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from __future__ import annotations
from typing import Any, cast, overload, TypeVar, Type
import uno
from ooo.dyn.util.cell_protection import CellProtection as UnoCellProtection
from ooodev.exceptions import ex as mEx
from ooodev.utils import props as mProps
from import CellProtectionStruct

_TCellProtection = TypeVar(name="_TCellProtection", bound="CellProtection")

[docs]class CellProtection(CellProtectionStruct): """ Cell Protection. Warning: Cell protection is only effective after the sheet is has been applied to is also been protected. .. seealso:: - :ref:`help_calc_format_direct_cell_cell_protection` .. versionadded:: 0.9.0 """
[docs] def __init__( self, hide_all: bool = False, protected: bool = False, hide_formula: bool = False, hide_print: bool = False ) -> None: """ Constructor Args: hide_all (bool, optional): Specifies if all is hidden. Defaults to ``False``. protected (bool, optional): Specifies protected value. Defaults to ``False``. hide_formula (bool, optional): Specifies if the formula is hidden. Defaults to ``False``. hide_print (bool, optional): Specifies if the cell are to be omitted during print. Defaults to ``False``. Returns: None: See Also: - :ref:`help_calc_format_direct_cell_cell_protection` """ super().__init__(hide_all=hide_all, protected=protected, hide_formula=hide_formula, hide_print=hide_print)
# region from_obj() @overload @classmethod def from_obj(cls: Type[_TCellProtection], obj: Any) -> _TCellProtection: ... @overload @classmethod def from_obj(cls: Type[_TCellProtection], obj: Any, **kwargs) -> _TCellProtection: ...
[docs] @classmethod def from_obj(cls: Type[_TCellProtection], obj: Any, **kwargs) -> _TCellProtection: """ Gets instance from object Args: obj (object): UNO object Raises: PropertyNotFoundError: If ``obj`` does not have required property Returns: CellProtectionStruct: ``CellProtectionStruct`` instance that represents ``obj`` CellProtection properties. """ # this nu is only used to get Property Name nu = cls(**kwargs) prop_name = nu._get_property_name() try: struct = cast(UnoCellProtection, mProps.Props.get(obj, prop_name)) except mEx.PropertyNotFoundError as e: raise mEx.PropertyNotFoundError(prop_name, f"from_obj() obj as no {prop_name} property") from e result = cls.from_uno_struct(struct, **kwargs) result.set_update_obj(obj) return result
# region from_uno_struct() @overload @classmethod def from_uno_struct(cls: Type[_TCellProtection], value: UnoCellProtection) -> _TCellProtection: ... @overload @classmethod def from_uno_struct(cls: Type[_TCellProtection], value: UnoCellProtection, **kwargs) -> _TCellProtection: ...
[docs] @classmethod def from_uno_struct(cls: Type[_TCellProtection], value: UnoCellProtection, **kwargs) -> _TCellProtection: """ Converts a ``CellProtection`` instance to a ``CellProtectionStruct``. Args: value (CellProtection): UNO ``CellProtection``. Returns: CellProtectionStruct: ``CellProtectionStruct`` set with ``CellProtection`` properties. """ inst = cls(**kwargs) inst._set(inst._props.protected, value.IsLocked) inst._set(inst._props.hide_formula, value.IsFormulaHidden) inst._set(inst._props.hide_all, value.IsHidden) inst._set(inst._props.hide_print, value.IsPrintHidden) return inst
# endregion from_uno_struct() # endregion from_obj()