Source code for ooodev.dialog.partial.dialogs_partial

# coding: utf-8
# pylint: disable=too-many-lines
# region Imports
from __future__ import annotations
from typing import TYPE_CHECKING, Any, List, Tuple, Type

# pylint: disable=unused-import
import uno
from import XControl
from import XControlContainer
from import XTopWindow
from import XPropertySet
from import XNameContainer

from ooodev.mock import mock_g
from ooodev.loader import lo as mLo
from ooodev.utils.context.lo_context import LoContext
from ooodev.dialog.dl_control.ctl_base import DialogControlBase

    from import UnoControlDialog  # service
    from ooodev.loader.inst.lo_inst import LoInst

    # Avoid circular import by creating a property in class instance for Dialogs
    from ooodev.dialog.dialogs import Dialogs
    from ooodev.dialog.dialogs import ControlT
    from ooodev.dialog.dl_control import CtlRadioButton
# endregion Imports

[docs]class DialogsPartial:
[docs] def __init__(self, dialog_ctl: UnoControlDialog, lo_inst: LoInst | None = None) -> None: """ DialogsPartial Constructor. Args: dialog_ctl (UnoControlDialog): Main Dialog Window Control. lo_inst (LoInst, optional): Lo Instance. Use when creating multiple documents. Defaults to None. """ if lo_inst is None: lo_inst = mLo.Lo.current_lo self.__lo_inst = lo_inst self.__ctl = dialog_ctl
[docs] def find_controls(self, control_type: Type[ControlT], dialog_ctrl: XControl | None = None) -> List[ControlT]: """ Finds controls by type. Args: control_type (ControlT): Control type. dialog_ctrl (XControl, optional): Control. Defaults to Instance control. Returns: List[ControlT]: List of controls. """ if dialog_ctrl is None: dialog_ctrl = self.__ctl with LoContext(inst=self.__lo_inst): result = self._DialogsPartial_dialogs.find_controls(dialog_ctrl=dialog_ctrl, control_type=control_type) return result
[docs] def create_peer(self) -> None: """ Creates a dialog peer. """ with LoContext(inst=self.__lo_inst): _ = self._DialogsPartial_dialogs.create_dialog_peer(self.__ctl)
[docs] def find_radio_siblings(self, radio_button: str, dialog_ctrl: XControl | None = None) -> List[CtlRadioButton]: """ Given the name of the first radio button of a group, return all the controls of the group. For dialogs, radio buttons are considered of the same group when their tab indexes are contiguous. Args: radio_button (str): Specifies the exact name of the 1st radio button of the group. dialog_ctrl (XControl, optional): Control. Defaults to Instance control. Returns: List[CtlRadioButton]: List of the names of the 1st and the next radio buttons. belonging to the same group in their tab index order. does not include the first button. See Also: :py:meth:`~.dialogs.Dialogs.get_radio_group_value`. """ if dialog_ctrl is None: dialog_ctrl = self.__ctl with LoContext(inst=self.__lo_inst): results = self._DialogsPartial_dialogs.find_radio_siblings( dialog_ctrl=dialog_ctrl, radio_button=radio_button ) return results
[docs] def get_control_class_id(self, dialog_ctrl: XControl) -> str: """ Gets control class id. Args: dialog_ctrl (XControl): Control. Returns: str: class id. """ return self._DialogsPartial_dialogs.get_control_class_id(dialog_ctrl)
[docs] def get_control_name(self, dialog_ctrl: XControl) -> str: """ Get the name of a control. Args: dialog_ctrl (XControl): Control. Returns: str: control name. """ return self._DialogsPartial_dialogs.get_control_name(dialog_ctrl)
[docs] def get_control_props(self, control_model: Any) -> XPropertySet: """ Gets property set for a control model. |lo_safe| Args: control_model (Any): control model. Returns: XPropertySet: Property set. """ return self.__lo_inst.qi(XPropertySet, control_model, True)
[docs] def control_factory(self, dialog_ctrl: XControl) -> DialogControlBase | None: """ Gets a control as a ``DialogControlBase`` control. Args: dialog_ctrl (XControl): Control. Returns: DialogControlBase | None: Returns a ``DialogControlBase`` such as ``CtlButton`` or ``CtlCheckBox`` if found, else ``None`` """ with LoContext(inst=self.__lo_inst): result = self._DialogsPartial_dialogs.get_dialog_control_instance(dialog_ctrl) return result
[docs] def get_controls_arr(self, dialog_ctrl: XControl) -> Tuple[XControl, ...]: """ Gets all controls for a given control. Args: dialog_ctrl (XControl): control. Returns: Tuple[XControl, ...]: controls. """ ctrl_con = self.__lo_inst.qi(XControlContainer, dialog_ctrl, True) return ctrl_con.getControls()
[docs] def get_name_container(self, dialog_ctrl: XControl) -> XNameContainer: """ Gets Name container from control. Args: dialog_ctrl (XControl): Dialog control. Returns: XNameContainer: Name Container. """ return self.__lo_inst.qi(XNameContainer, dialog_ctrl.getModel(), True)
[docs] def get_window(self, dialog_ctrl: XControl) -> XTopWindow: """ Gets dialog window. Args: dialog_ctrl (XControl): dialog control. Returns: XTopWindow: Top window instance. """ return self.__lo_inst.qi(XTopWindow, dialog_ctrl, True)
[docs] def get_radio_group_value(self, dialog_ctrl: XControl, radio_button: str) -> List[CtlRadioButton]: """ Get a radio button group. Similar to :py:meth:`~.dialogs.Dialogs.find_radio_siblings` but also includes first radio button. Args: dialog_ctrl (XControl): Control. radio_button (str): Name of the first radio button of the group. Returns: Any: Value of the selected radio button. See Also: :py:meth:`~.dialogs.Dialogs.find_radio_siblings`. """ with LoContext(inst=self.__lo_inst): result = self._DialogsPartial_dialogs.get_radio_group_value(dialog_ctrl, radio_button) return result
@property def _DialogsPartial_dialogs(self) -> Type[Dialogs]: try: # avoid circular import. return self._DialogsPartial_dialogs_class_instance except AttributeError: # pylint: disable=import-outside-toplevel from ooodev.dialog.dialogs import Dialogs self._DialogsPartial_dialogs_class_instance = Dialogs return self._DialogsPartial_dialogs_class_instance
if mock_g.FULL_IMPORT: from ooodev.dialog.dialogs import Dialogs