Source code for ooodev.dialog.msgbox

from __future__ import annotations
from typing import cast
import uno  # pylint: disable=unused-import

from import XToolkit2

# pylint: disable=useless-import-alias
from ooo.dyn.awt.message_box_results import MessageBoxResultsEnum as MessageBoxResultsEnum
from ooo.dyn.awt.message_box_buttons import MessageBoxButtonsEnum as MessageBoxButtonsEnum
from ooo.dyn.awt.message_box_type import MessageBoxType as MessageBoxType
from import GblNamedEvent
from import CancelEventArgs
from import _Events
from ooodev.exceptions import ex as mEx
from ooodev.loader import lo as mLo

[docs]class MsgBox:
[docs] @staticmethod def msgbox( msg: str, title: str = "Message", boxtype: MessageBoxType | int = MessageBoxType.MESSAGEBOX, buttons: MessageBoxButtonsEnum | int = MessageBoxButtonsEnum.BUTTONS_OK, ) -> MessageBoxResultsEnum: """ Simple message box. Args: msg (str): the message for display. title (str, optional): the title of the message box. Defaults to "Message". boxtype (MessageBoxType, int, optional): determines the type of message box to display. Defaults to ``Type.MESSAGEBOX``. buttons (MessageBoxButtonsEnum, int, optional): determines what buttons to display. Defaults to ``Buttons.BUTTONS_OK``. Returns: Results: MessageBoxResultsEnum. Note: If ``boxtype`` is an integer, the following values are valid: - 0: ``MESSAGEBOX`` - 1: ``INFOBOX`` - 2: ``WARNINGBOX`` - 3: ``ERRORBOX`` - 4: ``QUERYBOX`` Note: - Button press ``Abort`` returns ``MessageBoxResultsEnum.CANCEL`` - Button press ``Cancel`` returns ``MessageBoxResultsEnum.CANCEL`` - Button press ``Ignore`` returns ``MessageBoxResultsEnum.IGNORE`` - Button press ``No`` returns ``MessageBoxResultsEnum.NO`` - Button press ``OK`` returns ``MessageBoxResultsEnum.OK`` - Button press ``Retry`` returns ``MessageBoxResultsEnum.RETRY`` - Button press ``Yes`` returns ``MessageBoxResultsEnum.YES`` Note: Raises a global event ``GblNamedEvent.MSG_BOX_CREATING`` before creating the dialog. The event args are of type ``CancelEventArgs``. The ``event_data`` is a dictionary that contains the following key: - ``msg``: The message to display. - ``title``: The title of the dialog. - ``boxtype``: The type of message box to display. - ``buttons``: The buttons to display. If the event is cancelled, the ``result`` value of ``event_data` if set will be returned. Otherwise if the event is not handled, a ``CancelEventError`` is raised. Hint: - ``MessageBoxResultsEnum`` can be imported from ``ooo.dyn.awt.message_box_results``. - ``MessageBoxButtonsEnum`` can be imported from ``ooo.dyn.awt.message_box_buttons``. - ``MessageBoxType`` can be imported from ``ooo.dyn.awt.message_box_type``. .. versionchanged:: 0.38.1 Now ``boxtype`` can also be an integer value. """ if isinstance(boxtype, int): if boxtype == 1: boxtype = MessageBoxType.INFOBOX elif boxtype == 2: boxtype = MessageBoxType.WARNINGBOX elif boxtype == 3: boxtype = MessageBoxType.ERRORBOX elif boxtype == 4: boxtype = MessageBoxType.QUERYBOX else: boxtype = MessageBoxType.MESSAGEBOX cargs = CancelEventArgs(MsgBox.msgbox.__qualname__) cargs.event_data = {"msg": msg, "title": title, "boxtype": boxtype, "buttons": buttons} _Events().trigger(GblNamedEvent.MSG_BOX_CREATING, cargs) if cargs.cancel is True: if "result" in cargs.event_data: return cast(MessageBoxResultsEnum, cargs.event_data["result"]) if cargs.handled is False: raise mEx.CancelEventError(cargs, "Dialog creation was cancelled.") msg = cast(str, cargs.event_data["msg"]) title = cast(str, cargs.event_data["title"]) boxtype = cast(MessageBoxType, cargs.event_data["boxtype"]) buttons = int(cargs.event_data["buttons"]) # type: ignore # sourcery skip: remove-unnecessary-cast if boxtype == MessageBoxType.INFOBOX: # this is the default behavior anyways. So assigning ok to make it official here _buttons = MessageBoxButtonsEnum.BUTTONS_OK.value else: _buttons = int(buttons) tk = mLo.Lo.create_instance_mcf(XToolkit2, "", raise_err=True) parent = tk.getDesktopWindow() box = tk.createMessageBox(parent, boxtype, _buttons, str(title), str(msg)) # type: ignore return MessageBoxResultsEnum(int(box.execute()))