Source code for ooodev.draw.draw_doc_view

from __future__ import annotations
from typing import TYPE_CHECKING
import uno

from ooodev.adapter.drawing.drawing_document_draw_view_comp import DrawingDocumentDrawViewComp
from ooodev.draw.draw_page import DrawPage
from ooodev.draw.partial.draw_doc_prop_partial import DrawDocPropPartial
from import OfficeDocumentPropPartial
from ooodev.utils.partial.lo_inst_props_partial import LoInstPropsPartial
from ooodev.utils.partial.qi_partial import QiPartial
from ooodev.utils.partial.service_partial import ServicePartial

    from import XComponent
    from ooo.dyn.awt.point import Point
    from ooodev.draw.draw_doc import DrawDoc
    from ooodev.utils.data_type.generic_unit_point import GenericUnitPoint
    from ooodev.units.unit_mm100 import UnitMM100

[docs]class DrawDocView( DrawDocPropPartial, LoInstPropsPartial, OfficeDocumentPropPartial, DrawingDocumentDrawViewComp, QiPartial, ServicePartial, ): """Draw Doc Controller View class. This class is used to manage the view of a Draw document. It is usually accessed via ``DrawDoc.current_controller.``"""
[docs] def __init__(self, owner: DrawDoc, component: XComponent) -> None: """ Constructor Args: owner (DrawDoc): Draw document. component (XComponent): UNO Component that supports ```` service. """ self._owner = owner OfficeDocumentPropPartial.__init__(self, owner.office_doc) DrawDocPropPartial.__init__(self, obj=owner) LoInstPropsPartial.__init__(self, lo_inst=owner.lo_inst) DrawingDocumentDrawViewComp.__init__(self, component) QiPartial.__init__(self, component=self.component, lo_inst=self.lo_inst) ServicePartial.__init__(self, component=self.component, lo_inst=self.lo_inst)
# region Properties # region DrawDocPropPartial Overrides @property def current_page(self) -> DrawPage: """ This is the drawing page that is currently visible. """ page = self.component.CurrentPage return DrawPage(owner=self, component=page, lo_inst=self.lo_inst) @current_page.setter def current_page(self, value: DrawPage) -> None: self.component.CurrentPage = value.component # type: ignore @property def view_offset(self) -> GenericUnitPoint[UnitMM100, int]: """ Gets/Sets the offset from the top left position of the displayed page to the top left position of the view area. When setting value can be a ``Point`` or a ``GenericUnitPoint``. Returns: GenericUnitPoint[UnitMM100, int]: The offset from the top left position of the displayed page to the top left position of the view area. Hint - ``Point`` can be imported from ``ooo.dyn.awt.point`` """ return super().view_offset # type: ignore @view_offset.setter def view_offset(self, value: Point | GenericUnitPoint[UnitMM100, int]) -> None: super().view_offset = value
# endregion DrawDocPropPartial Overrides # endregion Properties