Source code for ooodev.adapter.container.index_container_partial

from __future__ import annotations
from typing import Generic, TypeVar
import uno

from import XIndexContainer

from ooodev.utils.type_var import UnoInterface
from ooodev.adapter.container.index_replace_partial import IndexReplacePartial

T = TypeVar("T")

[docs]class IndexContainerPartial(IndexReplacePartial[T], Generic[T]): """ Partial Class for XIndexContainer. """ # pylint: disable=unused-argument
[docs] def __init__(self, component: XIndexContainer, interface: UnoInterface | None = XIndexContainer) -> None: """ Constructor Args: component (XIndexContainer): UNO Component that implements ```` interface. interface (UnoInterface, optional): The interface to be validated. Defaults to ``XIndexContainer``. """ IndexReplacePartial.__init__(self, component, interface) self.__component = component
# region XIndexContainer
[docs] def insert_by_index(self, index: int, element: T) -> None: """ Inserts the given element at the specified index. To append an element, use the index ``last index +1``. Args: index (int): The Zero-based index at which the element should be inserted. element (T): The element to insert. Raises: IllegalArgumentException: ```` IndexOutOfBoundsException: ```` WrappedTargetException: ```` """ self.__component.insertByIndex(index, element)
[docs] def remove_by_index(self, index: int) -> None: """ Removes the element at the specified index. Args: index (int): The Zero-based index of the element to remove. Raises: IndexOutOfBoundsException: ```` WrappedTargetException: ```` """ self.__component.removeByIndex(index)
# endregion XIndexContainer