Source code for ooodev.adapter.text.cell_range_partial_props

from __future__ import annotations
from typing import Any, cast, TYPE_CHECKING
import uno

from import GraphicLocation

    from import XGraphic
    from import CellRange  # service
    from ooodev.utils.color import Color

[docs]class CellRangePartialProps: """ Partial class for CellRange service. """ # pylint: disable=unused-argument
[docs] def __init__(self, component: CellRange) -> None: """ Constructor Args: component (CellRange): UNO Component that implements ```` service. """ self.__component = component
# region Properties @property def back_color(self) -> Color: """ Gets/Sets the background color. Returns: ~ooo.dyn.utils.color.Color: Returns Color. """ return self.__component.BackColor # type: ignore @back_color.setter def back_color(self, value: Color) -> None: self.__component.BackColor = value # type: ignore @property def back_graphic(self) -> XGraphic: """ Gets/Sets the graphic object that is displayed as background graphic. """ return self.__component.BackGraphic @back_graphic.setter def back_graphic(self, value: XGraphic) -> None: self.__component.BackGraphic = value @property def back_graphic_filter(self) -> str: """ Gets/Sets the name of the graphic filter of the background graphic. """ return self.__component.BackGraphicFilter @back_graphic_filter.setter def back_graphic_filter(self, value: str) -> None: self.__component.BackGraphicFilter = value @property def back_graphic_location(self) -> GraphicLocation: """ Gets/Sets the position of the background graphic. Returns: GraphicLocation: Returns GraphicLocation. Hint: - ``GraphicLocation`` can be imported from ```` """ return self.__component.BackGraphicLocation # type: ignore @back_graphic_location.setter def back_graphic_location(self, value: GraphicLocation) -> None: self.__component.BackGraphicLocation = value # type: ignore @property def back_graphic_url(self) -> str: """ Gets/Sets the URL to the background graphic. Returns: str: Returns URL to the background graphic. Note: the new behavior since it this was deprecated: This property can only be set and only external URLs are supported (no more scheme). When an URL is set, then it will load the graphic and set the BackGraphic property. """ result = self.__component.BackGraphicURL return "" if result is None else result @back_graphic_url.setter def back_graphic_url(self, value: str) -> None: self.__component.BackGraphicURL = value @property def back_transparent(self) -> bool: """ Gets/Sets whether the background is transparent. """ return self.__component.BackTransparent @back_transparent.setter def back_transparent(self, value: bool) -> None: self.__component.BackTransparent = value @property def chart_column_as_label(self) -> bool: """ Gets/Sets if the first column of the table should be treated as axis labels when a chart is to be created. """ return self.__component.ChartColumnAsLabel @chart_column_as_label.setter def chart_column_as_label(self, value: bool) -> None: self.__component.ChartColumnAsLabel = value @property def chart_row_as_label(self) -> bool: """ Gets/Sets if the first row of the table should be treated as axis labels when a chart is to be created. """ return self.__component.ChartRowAsLabel @chart_row_as_label.setter def chart_row_as_label(self, value: bool) -> None: self.__component.ChartRowAsLabel = value @property def number_format(self) -> int: """ Gets/Sets the number format. """ return self.__component.NumberFormat @number_format.setter def number_format(self, value: int) -> None: self.__component.NumberFormat = value
# endregion Properties