Source code for ooodev.adapter.drawing.shadow_properties_partial

from __future__ import annotations
from typing import Any, cast, TYPE_CHECKING
import contextlib
import uno

from import Events
from ooodev.utils.data_type.intensity import Intensity
from ooodev.units.unit_mm100 import UnitMM100

    from import ShadowProperties
    from import KeyValArgs
    from ooodev.utils.color import Color
    from ooodev.units.unit_obj import UnitT

[docs]class ShadowPropertiesPartial: """ Service Class This is a set of properties to describe the style for rendering a shadow. See Also: `API ShadowProperties <>`_ """
[docs] def __init__(self, component: ShadowProperties) -> None: """ Constructor Args: component (ShadowProperties): UNO Component that implements ```` interface. """ self.__event_provider = Events(self) self.__props = {} self.__component = component def on_comp_struct_changed(src: Any, event_args: KeyValArgs) -> None: prop_name = str(event_args.event_data["prop_name"]) if hasattr(self.__component, prop_name): setattr(self.__component, prop_name, event_args.source.component) self.__fn_on_comp_struct_changed = on_comp_struct_changed # pylint: disable=no-member self.__event_provider.subscribe_event("com_sun_star_awt_Gradient_changed", self.__fn_on_comp_struct_changed) self.__event_provider.subscribe_event("com_sun_star_drawing_Hatch_changed", self.__fn_on_comp_struct_changed)
# region ShadowProperties @property def shadow(self) -> bool: """ Gets/Sets - enables/disables the shadow of a Shape. The other shadow properties are only applied if this is set to TRUE. """ return self.__component.Shadow @shadow.setter def shadow(self, value: bool) -> None: self.__component.Shadow = value @property def shadow_blur(self) -> UnitMM100 | None: """ This defines the degree of blur of the shadow in points. When setting value can be an int or ``UnitT``. **optional** Returns: UnitMM100 | None: UnitMM100 or None if property is not available. """ with contextlib.suppress(AttributeError): return UnitMM100(self.__component.ShadowBlur) return None @shadow_blur.setter def shadow_blur(self, value: int | UnitT) -> None: val = UnitMM100.from_unit_val(value) with contextlib.suppress(AttributeError): self.__component.ShadowBlur = val.value @property def shadow_color(self) -> Color: """ This is the color of the shadow of this Shape. Returns: ~ooodev.utils.color.Color: Color """ return self.__component.ShadowColor # type: ignore @shadow_color.setter def shadow_color(self, value: Color) -> None: self.__component.ShadowColor = value # type: ignore @property def shadow_transparence(self) -> Intensity: """ This defines the degree of transparence of the shadow in percent. Returns: Intensity: Intensity """ return Intensity(self.__component.ShadowTransparence) @shadow_transparence.setter def shadow_transparence(self, value: int | Intensity) -> None: self.__component.ShadowTransparence = Intensity(int(value)).value @property def shadow_x_distance(self) -> UnitMM100: """ This is the horizontal distance of the left edge of the Shape to the shadow. When setting value can be an int or ``UnitT``. Returns: UnitMM100: UnitMM100 """ return UnitMM100(self.__component.ShadowXDistance) @shadow_x_distance.setter def shadow_x_distance(self, value: int | UnitT) -> None: self.__component.ShadowXDistance = UnitMM100.from_unit_val(value).value @property def shadow_y_distance(self) -> UnitMM100: """ This is the vertical distance of the top edge of the Shape to the shadow. When setting value can be an int or ``UnitT``. Returns: UnitMM100: UnitMM100 """ return UnitMM100(self.__component.ShadowYDistance) @shadow_y_distance.setter def shadow_y_distance(self, value: int | UnitT) -> None: self.__component.ShadowYDistance = UnitMM100.from_unit_val(value).value
# endregion ShadowProperties