Source code for ooodev.conn.cache

# coding: utf-8
from __future__ import annotations
import os
from pathlib import Path
from shutil import copytree
import shutil
import tempfile
from typing import Tuple
from ooodev.utils.type_var import PathOrStr
from ooodev.utils import sys_info
from ooodev.cfg import config

[docs]class Cache: """Office Profile Cache Manager"""
[docs] def __init__(self, **kwargs) -> None: """ Cache Constructor Keyword Args: use_cache (bool, optional): Determines if caching is used. Default is True cache_path (PathOrStr, optional): Set the path used for caching LO profile data. Default is searched for in known locations. working_dir (PathOrStr, optional): sets the working dir to use. This is the dir that LO profile will be copied to. Defaults to a newly generated temp dir. """ self._use_cache = bool(kwargs.get("use_cache", True)) self._profile_dir_name = "profile" self._profile_cached = False cache_path = kwargs.get("cache_path", None) if cache_path is not None: self.cache_path = cache_path working_dir = kwargs.get("working_dir", None) if working_dir is not None: self.working_dir = working_dir
def _get_cache_path(self) -> Path | None: # this method is only ever called the user does not provide a cache_path # see: cache_path = None platform = sys_info.SysInfo.get_platform() def get_path(ver: str) -> Tuple[bool, Path] | Tuple[bool, None]: # sourcery skip: merge-nested-ifs result = None if platform == sys_info.SysInfo.PlatformEnum.LINUX: result = Path("~/.config/libreoffice", ver).expanduser() elif platform == sys_info.SysInfo.PlatformEnum.WINDOWS: result = Path(os.getenv("APPDATA", ""), "LibreOffice", ver) elif platform == sys_info.SysInfo.PlatformEnum.MAC: result = Path("~/Library/Application Support/LibreOffice/", ver).expanduser() if result is not None: if result.exists() is False or result.is_dir() is False: result = None return (False, None) if result is None else (True, result) # lookup profile versions from config for s_ver in config.Config().profile_versions: is_valid, cache_path = get_path(s_ver) if is_valid: break return cache_path
[docs] def cache_profile(self) -> None: """ Copies user profile into cache path if it has not already been cached. Ignored if :py:attr:`~Cache.use_cache` is ``False`` """ # copy_cache_to_profile is called before this method if self.use_cache is False: return if self.cache_path is None: return if self._profile_cached is False: copytree(self.user_profile, self.cache_path) return
[docs] def copy_cache_to_profile(self) -> None: """ Copies cached profile to profile dir set in :py:attr:`~.Cache.user_profile` Ignored if :py:attr:`~Cache.use_cache` is ``False`` """ # this method is called before cache_profile. if self.use_cache is False: return if self.cache_path is None: return if self.cache_path.exists() and self.cache_path.is_dir(): copytree(self.cache_path, self.user_profile) self._profile_cached = True else: # create the dir. # when when cache_profile is called it will cache # the profile into this dir. os.mkdir(self.user_profile) self._profile_cached = False
[docs] def del_working_dir(self): """ Deletes the current working directory of instance. Ignored if :py:attr:`~Cache.use_cache` is ``False`` """ if self.use_cache and (self.working_dir.exists() and self.working_dir.is_dir()): shutil.rmtree(self.working_dir)
@property def user_profile(self) -> Path: """Gets user profile path""" try: return self._user_profile except AttributeError: self._user_profile = Path(self.working_dir, self._profile_dir_name) return self._user_profile @property def cache_path(self) -> Path | None: """ Gets/Sets cache path The when possible default is obtained by searching in know locations, depending on OS. For instance on Linux will search in ``~/.config/libreoffice/4`` """ try: return self._cache_path except AttributeError: self._cache_path = self._get_cache_path() return self._cache_path @cache_path.setter def cache_path(self, value: PathOrStr | None): self._cache_path = Path(value) # type: ignore @property def working_dir(self) -> Path: """ Gets/Sets working dir This property determines the dir LO uses to obtain its profile data. Default to an auto generated tmp dir. """ try: return self._working_dir except AttributeError: self._working_dir = Path(tempfile.mkdtemp()) return self._working_dir @working_dir.setter def working_dir(self, value: PathOrStr): self._working_dir = Path(value) @property def use_cache(self) -> bool: """Gets/Sets if cache is used. Default is ``True``""" return self._use_cache @use_cache.setter def use_cache(self, value: bool) -> None: self._use_cache = value