Source code for ooodev.adapter.awt.uno_control_model_partial

from __future__ import annotations
from typing import TYPE_CHECKING
import uno

from ooodev.adapter.beans.property_set_partial import PropertySetPartial
from ooodev.adapter.awt.control_model_partial import ControlModelPartial
from ooodev.adapter.util.cloneable_partial import CloneablePartial

    from import XEventListener
    from import UnoControlModel

[docs]class UnoControlModelPartial(ControlModelPartial, PropertySetPartial, CloneablePartial): """Partial class for UnoControlModel."""
[docs] def __init__(self, component: UnoControlModel): """ Constructor Args: component (Any): Component that implements ```` service. """ self.__component = component # pylint: disable=no-member ControlModelPartial.__init__(self) PropertySetPartial.__init__(self, component=self.__component, interface=None) CloneablePartial.__init__(self, component=self.__component, interface=None)
# region XComponent
[docs] def add_event_listener(self, listener: XEventListener) -> None: """ Adds an event listener to the component. Args: listener (XEventListener): The event listener to be added. """ # pylint: disable=no-member self.__component.addEventListener(listener) # type: ignore
[docs] def remove_event_listener(self, listener: XEventListener) -> None: """ Removes an event listener from the component. Args: listener (XEventListener): The event listener to be removed. """ # pylint: disable=no-member self.__component.removeEventListener(listener) # type: ignore
[docs] def dispose(self) -> None: """ Disposes the component. """ # pylint: disable=no-member self.__component.dispose() # type: ignore
# endregion XComponent