Source code for ooodev.adapter.awt.font_descriptor_struct_comp

from __future__ import annotations
from typing import TYPE_CHECKING
from ooo.dyn.awt.char_set import CharSetEnum
from ooo.dyn.awt.font_descriptor import FontDescriptor
from ooo.dyn.awt.font_family import FontFamilyEnum
from ooo.dyn.awt.font_pitch import FontPitchEnum
from ooo.dyn.awt.font_slant import FontSlant
from ooo.dyn.awt.font_strikeout import FontStrikeoutEnum
from ooo.dyn.awt.font_type import FontTypeEnum
from ooo.dyn.awt.font_underline import FontUnderlineEnum
from ooodev.adapter.struct_base import StructBase
from ooodev.units.angle10 import Angle10

    from import EventsT

# It seems that it is necessary to assign the struct to a variable, then change the variable and assign it back to the component.
# It is as if LibreOffice creates a new instance of the struct when it is changed.
# Example:
# fd = self.__copy()
# fd.Name = event_args.value
# self.component = fd

[docs]class FontDescriptorStructComp(StructBase[FontDescriptor]): """ Font Descriptor Struct This class raises an event before and after a property is changed if it has been passed an event provider. The event raised before the property is changed is called ``com_sun_star_awt_FontDescriptor_changing``. The event raised after the property is changed is called ``com_sun_star_awt_FontDescriptor_changed``. The event args for before the property is changed is of type ``KeyValCancelArgs``. The event args for after the property is changed is of type ``KeyValArgs``. """
[docs] def __init__(self, component: FontDescriptor, prop_name: str, event_provider: EventsT | None = None) -> None: """ Constructor Args: component (FontDescriptor): Font Descriptor. prop_name (str): Property Name. This value is assigned to the ``prop_name`` of ``event_data``. event_provider (EventsPartial | None): Event Provider. """ super().__init__(component=component, prop_name=prop_name, event_provider=event_provider)
# region Overrides def _get_on_changed_event_name(self) -> str: return "com_sun_star_awt_FontDescriptor_changed" def _get_on_changing_event_name(self) -> str: return "com_sun_star_awt_FontDescriptor_changing" def _copy(self, src: FontDescriptor | None = None) -> FontDescriptor: if src is None: src = self.component return FontDescriptor( Name=src.Name, Height=src.Height, StyleName=src.StyleName, Family=src.Family, CharSet=src.CharSet, Pitch=src.Pitch, CharacterWidth=src.CharacterWidth, Width=src.Width, Weight=src.Weight, Slant=src.Slant, Strikeout=src.Strikeout, Orientation=src.Orientation, Underline=src.Underline, Kerning=src.Kerning, WordLineMode=src.WordLineMode, Type=src.Type, ) # endregion Overrides # region Properties @property def name(self) -> str: """ Gets/Sets the exact name of the font. """ return self.component.Name @name.setter def name(self, value: str) -> None: old_value = self.component.Name if old_value != value: event_args = self._trigger_cancel_event("Name", old_value, value) _ = self._trigger_done_event(event_args) @property def height(self) -> int: """ Gets/Sets the height of the font in the measure of the destination. """ return self.component.Height @height.setter def height(self, value: int) -> None: old_value = self.component.Height if old_value != value: event_args = self._trigger_cancel_event("Height", old_value, value) _ = self._trigger_done_event(event_args) @property def width(self) -> int: """ Gets/Sets the width of the font in the measure of the destination. """ return self.component.Width @width.setter def width(self, value: int) -> None: old_value = self.component.Width if old_value != value: event_args = self._trigger_cancel_event("Width", old_value, value) _ = self._trigger_done_event(event_args) @property def style_name(self) -> str: """ Gets/Sets the style name of the font. """ return self.component.StyleName @style_name.setter def style_name(self, value: str) -> None: old_value = self.component.StyleName if old_value != value: event_args = self._trigger_cancel_event("StyleName", old_value, value) _ = self._trigger_done_event(event_args) @property def family(self) -> FontFamilyEnum: """ Gets/Sets the general style of the font. When setting the value, the value can be an integer or a ``FontFamilyEnum`` object. Hint: - ``FontFamilyEnum`` can be imported from ``oo.dyn.awt.font_family``. """ return FontFamilyEnum(self.component.Family) @family.setter def family(self, value: int | FontFamilyEnum) -> None: old_value = FontFamilyEnum(self.component.Family) new_value = FontFamilyEnum(value) if old_value.value != new_value.value: event_args = self._trigger_cancel_event("Family", old_value.value, new_value.value) _ = self._trigger_done_event(event_args) @property def char_set(self) -> CharSetEnum: """ Gets/Sets the character set which is supported by the font. When setting the value, the value can be an integer or a ``CharSetEnum`` object. Hint: - ``CharSetEnum`` can be imported from ``ooo.dyn.awt.char_set``. """ return CharSetEnum(self.component.CharSet) @char_set.setter def char_set(self, value: int | CharSetEnum) -> None: old_value = CharSetEnum(self.component.CharSet) new_value = CharSetEnum(value) if old_value.value != new_value.value: event_args = self._trigger_cancel_event("CharSet", old_value.value, new_value.value) _ = self._trigger_done_event(event_args) @property def pitch(self) -> FontPitchEnum: """ Gets/Sets the pitch of the font. When setting the value, the value can be an integer or a ``FontPitchEnum`` object. Hint: - ``FontPitchEnum`` can be imported from ``ooo.dyn.awt.font_pitch``. """ return FontPitchEnum(self.component.Pitch) @pitch.setter def pitch(self, value: int | FontPitchEnum) -> None: old_value = FontPitchEnum(self.component.Pitch) new_value = FontPitchEnum(value) if old_value.value != new_value.value: event_args = self._trigger_cancel_event("Pitch", old_value.value, new_value.value) _ = self._trigger_done_event(event_args) @property def character_width(self) -> float: """ Gets/Sets the character width. Depending on the specified width, a font that supports this width may be selected. The value is expressed as a percentage. """ return self.component.CharacterWidth @character_width.setter def character_width(self, value: float) -> None: old_value = self.component.CharacterWidth if old_value != value: event_args = self._trigger_cancel_event("CharacterWidth", old_value, value) _ = self._trigger_done_event(event_args) @property def weight(self) -> float: """ Gets/Sets the thickness of the line. Depending on the specified weight, a font that supports this thickness may be selected. The value is expressed as a percentage. ``150.0`` usually means bold. """ return self.component.Weight @weight.setter def weight(self, value: float) -> None: old_value = self.component.Weight if old_value != value: event_args = self._trigger_cancel_event("Weight", old_value, value) _ = self._trigger_done_event(event_args) @property def slant(self) -> FontSlant: """ Gets/Sets the slant of the font. Hint: - ``FontSlant`` is a ``ooo.dyn.awt.font_slant``. """ return self.component.Slant @slant.setter def slant(self, value: FontSlant) -> None: old_value = self.component.Slant if old_value.value != value.value: event_args = self._trigger_cancel_event("Slant", old_value, value) _ = self._trigger_done_event(event_args) @property def underline(self) -> FontUnderlineEnum: """ Gets/Sets the kind of underlining. When setting the value, the value can be an integer or a ``FontUnderlineEnum`` object. Hint: ``FontUnderlineEnum`` can be imported from ``ooo.dyn.awt.font_underline``. """ return FontUnderlineEnum(self.component.Underline) @underline.setter def underline(self, value: int | FontUnderlineEnum) -> None: old_value = FontUnderlineEnum(self.component.Underline) new_value = FontUnderlineEnum(value) if old_value.value != new_value.value: event_args = self._trigger_cancel_event("Underline", old_value.value, new_value.value) _ = self._trigger_done_event(event_args) @property def strikeout(self) -> FontStrikeoutEnum: """ Gets/Sets the kind of strikeout. When setting the value, the value can be an integer or a ``FontStrikeoutEnum`` object. Hint: - ``FontStrikeoutEnum`` can be imported from ``ooo.dyn.awt.font_strikeout``. """ return FontStrikeoutEnum(self.component.Strikeout) @strikeout.setter def strikeout(self, value: int | FontStrikeoutEnum) -> None: old_value = FontStrikeoutEnum(self.component.Strikeout) new_value = FontStrikeoutEnum(value) if old_value.value != new_value.value: event_args = self._trigger_cancel_event("Strikeout", old_value.value, new_value.value) _ = self._trigger_done_event(event_args) @property def orientation(self) -> Angle10: """ Gets/Sets the rotation of the font. The unit of measure is ``1/10 degrees``; ``0`` is the baseline. When setting the value, the value can be an float in ``1/10 degrees`` or an ``Angle10`` object. Returns: Angle10: Rotation of the font. """ return Angle10(round(self.component.Orientation * 10)) @orientation.setter def orientation(self, value: float | Angle10) -> None: old_value = self.component.Orientation if isinstance(value, Angle10): new_value = 0 if value.value == 0 else value.value / 10 else: new_value = 0 if value == 0 else value / 10 if old_value != value: event_args = self._trigger_cancel_event("Orientation", old_value, new_value) _ = self._trigger_done_event(event_args) @property def kerning(self) -> bool: """ For requesting, it specifies if there is a kerning table available. For selecting, it specifies if the kerning table is to be used. """ return self.component.Kerning @kerning.setter def kerning(self, value: bool) -> None: old_value = self.component.Kerning if old_value != value: event_args = self._trigger_cancel_event("Kerning", old_value, value) _ = self._trigger_done_event(event_args) @property def word_line_mode(self) -> bool: """ Gets/Sets if only words get underlined. ``True`` means that only non-space characters get underlined, ``False`` means that the spacing also gets underlined. This property is only valid if the property ```` is not ``FontUnderline.NONE``. """ return self.component.WordLineMode @word_line_mode.setter def word_line_mode(self, value: bool) -> None: old_value = self.component.WordLineMode if old_value != value: event_args = self._trigger_cancel_event("WordLineMode", old_value, value) _ = self._trigger_done_event(event_args) @property def type(self) -> FontTypeEnum: """ Gets/Sets the technology of the font representation. Flags Enum. One or more values out of the constant group ```` can be combined by an arithmetical or-operation. When setting the value, the value can be an integer or a ``FontTypeEnum`` object. Hint: - ``FontTypeEnum`` can be imported from ``ooo.dyn.awt.font_type``. """ return FontTypeEnum(self.component.Type) @type.setter def type(self, value: int | FontTypeEnum) -> None: old_value = FontTypeEnum(self.component.Type) new_value = FontTypeEnum(value) if old_value.value != new_value.value: event_args = self._trigger_cancel_event("Type", old_value.value, new_value.value) _ = self._trigger_done_event(event_args)
# endregion Properties