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Write Named Events.

from __future__ import annotations
from typing import NamedTuple

[docs]class StyleNameEvent(NamedTuple): """ Named events for Styles. """ STYLE_APPLYING = "styling_style_applying" """Style applying. Event when Style is applying to an object.""" STYLE_APPLIED = "styling_style_applied" """Style Applied. Event when Style has been applied to an object.""" STYLE_BACKING_UP = "styling_style_backing_up" """Style Backing up""" STYLE_BACKED_UP = "styling_style_backed_up" """Style Backed up""" STYLE_RESTORING = "styling_style_restoring" """Style Restoring up""" STYLE_RESTORED = "styling_style_restored" """Style Restored up""" STYLE_NAME_APPLYING = "styling_style_name_applying" """Style Name Applying""" STYLE_NAME_APPLIED = "styling_style_name_applied" """Style Name Applied"""