Source code for ooodev.adapter.table.border_line2_struct_comp

from __future__ import annotations
from typing import TYPE_CHECKING
import uno
from ooo.dyn.table.border_line2 import BorderLine2
from ooo.dyn.table.border_line_style import BorderLineStyleEnum
from ooodev.adapter.table.border_line_struct_comp import BorderLineStructComp
from ooodev.units.unit_mm100 import UnitMM100

    from import EventsT
    from ooodev.units.unit_obj import UnitT

# It seems that it is necessary to assign the struct to a variable, then change the variable and assign it back to the component.
# It is as if LibreOffice creates a new instance of the struct when it is changed.

[docs]class BorderLine2StructComp(BorderLineStructComp): """ Border2 Line Struct. A border line, extended with line style. This class raises an event before and after a property is changed if it has been passed an event provider. The event raised before the property is changed is called ``com_sun_star_table_BorderLine_changing``. The event raised after the property is changed is called ``com_sun_star_table_BorderLine_changed``. The event args for before the property is changed is of type ``KeyValCancelArgs``. The event args for after the property is changed is of type ``KeyValArgs``. """
[docs] def __init__(self, component: BorderLine2, prop_name: str, event_provider: EventsT | None = None) -> None: """ Constructor Args: component (BorderLine): Border Line 2. prop_name (str): Property Name. This value is assigned to the ``prop_name`` of ``event_data``. event_provider (EventsT, optional): Event Provider. """ super().__init__(component, prop_name, event_provider) # type: ignore
# region Overrides def _get_on_changed_event_name(self) -> str: return "com_sun_star_table_BorderLine2_changed" def _get_on_changing_event_name(self) -> str: return "com_sun_star_table_BorderLine2_changing" def _copy(self, src: BorderLine2 | None = None) -> BorderLine2: if src is None: src = self.component return BorderLine2( Color=src.Color, InnerLineWidth=src.InnerLineWidth, OuterLineWidth=src.OuterLineWidth, LineDistance=src.LineDistance, LineWidth=src.LineWidth, LineStyle=src.LineStyle, )
[docs] def copy(self) -> BorderLine2: """ Makes a copy of the Border Line. Returns: BorderLine: Copied Border Line. """ return self._copy()
# endregion Overrides # region Properties @property def component(self) -> BorderLine2: """BorderLine Component""" # pylint: disable=no-member return self._get_component() # type: ignore @component.setter def component(self, value: BorderLine2) -> None: # pylint: disable=no-member self._set_component(value, True) @property def line_style(self) -> BorderLineStyleEnum: """ Gets/Sets the style of the border. When setting the value, it can be set with an ``int`` or a ``BorderLineStyleEnum`` instance. Returns: BorderLineStyleEnum: Border Line Style Enum. Hint: - ``BorderLineStyleEnum`` can be imported from ``ooo.dyn.table.border_line_style``. """ return BorderLineStyleEnum(self.component.LineStyle) # type: ignore @line_style.setter def line_style(self, value: int | BorderLineStyleEnum) -> None: old_value = self.component.LineStyle val = BorderLineStyleEnum(value) new_value = val.value if old_value != new_value: event_args = self._trigger_cancel_event("LineStyle", old_value, new_value) self._trigger_done_event(event_args) @property def line_width(self) -> UnitMM100: """ Gets/Sets width of the border, this is the base to compute all the lines and gaps widths. These widths computations are based on the ``line_style`` property. This property is prevailing on the old Out, In and Dist width from ``border_line``. If this property is set to ``0``, then the other widths will be used to guess the border width. Value can be set with a ``UnitT`` instance or an ``int`` in ``1/100 mm`` units. Returns: UnitMM100: Line Width. Hint: - ``UnitMM100`` can be imported from ``ooodev.units.unit_mm100``. - ``UnitPT`` can be imported from ``ooodev.units.unit_pt`` - ``HAIRLINE`` is ``UnitPT(0.05)`` - ``VERY_THIN`` is ``UnitPT(0.5)`` - ``THIN`` is ``UnitPT(0.75)`` - ``MEDIUM`` is ``UnitPT(1.5)`` - ``THICK`` is ``UnitPT(2.25)`` - ``EXTRA_THICK`` is ``UnitPT(4.5)`` """ return UnitMM100(self.component.LineWidth) @line_width.setter def line_width(self, value: int | UnitT) -> None: old_value = self.component.LineWidth val = UnitMM100.from_unit_val(value) new_value = val.value if old_value != new_value: event_args = self._trigger_cancel_event("LineWidth", old_value, new_value) self._trigger_done_event(event_args)
# endregion Properties