Source code for ooodev.utils.data_type.cell_values

from __future__ import annotations
import contextlib
from dataclasses import dataclass
from typing import cast, TYPE_CHECKING
import uno
from ooo.dyn.table.cell_address import CellAddress

from ooodev.loader import lo as mLo
from ooodev.utils import table_helper as mTb
from ooodev.utils.decorator import enforce
from ooodev.loader.inst.doc_type import DocType

    from ooodev.calc.calc_doc import CalcDoc

[docs]@enforce.enforce_types @dataclass(frozen=True) class CellValues: """ Cell Parts .. versionadded:: 0.8.2 """ col: int """Column such as ``1``. Must be non-negative integer value.""" row: int """Row such as ``125``. Must be non-negative integer value.""" sheet_idx: int = -1 """ Sheet index that this cell value belongs to. ``-1`` means no sheet is defined for this instance. ``-2`` means no sheet is defined for this instance and not attempt to get the sheet should be made. """ def __post_init__(self): # it is ok for sheet_idx to be negative. if self.col < 0: raise ValueError(f"Value of {self.col} is out of range. Value must be greater then 0") if self.row < 0: raise ValueError(f"Value of {self.row} is out of range. Value must be greater then or equal to 0") def __str__(self) -> str: return mTb.TableHelper.make_cell_name(row=self.row, col=self.col, zero_index=True) def __eq__(self, other: object) -> bool: if isinstance(other, CellValues): return self.sheet_idx == other.sheet_idx and self.col == other.col and self.row == other.row return str(self) == other.upper() if isinstance(other, str) else False
[docs] def get_cell_address(self) -> CellAddress: """ Gets a cell address Raises: ValueError: If ``sheet_idx`` is a negative value. Returns: CellAddress: Cell Address """ if self.sheet_idx < 0: raise ValueError(f"Cannot convert to CellAddress because sheet_idx is negative: {self.sheet_idx}") return CellAddress(Sheet=self.sheet_idx, Column=self.col, Row=self.row)
[docs] @staticmethod def from_cell(cell_val: str | CellAddress | CellValues | mCellObj.CellObj) -> CellValues: """ Gets cell values Args: cell_val (str | CellAddress | mCellObj.CellObj | CellValues): Cell value. If ``cell_val`` is CellValues instance then that instance is returned. Returns: CellValues: Cell values representing ``cell_val`` """ if isinstance(cell_val, CellValues): return cell_val if isinstance(cell_val, str): # split will cover if a range is passed in, return first cell parts = mTb.TableHelper.get_cell_parts(cell_val) idx = -2 row = parts.row - 1 col = mTb.TableHelper.col_name_to_int(parts.col, True) if parts.sheet: with contextlib.suppress(Exception): # pylint: disable=no-member if mLo.Lo.is_loaded and mLo.Lo.current_doc.DOC_TYPE == DocType.CALC: doc = cast("CalcDoc", mLo.Lo.current_doc) sheet = doc.get_sheet(sheet_name=parts.sheet) idx = sheet.get_sheet_index() elif isinstance(cell_val, mCellObj.CellObj): idx = cell_val.sheet_idx row = cell_val.row - 1 col = cell_val.col_obj.index else: idx = cell_val.Sheet row = cell_val.Row col = cell_val.Column return CellValues(col=col, row=row, sheet_idx=idx)
from ooodev.utils.data_type import cell_obj as mCellObj