Source code for ooodev.draw.draw_doc

from __future__ import annotations
from typing import Any, cast, TYPE_CHECKING
import uno

from ooodev.adapter.drawing.drawing_document_comp import DrawingDocumentComp
from ooodev.adapter.frame.storable2_partial import Storable2Partial
from import CancelEventArgs
from import EventArgs
from import ListenerEventArgs
from ooodev.exceptions import ex as mEx
from ooodev.loader import lo as mLo
from ooodev.loader.inst.clsid import CLSID
from ooodev.loader.inst.doc_type import DocType
from ooodev.loader.inst.service import Service as LoService
from import MenuApp
from import Menus
from import Shortcuts
from ooodev.utils import info as mInfo
from ooodev.draw.draw_pages import DrawPages
from ooodev.draw.partial.draw_doc_partial import DrawDocPartial
from ooodev.draw.draw_doc_view import DrawDocView
from ooodev.draw.partial.draw_doc_prop_partial import DrawDocPropPartial
from ooodev.draw.partial.doc_partial import DocPartial
from import OfficeDocumentPropPartial

    from import XComponent
    from ooodev.loader.inst.lo_inst import LoInst

# pylint: disable=unused-argument

[docs]class DrawDoc( DrawingDocumentComp, OfficeDocumentPropPartial, DocPartial["DrawDoc"], DrawDocPropPartial, Storable2Partial, ): """Draw document Class""" DOC_TYPE: DocType = DocType.DRAW DOC_CLSID: CLSID = CLSID.DRAW
[docs] def __init__(self, doc: XComponent, lo_inst: LoInst | None = None) -> None: """ Constructor. Args: doc (XComponent): Writer Document component. lo_inst (LoInst, optional): Lo Instance. Use when creating multiple documents. Defaults to None. Raises: NotSupportedDocumentError: If not a valid Draw document. Returns: None: """ # pylint: disable=non-parent-init-called if lo_inst is None: lo_inst = mLo.Lo.current_lo if not mInfo.Info.is_doc_type(doc, LoService.DRAW): raise mEx.NotSupportedDocumentError("Document is not a Draw document") DrawingDocumentComp.__init__(self, doc) OfficeDocumentPropPartial.__init__(self, office_doc=self) # pylint: disable=no-member generic_args = self._ComponentBase__get_generic_args() # type: ignore DocPartial.__init__(self, owner=self, component=doc, generic_args=generic_args, lo_inst=lo_inst) DrawDocPartial.__init__(self, owner=self, component=doc, lo_inst=self.lo_inst) DrawDocPropPartial.__init__(self, obj=self) # ModifyEvents.__init__(self, trigger_args=generic_args, cb=self._on_modify_events_add_remove) Storable2Partial.__init__(self, component=doc, interface=None) # type: ignore self._pages = None self._menu = None self._shortcuts = None
# region Lazy Listeners def _on_modify_events_add_remove(self, source: Any, event: ListenerEventArgs) -> None: # will only ever fire once self.component.addModifyListener(self.events_listener_modify) event.remove_callback = True # endregion Lazy Listeners # region context manage def __enter__(self) -> DrawDoc: self.lock_controllers() return self def __exit__(self, exc_type, exc_value, traceback) -> None: self.unlock_controllers() # endregion context manage # region Overrides
[docs] def get_slides(self) -> DrawPages: """ Gets the draw pages of a document. Args: doc (XComponent): Document. Raises: DrawPageMissingError: If there are no draw pages. DrawPageError: If any other error occurs. Returns: DrawPages: Draw Pages. """ return self.slides
[docs] def delete_slide(self, idx: int) -> bool: """ Deletes a slide Args: idx (int): Index. Can be a negative value to delete from the end of the document. For example, -1 will delete the last slide. Returns: bool: ``True`` on success; Otherwise, ``False`` """ if idx < 0: idx = len(self.slides) + idx if idx < 0: raise IndexError("list index out of range") return super().delete_slide(idx=idx)
# endregion Overrides # region DocIoPartial Overrides # region from_current_doc() @classmethod def _on_from_current_doc_loading(cls, event_args: CancelEventArgs) -> None: """ Event called while from_current_doc loading. Args: event_args (EventArgs): Event data. Returns: None: Note: event_args.event_data is a dictionary and contains the document in a key named 'doc'. """ event_args.event_data["doc_type"] = cls.DOC_TYPE @classmethod def _on_from_current_doc_loaded(cls, event_args: EventArgs) -> None: """ Event called after from_current_doc is called. Args: event_args (EventArgs): Event data. Returns: None: Note: event_args.event_data is a dictionary and contains the document in a key named 'doc'. """ doc = cast(DrawDoc, event_args.event_data["doc"]) if doc.DOC_TYPE != cls.DOC_TYPE: raise mEx.NotSupportedDocumentError(f"Document '{type(doc).__name__}' is not a Draw document.") # endregion from_current_doc() # endregion DocIoPartial Overrides # region Properties @property def slides(self) -> DrawPages[DrawDoc]: """ Returns: Any: Draw Pages. """ if self._pages is None: self._pages = DrawPages(owner=self, slides=self.component.getDrawPages(), lo_inst=self.lo_inst) return cast("DrawPages[DrawDoc]", self._pages) @property def current_controller(self) -> DrawDocView: """ Gets controller from document. Returns: Any: controller. """ comp = DrawDocView(owner=self, component=self.component.CurrentController) # type: ignore return comp @property def menu(self) -> MenuApp: """ Gets access to Draw Menus. Returns: MenuApp: Draw Menu Example: .. code-block:: python # Example of getting the Calc Menus file_menu =["file"] file_menu[3].execute() .. versionadded:: 0.40.0 """ if self._menu is None: self._menu = Menus(lo_inst=self.lo_inst)[LoService.DRAW] return self._menu # type: ignore @property def shortcuts(self) -> Shortcuts: """ Gets access to Draw Shortcuts. Returns: Shortcuts: Draw Shortcuts .. versionadded:: 0.40.0 """ if self._shortcuts is None: self._shortcuts = Shortcuts(app=LoService.DRAW, lo_inst=self.lo_inst) return self._shortcuts
# endregion Properties