if cargs.cancel: return keys = {"prop": self._get_property_name()} if "keys" in kwargs: keys.update(kwargs["keys"]) key = keys["prop"] dcf = self.get_uno_struct() mProps.Props.set(obj, **{key: dcf}) eargs = EventArgs.from_args(cargs) self._events.trigger(FormatNamedEvent.STYLE_APPLIED, eargs)
# mProps.Props.set(obj, **{key: tuple(tss_lst)}) # endregion apply()
[docs] def get_uno_struct(self) -> Locale: """ Gets UNO ``Locale`` from instance. Returns: Locale: ``Locale`` instance """ return Locale(Language=self._get("Language"), Country=self._get("Country"), Variant=self._get("Variant"))
# region from_obj() @overload @classmethod def from_obj(cls: Type[_TLocaleStruct], obj: Any) -> _TLocaleStruct: ... @overload @classmethod def from_obj(cls: Type[_TLocaleStruct], obj: Any, **kwargs) -> _TLocaleStruct: ...
[docs] @classmethod def from_obj(cls: Type[_TLocaleStruct], obj: Any, **kwargs) -> _TLocaleStruct: """ Gets instance from object Args: obj (object): UNO object Raises: PropertyNotFoundError: If ``obj`` does not have required property Returns: DropCap: ``DropCap`` instance that represents ``obj`` Drop cap format properties. """ # this nu is only used to get Property Name nu = cls(**kwargs) prop_name = nu._get_property_name() try: dcf = cast(Locale, mProps.Props.get(obj, prop_name)) except mEx.PropertyNotFoundError: raise mEx.PropertyNotFoundError(prop_name, f"from_obj() obj as no {prop_name} property") return cls.from_uno_struct(dcf, **kwargs)
# endregion from_obj() # region from_locale() @overload @classmethod def from_uno_struct(cls: Type[_TLocaleStruct], locale: Locale) -> _TLocaleStruct: ... @overload @classmethod def from_uno_struct(cls: Type[_TLocaleStruct], locale: Locale, **kwargs) -> _TLocaleStruct: ...
[docs] @classmethod def from_uno_struct(cls: Type[_TLocaleStruct], locale: Locale, **kwargs) -> _TLocaleStruct: """ Converts a ``Locale`` Stop instance to a ``LocaleStruct`` Args: dcf (Locale): UNO locale Returns: LocaleStruct: ``LocaleStruct`` set with locale properties """ return cls(country=locale.Country, language=locale.Language, variant=locale.Variant, **kwargs)
# endregion from_locale() # endregion methods # region dunder methods def __eq__(self, oth: object) -> bool: obj2 = None if isinstance(oth, LocaleStruct): obj2 = oth.get_uno_struct() if getattr(oth, "typeName", None) == "": obj2 = cast(Locale, oth) if not obj2 is None: obj1 = self.get_uno_struct() return obj1.Country == obj2.Country and obj1.Language == obj2.Language and obj1.Variant == obj2.Variant return NotImplemented # endregion dunder methods # region format methods
[docs] def fmt_country(self: _TLocaleStruct, value: str) -> _TLocaleStruct: """ Gets a copy of instance with country set. Args: value (int): Country value. Returns: LocaleStruct: ``LocaleStruct`` instance """ cp = self.copy() cp.prop_country = value return cp
[docs] def fmt_language(self: _TLocaleStruct, value: str) -> _TLocaleStruct: """ Gets a copy of instance with language set. Args: value (int): Language value. Returns: LocaleStruct: ``LocaleStruct`` instance """ cp = self.copy() cp.prop_language = value return cp
[docs] def fmt_variant(self: _TLocaleStruct, value: str) -> _TLocaleStruct: """ Gets a copy of instance with variant set. Args: value (int): Variant value. Returns: LocaleStruct: ``LocaleStruct`` instance """ cp = self.copy() cp.prop_variant = value return cp
# endregion format methods # region Style Properties @property def english_us(self: _TLocaleStruct) -> _TLocaleStruct: """Gets English US locale""" return self.__class__( country="US", language="en", variant="", _cattribs=self._get_internal_cattribs(), ) @property def locale_none(self: _TLocaleStruct) -> _TLocaleStruct: """Gets no locale""" return self.__class__( country="", language="zxx", variant="", _cattribs=self._get_internal_cattribs(), ) @property def english_australia(self: _TLocaleStruct) -> _TLocaleStruct: """Gets English Australia locale""" return self.__class__( country="AU", language="en", variant="", _cattribs=self._get_internal_cattribs(), ) @property def english_belize(self: _TLocaleStruct) -> _TLocaleStruct: """Gets English Belize locale""" return self.__class__( country="BZ", language="en", variant="", _cattribs=self._get_internal_cattribs(), ) @property def english_botswana(self: _TLocaleStruct) -> _TLocaleStruct: """Gets English Botswana locale""" return self.__class__( country="BW", language="en", variant="", _cattribs=self._get_internal_cattribs(), ) @property def english_canada(self: _TLocaleStruct) -> _TLocaleStruct: """Gets English Canada locale""" return self.__class__( country="CA", language="en", variant="", _cattribs=self._get_internal_cattribs(), ) @property def english_caribbean(self: _TLocaleStruct) -> _TLocaleStruct: """Gets English Caribbean locale""" return self.__class__( country="BS", language="en", variant="", _cattribs=self._get_internal_cattribs(), ) @property def english_gambia(self: _TLocaleStruct) -> _TLocaleStruct: """Gets English Gambia locale""" return self.__class__( country="GM", language="en", variant="", _cattribs=self._get_internal_cattribs(), ) @property def english_ghana(self: _TLocaleStruct) -> _TLocaleStruct: """Gets English Ghana locale""" return self.__class__( country="GH", language="en", variant="", _cattribs=self._get_internal_cattribs(), ) @property def english_hong_kong(self: _TLocaleStruct) -> _TLocaleStruct: """Gets English Hong Kong locale""" return self.__class__( country="HK", language="en", variant="", _cattribs=self._get_internal_cattribs(), ) @property def english_india(self: _TLocaleStruct) -> _TLocaleStruct: """Gets English India locale""" return self.__class__( country="IN", language="en", variant="", _cattribs=self._get_internal_cattribs(), ) @property def english_ireland(self: _TLocaleStruct) -> _TLocaleStruct: """Gets English Ireland locale""" return self.__class__( country="IE", language="en", variant="", _cattribs=self._get_internal_cattribs(), ) @property def english_israel(self: _TLocaleStruct) -> _TLocaleStruct: """Gets English Israel locale""" return self.__class__( country="IL", language="en", variant="", _cattribs=self._get_internal_cattribs(), ) @property def english_jamaica(self: _TLocaleStruct) -> _TLocaleStruct: """Gets English Jamaica locale""" return self.__class__( country="JM", language="en", variant="", _cattribs=self._get_internal_cattribs(), ) @property def english_kenya(self: _TLocaleStruct) -> _TLocaleStruct: """Gets English Kenya locale""" return self.__class__( country="KE", language="en", variant="", _cattribs=self._get_internal_cattribs(), ) @property def english_malawi(self: _TLocaleStruct) -> _TLocaleStruct: """Gets English Malawi locale""" return self.__class__( country="MW", language="en", variant="", _cattribs=self._get_internal_cattribs(), ) @property def english_malaysia(self: _TLocaleStruct) -> _TLocaleStruct: """Gets English Malaysia locale""" return self.__class__( country="MY", language="en", variant="", _cattribs=self._get_internal_cattribs(), ) @property def english_mauritius(self: _TLocaleStruct) -> _TLocaleStruct: """Gets English Mauritius locale""" return self.__class__( country="MU", language="en", variant="", _cattribs=self._get_internal_cattribs(), ) @property def english_namibia(self: _TLocaleStruct) -> _TLocaleStruct: """Gets English Namibia locale""" return self.__class__( country="NA", language="en", variant="", _cattribs=self._get_internal_cattribs(), ) @property def english_new_zealand(self: _TLocaleStruct) -> _TLocaleStruct: """Gets English New Zealand locale""" return self.__class__( country="NZ", language="en", variant="", _cattribs=self._get_internal_cattribs(), ) @property def english_nigeria(self: _TLocaleStruct) -> _TLocaleStruct: """Gets English Nigeria locale""" return self.__class__( country="NG", language="en", variant="", _cattribs=self._get_internal_cattribs(), ) @property def english_philippines(self: _TLocaleStruct) -> _TLocaleStruct: """Gets English Philippines locale""" return self.__class__( country="PH", language="en", variant="", _cattribs=self._get_internal_cattribs(), ) @property def english_south_africa(self: _TLocaleStruct) -> _TLocaleStruct: """Gets English South Africa locale""" return self.__class__( country="ZA", language="en", variant="", _cattribs=self._get_internal_cattribs(), ) @property def english_sri_lanka(self: _TLocaleStruct) -> _TLocaleStruct: """Gets English ``Sri Lanka`` locale""" return self.__class__( country="LK", language="en", variant="", _cattribs=self._get_internal_cattribs(), ) @property def english_trinidad(self: _TLocaleStruct) -> _TLocaleStruct: """Gets English Trinidad locale""" return self.__class__( country="TT", language="en", variant="", _cattribs=self._get_internal_cattribs(), ) @property def english_uk(self: _TLocaleStruct) -> _TLocaleStruct: """Gets English UK locale""" return self.__class__( country="GB", language="en", variant="", _cattribs=self._get_internal_cattribs(), ) @property def english_usa(self: _TLocaleStruct) -> _TLocaleStruct: """Gets English USA locale""" return self.__class__( country="US", language="en", variant="", _cattribs=self._get_internal_cattribs(), ) @property def english_zambia(self: _TLocaleStruct) -> _TLocaleStruct: """Gets English Zambia locale""" return self.__class__( country="ZM", language="en", variant="", _cattribs=self._get_internal_cattribs(), ) @property def english_zimbabwe(self: _TLocaleStruct) -> _TLocaleStruct: """Gets English Zimbabwe locale""" return self.__class__( country="ZW", language="en", variant="", _cattribs=self._get_internal_cattribs(), ) @property def english_uk_ode(self: _TLocaleStruct) -> _TLocaleStruct: """Gets English ODE Spelling UK locale""" return self.__class__( country="GB", language="qlt", variant="en-GB-oxendict", _cattribs=self._get_internal_cattribs(), ) @property def german_austria(self: _TLocaleStruct) -> _TLocaleStruct: """Gets German Austria locale""" return self.__class__( country="AT", language="de", variant="", _cattribs=self._get_internal_cattribs(), ) @property def german_belgium(self: _TLocaleStruct) -> _TLocaleStruct: """Gets German Belgium locale""" return self.__class__( country="BE", language="de", variant="", _cattribs=self._get_internal_cattribs(), ) @property def german_germany(self: _TLocaleStruct) -> _TLocaleStruct: """Gets German Germany locale""" return self.__class__( country="DE", language="de", variant="", _cattribs=self._get_internal_cattribs(), ) @property def german_liechtenstein(self: _TLocaleStruct) -> _TLocaleStruct: """Gets German Liechtenstein locale""" return self.__class__( country="LI", language="de", variant="", _cattribs=self._get_internal_cattribs(), ) @property def german_luxembourg(self: _TLocaleStruct) -> _TLocaleStruct: """Gets German Luxembourg locale""" return self.__class__( country="LU", language="de", variant="", _cattribs=self._get_internal_cattribs(), ) @property def german_switzerland(self: _TLocaleStruct) -> _TLocaleStruct: """Gets German Switzerland locale""" return self.__class__( country="CH", language="de", variant="", _cattribs=self._get_internal_cattribs(), ) @property def french_belgium(self: _TLocaleStruct) -> _TLocaleStruct: """Gets French Belgium locale""" return self.__class__( country="BE", language="fr", variant="", _cattribs=self._get_internal_cattribs(), ) @property def french_benin(self: _TLocaleStruct) -> _TLocaleStruct: """Gets French Benin locale""" return self.__class__( country="BJ", language="fr", variant="", _cattribs=self._get_internal_cattribs(), ) @property def french_burkina_faso(self: _TLocaleStruct) -> _TLocaleStruct: """Gets French ``Burkina Faso`` locale""" return self.__class__( country="BF", language="fr", variant="", _cattribs=self._get_internal_cattribs(), ) @property def french_canada(self: _TLocaleStruct) -> _TLocaleStruct: """Gets French Canada locale""" return self.__class__( country="CA", language="fr", variant="", _cattribs=self._get_internal_cattribs(), ) @property def french_cote_d_ivoire(self: _TLocaleStruct) -> _TLocaleStruct: """Gets French ``Côte d'Ivoire`` locale""" return self.__class__( country="CI", language="fr", variant="", _cattribs=self._get_internal_cattribs(), ) @property def french_france(self: _TLocaleStruct) -> _TLocaleStruct: """Gets French France locale""" return self.__class__( country="FR", language="fr", variant="", _cattribs=self._get_internal_cattribs(), ) @property def french_luxembourg(self: _TLocaleStruct) -> _TLocaleStruct: """Gets French Luxembourg locale""" return self.__class__( country="LU", language="fr", variant="", _cattribs=self._get_internal_cattribs(), ) @property def french_mali(self: _TLocaleStruct) -> _TLocaleStruct: """Gets French Mali locale""" return self.__class__( country="ML", language="fr", variant="", _cattribs=self._get_internal_cattribs(), ) @property def french_mauritius(self: _TLocaleStruct) -> _TLocaleStruct: """Gets French Mauritius locale""" return self.__class__( country="MU", language="fr", variant="", _cattribs=self._get_internal_cattribs(), ) @property def french_monaco(self: _TLocaleStruct) -> _TLocaleStruct: """Gets French Monaco locale""" return self.__class__( country="MC", language="fr", variant="", _cattribs=self._get_internal_cattribs(), ) @property def french_niger(self: _TLocaleStruct) -> _TLocaleStruct: """Gets French Niger locale""" return self.__class__( country="NE", language="fr", variant="", _cattribs=self._get_internal_cattribs(), ) @property def french_senegal(self: _TLocaleStruct) -> _TLocaleStruct: """Gets French Senegal locale""" return self.__class__( country="SN", language="fr", variant="", _cattribs=self._get_internal_cattribs(), ) @property def french_switzerland(self: _TLocaleStruct) -> _TLocaleStruct: """Gets French Switzerland locale""" return self.__class__( country="CH", language="fr", variant="", _cattribs=self._get_internal_cattribs(), ) @property def french_togo(self: _TLocaleStruct) -> _TLocaleStruct: """Gets French Togo locale""" return self.__class__( country="TG", language="fr", variant="", _cattribs=self._get_internal_cattribs(), ) @property def spanish_argentina(self: _TLocaleStruct) -> _TLocaleStruct: """Gets Spanish Argentina locale""" return self.__class__( country="AR", language="es", variant="", _cattribs=self._get_internal_cattribs(), ) @property def spanish_bolivia(self: _TLocaleStruct) -> _TLocaleStruct: """Gets Spanish Bolivia locale""" return self.__class__( country="BO", language="es", variant="", _cattribs=self._get_internal_cattribs(), ) @property def spanish_chile(self: _TLocaleStruct) -> _TLocaleStruct: """Gets Spanish Chile locale""" return self.__class__( country="CL", language="es", variant="", _cattribs=self._get_internal_cattribs(), ) @property def spanish_colombia(self: _TLocaleStruct) -> _TLocaleStruct: """Gets Spanish Colombia locale""" return self.__class__( country="CO", language="es", variant="", _cattribs=self._get_internal_cattribs(), ) @property def spanish_costa_rica(self: _TLocaleStruct) -> _TLocaleStruct: """Gets Spanish ``Costa Rica`` locale""" return self.__class__( country="CR", language="es", variant="", _cattribs=self._get_internal_cattribs(), ) @property def spanish_cuba(self: _TLocaleStruct) -> _TLocaleStruct: """Gets Spanish Cuba locale""" return self.__class__( country="CU", language="es", variant="", _cattribs=self._get_internal_cattribs(), ) @property def spanish_dom_rep(self: _TLocaleStruct) -> _TLocaleStruct: """Gets Spanish Dominion Republic locale""" return self.__class__( country="DO", language="es", variant="", _cattribs=self._get_internal_cattribs(), ) @property def spanish_ecuador(self: _TLocaleStruct) -> _TLocaleStruct: """Gets Spanish Ecuador locale""" return self.__class__( country="EC", language="es", variant="", _cattribs=self._get_internal_cattribs(), ) @property def spanish_el_salvador(self: _TLocaleStruct) -> _TLocaleStruct: """Gets Spanish ``El Salvador`` locale""" return self.__class__( country="SV", language="es", variant="", _cattribs=self._get_internal_cattribs(), ) @property def spanish_equatorial_guinea(self: _TLocaleStruct) -> _TLocaleStruct: """Gets Spanish Equatorial Guinea locale ``es-GQ``""" return self.__class__( country="GQ", language="es", variant="", _cattribs=self._get_internal_cattribs(), ) @property def spanish_guatemala(self: _TLocaleStruct) -> _TLocaleStruct: """Gets Spanish Guatemala locale""" return self.__class__( country="GT", language="es", variant="", _cattribs=self._get_internal_cattribs(), ) @property def spanish_honduras(self: _TLocaleStruct) -> _TLocaleStruct: """Gets Spanish Honduras locale""" return self.__class__( country="HN", language="es", variant="", _cattribs=self._get_internal_cattribs(), ) @property def spanish_mexico(self: _TLocaleStruct) -> _TLocaleStruct: """Gets Spanish Mexico locale""" return self.__class__( country="MX", language="es", variant="", _cattribs=self._get_internal_cattribs(), ) @property def spanish_nicaragua(self: _TLocaleStruct) -> _TLocaleStruct: """Gets Spanish Nicaragua locale""" return self.__class__( country="NI", language="es", variant="", _cattribs=self._get_internal_cattribs(), ) @property def spanish_panama(self: _TLocaleStruct) -> _TLocaleStruct: """Gets Spanish Panama locale""" return self.__class__( country="PA", language="es", variant="", _cattribs=self._get_internal_cattribs(), ) @property def spanish_paraguay(self: _TLocaleStruct) -> _TLocaleStruct: """Gets Spanish Paraguay locale""" return self.__class__( country="PY", language="es", variant="", _cattribs=self._get_internal_cattribs(), ) @property def spanish_peru(self: _TLocaleStruct) -> _TLocaleStruct: """Gets Spanish Peru locale""" return self.__class__( country="PE", language="es", variant="", _cattribs=self._get_internal_cattribs(), ) @property def spanish_philippines(self: _TLocaleStruct) -> _TLocaleStruct: """Gets Spanish Philippines locale ``es-PH``""" return self.__class__( country="PH", language="es", variant="", _cattribs=self._get_internal_cattribs(), ) @property def spanish_puerto_rico(self: _TLocaleStruct) -> _TLocaleStruct: """Gets Spanish Puerto Rico locale""" return self.__class__( country="PR", language="es", variant="", _cattribs=self._get_internal_cattribs(), ) @property def spanish_spain(self: _TLocaleStruct) -> _TLocaleStruct: """Gets Spanish Spain locale""" return self.__class__( country="ES", language="es", variant="", _cattribs=self._get_internal_cattribs(), ) @property def spanish_usa(self: _TLocaleStruct) -> _TLocaleStruct: """Gets Spanish USA locale ``es-US``""" return self.__class__( country="US", language="es", variant="", _cattribs=self._get_internal_cattribs(), ) @property def spanish_uruguay(self: _TLocaleStruct) -> _TLocaleStruct: """Gets Spanish Uruguay locale""" return self.__class__( country="UY", language="es", variant="", _cattribs=self._get_internal_cattribs(), ) @property def spanish_venezuela(self: _TLocaleStruct) -> _TLocaleStruct: """Gets Spanish Venezuela locale""" return self.__class__( country="VE", language="es", variant="", _cattribs=self._get_internal_cattribs(), ) @property def spanish_es(self: _TLocaleStruct) -> _TLocaleStruct: """Gets Spanish locale ``es``""" return self.__class__( country="", language="es", variant="", _cattribs=self._get_internal_cattribs(), ) # endregion Style Properties # region properties @property def prop_format_kind(self) -> FormatKind: """Gets the kind of style""" try: return self._format_kind_prop except AttributeError: self._format_kind_prop = FormatKind.CHAR return self._format_kind_prop @property def prop_country(self) -> str: """Gets/Sets the ``ISO 3166`` Country Code""" return self._get("Country") @prop_country.setter def prop_country(self, value: str) -> None: self._set("Country", value.upper()[:2]) @property def prop_language(self) -> str: """Gets/Sets the ``ISO 639`` Language Code.""" return self._get("Language") @prop_language.setter def prop_language(self, value: str) -> None: self._set("Language", value) @property def prop_variant(self) -> str: """Gets/Sets the ``BCP 47`` Language Tag.""" return self._get("Variant") @prop_variant.setter def prop_variant(self, value: str) -> None: self._set("Variant", value)
# endregion properties