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from __future__ import annotations
from typing import Any, Generic, TypeVar
from ooodev.utils.gen_util import NULL_OBJ

_T = TypeVar("_T")

# pylint: disable=protected-access

[docs]class EventArgsGeneric(Generic[_T]): """Generic Event Args""" __slots__ = ("source", "_event_name", "event_data", "_event_source", "_kv_data")
[docs] def __init__(self, source: Any, event_data: _T) -> None: self.source = source self.event_data = event_data self._event_name = "" self._event_source = None self._kv_data = None
[docs] def get(self, key: str, default: Any = NULL_OBJ) -> Any: """ Gets user data from event. Args: key (str): Key used to store data default (Any, optional): Default value to return if ``key`` is not found. Returns: Any: Data for ``key`` if found; Otherwise, if ``default`` is set then ``default``. """ if self._kv_data is None: if default is NULL_OBJ: raise KeyError(f'"{key}" not found. Maybe you want to include a default value.') return default if default is NULL_OBJ: return self._kv_data[key] return self._kv_data.get(key, default)
[docs] def set(self, key: str, value: Any, allow_overwrite: bool = True) -> bool: """ Sets a key value pair for event instance. Args: key (str): Key value (Any): Value allow_overwrite (bool, optional): If ``True`` and a ``key`` already exist then its ``value`` will be over written; Otherwise ``value`` will not be over written. Defaults to ``True``. Returns: bool: ``True`` if values is written; Otherwise, ``False`` """ if self._kv_data is None: self._kv_data = {} if allow_overwrite: self._kv_data[key] = value return True if key not in self._kv_data: self._kv_data[key] = value return True return False
[docs] def has(self, key: str) -> bool: """ Gets if a key exist in the instance Args: key (str): key Returns: bool: ``True`` if key exist; Otherwise ``False`` """ return False if self._kv_data is None else key in self._kv_data
[docs] def remove(self, key: str) -> bool: """ Removes key value pair from instance Args: key (str): key Returns: bool: ``True`` if key was found and removed; Otherwise, ``False`` """ if self._kv_data is None: return False if key in self._kv_data: del self._kv_data[key] return True return False
@property def event_name(self) -> str: """ Gets the event name for these args """ return self._event_name @property def event_source(self) -> Any | None: """ Gets the event source for these args """ return self._event_source def __repr__(self) -> str: return f"<{self.__class__.__name__}: {self.source}, {self.event_data}>"
[docs] @staticmethod def from_args(args: EventArgsGeneric) -> EventArgsGeneric: """ Gets a new instance from existing instance Args: args (EventArgsGeneric): Existing Instance Returns: EventArgsGeneric: args """ eargs = EventArgsGeneric(source=args.source, event_data=args.event_data) eargs._event_name = args.event_name eargs._event_source = args.event_source if args._kv_data is not None: eargs._kv_data = args._kv_data.copy() return eargs