Source code for ooodev.adapter.frame.notifying_dispatch_partial

from __future__ import annotations
from enum import unique
from typing import Any, cast, TYPE_CHECKING, Set
import uno
from import XNotifyingDispatch

from ooodev.exceptions import ex as mEx
from ooodev.loader import lo as mLo

from ooodev.adapter.frame.dispatch_partial import DispatchPartial
from import GenericArgs
from import ListenerEventArgs
from ooodev.utils import gen_util as gUtil
from ooodev.adapter.frame.dispatch_result_listener import DispatchResultListener

    from import URL
    from import PropertyValue
    from ooodev.utils.type_var import EventArgsCallbackT
    from ooodev.utils.type_var import UnoInterface

[docs]class NotifyingDispatchPartial(DispatchPartial): """ Class for managing Status Events. """
[docs] def __init__(self, component: XNotifyingDispatch, interface: UnoInterface | None = XNotifyingDispatch) -> None: """ Constructor Args: subscriber (XNotifyingDispatch): An UNO object that implements the ``XNotifyingDispatch`` interface. trigger_args (GenericArgs, optional): Args that are passed to events when they are triggered. """ DispatchPartial.__init__(self, component, interface) self._NotifyingDispatchPartial__listeners = {} def _on_dispatched(*args, **kwargs): # don't hold on to the listener after the event is dispatched. # A new one will be created with the next dispatch. unique_id = kwargs.pop("unique_id", "") if unique_id: _ = self._NotifyingDispatchPartial__listeners.pop(unique_id, None) self.__fn_dispatched = _on_dispatched self.__component = component
# region XNotifyingDispatch
[docs] def dispatch_with_notification(self, *args: PropertyValue, url: URL, cb: EventArgsCallbackT) -> None: """ Do the same like ``XDispatch.dispatch()`` but notifies listener in every case. Should be used if result must be known. The call back ``event_data`` will contain a UNO ```` struct. Args: url (URL): Specifies full parsed URL describes the feature which should be dispatched (executed). args (PropertyValue, optional): Optional arguments for this request. cb (EventArgsCallbackT): Callback that is invoked when an event is dispatched. Note: The Callback, ``cb``, is only a one-time event for each call to this method. If needed you can use the same callback for multiple calls to this method. """ unique_id = gUtil.Util.generate_random_string(10) g_args = GenericArgs(unique_id=unique_id) listener = DispatchResultListener(trigger_args=g_args) listener.on("dispatchFinished", cb) listener.on("dispatchFinished", self.__fn_dispatched) self._NotifyingDispatchPartial__listeners[unique_id] = listener self.__component.dispatchWithNotification(url, args, listener)
# endregion XNotifyingDispatch