Source code for ooodev.adapter.sheet.function_access_partial

from __future__ import annotations
from typing import Any, TYPE_CHECKING

from import XFunctionAccess

from ooodev.exceptions import ex as mEx
from ooodev.loader import lo as mLo

    from ooodev.utils.type_var import UnoInterface

[docs]class FunctionAccessPartial: """ Partial Class for XFunctionAccess. .. versionadded:: 0.34.4 """
[docs] def __init__(self, component: XFunctionAccess, interface: UnoInterface | None = XFunctionAccess) -> None: """ Constructor Args: component (XFunctionAccess): UNO Component that implements ````. interface (UnoInterface, optional): The interface to be validated. Defaults to ``XFunctionAccess``. """ def validate(comp: Any, obj_type: Any) -> None: if obj_type is None: return if not mLo.Lo.is_uno_interfaces(comp, obj_type): raise mEx.MissingInterfaceError(obj_type) validate(component, interface) self.__component = component
# region XFunctionAccess
[docs] def call_function(self, name: str, *args: Any) -> Any: """ Calls a function and returns the result of the call. Each element must be of one of the following types: Possible types for the result are: - ``int`` or ``float`` for a numeric value. - ``str`` for a string value. - ``Tuple[Tuple[int,...], ...]`` or ``Tuple[Tuple[float, ...], ...]`` for an array of numeric values. - ``Tuple[[str, ...], ...]`` for an array of string values. - ``Tuple[[Any, ...], ...]`` for a mixed array, where each element must be of ``None``, ``int``, ``float`` or ``str`` type. Raises: ``NoSuchElementException`` ``IllegalArgumentException`` Returns: Any: the result of the function call. Note: Possible types for the result are: - ``None`` if no result is available. - ``float`` for a numeric result. - ``str`` for a string result. - Tuple[[Any, ...], ...] for an array result, containing ``float`` and ``str`` values. """ return self.__component.callFunction(name, args)
# endregion XFunctionAccess