Source code for ooodev.dialog.dl_control.ctl_tab_page_container

# region imports
from __future__ import annotations
from typing import Any, cast, TYPE_CHECKING
import uno  # pylint: disable=unused-import

from import TabPageContainerEvents
from import ListenerEventArgs
from ooodev.utils.kind.dialog_control_kind import DialogControlKind
from ooodev.utils.kind.dialog_control_named_kind import DialogControlNamedKind
from ooodev.dialog.dl_control.ctl_base import DialogControlBase, _create_control

    from import UnoControlTabPageContainer  # service
    from import UnoControlTabPageContainerModel  # service
    from import XWindowPeer
# endregion imports

[docs]class CtlTabPageContainer(DialogControlBase, TabPageContainerEvents): """Class for Tab Page Container Control""" # pylint: disable=unused-argument # region init
[docs] def __init__(self, ctl: UnoControlTabPageContainer) -> None: """ Constructor Args: ctl (UnoControlTabPageContainer): Tab Page Container Control """ # generally speaking EventArgs.event_data will contain the Event object for the UNO event raised. DialogControlBase.__init__(self, ctl) generic_args = self._get_generic_args() # EventArgs.event_data will contain the ActionEvent TabPageContainerEvents.__init__( self, trigger_args=generic_args, cb=self._on_tab_page_container_listener_add_remove )
# endregion init def __repr__(self) -> str: if hasattr(self, "name"): return f"CtlTabPageContainer({})" return "CtlTabPageContainer" # region Lazy Listeners def _on_tab_page_container_listener_add_remove(self, source: Any, event: ListenerEventArgs) -> None: # will only ever fire once self.view.addTabPageContainerListener(self.events_listener_tab_page_container) event.remove_callback = True # endregion Lazy Listeners # region Overrides
[docs] def get_view_ctl(self) -> UnoControlTabPageContainer: return cast("UnoControlTabPageContainer", super().get_view_ctl())
[docs] def get_uno_srv_name(self) -> str: """Returns ````""" return ""
[docs] def get_model(self) -> UnoControlTabPageContainerModel: """Gets the Model for the control""" return cast("UnoControlTabPageContainerModel", self.get_view_ctl().getModel())
[docs] def get_control_kind(self) -> DialogControlKind: """Gets the control kind. Returns ``DialogControlKind.TAB_PAGE_CONTAINER``""" return DialogControlKind.TAB_PAGE_CONTAINER
[docs] def get_control_named_kind(self) -> DialogControlNamedKind: """Gets the control named kind. Returns ``DialogControlNamedKind.TAB_PAGE_CONTAINER``""" return DialogControlNamedKind.TAB_PAGE_CONTAINER
# endregion Overrides # region Methods
[docs] def is_tab_page_active(self, tab_page_id: int) -> bool: """Checks if a tab page is active""" return self.view.isTabPageActive(tab_page_id)
# endregion Methods # region Static Methods
[docs] @staticmethod def create(win: XWindowPeer, **kwargs: Any) -> "CtlTabPageContainer": """ Creates a new instance of the control. Keyword arguments are optional. Extra Keyword args are passed to the control as property values. Args: win (XWindowPeer): Parent Window Keyword Args: x (int, UnitT, optional): X Position in Pixels or UnitT. y (int, UnitT, optional): Y Position in Pixels or UnitT. width (int, UnitT, optional): Width in Pixels or UnitT. height (int, UnitT, optional): Height in Pixels or UnitT. Returns: CtlTabPageContainer: New instance of the control. Note: The `UnoControlDialogElement <>`__ interface is not included when creating the control with a window peer. """ ctrl = _create_control("", win, **kwargs) return CtlTabPageContainer(ctl=ctrl)
# endregion Static Methods # region Properties @property def view(self) -> UnoControlTabPageContainer: # pylint: disable=no-member return cast("UnoControlTabPageContainer", super().view) @property def model(self) -> UnoControlTabPageContainerModel: # pylint: disable=no-member return cast("UnoControlTabPageContainerModel", super().model) @property def tab_page_count(self) -> int: """Gets the number of tab pages""" return self.view.getTabPageCount() @property def active_tab_page_id(self) -> int: """Gets or sets the active tab page""" return self.view.ActiveTabPageID @active_tab_page_id.setter def active_tab_page_id(self, value: int) -> None: self.view.ActiveTabPageID = value
# endregion Properties