Source code for ooodev.listeners.x_terminate_adapter

from __future__ import annotations
from typing import TYPE_CHECKING
from ooodev.mock import mock_g
import uno
from import XTerminateListener

if mock_g.DOCS_BUILDING:
    from ooodev.mock import unohelper
    import unohelper

    from import EventObject

[docs]class XTerminateAdapter(unohelper.Base, XTerminateListener): # type: ignore """ XTerminateListener implementation See Also: `API XTerminateListener <>`_ """
[docs] def notifyTermination(self, Event: EventObject) -> None: """ is called when the master environment is finally terminated. No veto will be accepted then. """ pass
[docs] def queryTermination(self, Event: EventObject) -> None: """ is called when the master environment (e.g., desktop) is about to terminate. Termination can be intercepted by throwing TerminationVetoException. Interceptor will be the new owner of desktop and should call XDesktop.terminate() after finishing his own operations. Raises: TerminationVetoException: ``TerminationVetoException`` """ pass
[docs] def disposing(self, event: EventObject) -> None: """ gets called when the broadcaster is about to be disposed. All listeners and all other objects, which reference the broadcaster should release the reference to the source. No method should be invoked anymore on this object ( including XComponent.removeEventListener() ). This method is called for every listener registration of derived listener interfaced, not only for registrations at XComponent. """ # from pass