Source code for ooodev.format.inner.partial.write.area.write_fill_img_partial

from __future__ import annotations
from typing import Any, TYPE_CHECKING

from ooodev.format.inner.style_factory import write_area_img_factory
from .write_table_fill_img_partial import WriteTableFillImgPartial

    from ooodev.format.proto.write.fill.area.fill_img_t import FillImgT
    FillImgT = Any

[docs]class WriteFillImgPartial(WriteTableFillImgPartial): """ Partial class for Write Fill Image. """
[docs] def style_area_image_get(self) -> FillImgT | None: """ Gets the Area Area Image Style. Raises: CancelEventError: If the event ``before_style_area_img_get`` is cancelled and not handled. Returns: FillImgT | None: Area image style or ``None`` if cancelled. """ # mangled name # pylint: disable=no-member styler = self._WriteFillImgPartial__styler # type: ignore return styler.style_get(factory=write_area_img_factory)