Source code for ooodev.adapter.util.close_listener

from __future__ import annotations
from typing import TYPE_CHECKING

import uno
from import XCloseListener
from import KeyValArgs

from import GenericArgs
from ooodev.adapter.adapter_base import AdapterBase

    from import XCloseBroadcaster
    from import EventObject

[docs]class CloseListener(AdapterBase, XCloseListener): """ Makes it possible to receive events when an object is called for closing Such close events are broadcasted by a XCloseBroadcaster if somewhere tries to close it by calling XCloseable.close(). Listener can: If an event occurred, nobody called XCloseable.close() on listened object before. Then it's not allowed to break this request - it must be accepted! See Also: `API XCloseListener <>`_ """
[docs] def __init__(self, trigger_args: GenericArgs | None = None, subscriber: XCloseBroadcaster | None = None) -> None: """ Constructor Args: trigger_args (GenericArgs, Optional): Args that are passed to events when they are triggered. subscriber (XCloseBroadcaster, optional): An UNO object that implements the ``XCloseBroadcaster`` interface. If passed in then this listener instance is automatically added to it. """ super().__init__(trigger_args=trigger_args) # doc parameter was renamed to subscriber in version 0.13.6 if subscriber: subscriber.addCloseListener(self)
[docs] def notifyClosing(self, event: EventObject) -> None: """ Is invoked when the listened object is closed really. Now the listened object is closed really. Listener has to accept that; should deregister itself and release all references to it. It's not allowed nor possible to disagree with that by throwing any exception. If the event ```` occurred before it must be accepted too. There exist no chance for a disagreement any more. """ self._trigger_event("notifyClosing", event)
[docs] def queryClosing(self, event: EventObject, gets_ownership: bool) -> None: """ Is invoked when somewhere tries to close listened object Is called before ``XCloseListener.notifyClosing()``. Listener has the chance to break that by throwing a CloseVetoException. This exception must be passed to the original caller of ``XCloseable.close()`` without any interaction. The parameter ``gets_ownership`` regulate who has to try to close the listened object again, if this listener disagree with the request by throwing the exception. If it's set to ``False`` the original caller of ``XCloseable.close()`` will be the owner in every case. It's not allowed to call ``close()`` from this listener then. If it's set to ``True`` this listener will be the new owner if he throw the exception, otherwise not! If his still running processes will be finished he must call ``close()`` on listened object again then. If this listener doesn't disagree with th close request it depends from his internal implementation if he deregister itself at the listened object. But normally this must be done in ``XCloseListener.notifyClosing()``. Args: event (EventObject): Describes the source of the event (must be the listened object) gets_ownership (bool): ``True`` pass the ownership to this listener, if he throw the veto exception (otherwise this parameter must be ignored!) ``False`` forbids to grab the ownership for the listened close object and call close() on that any time. Raises: CloseVetoException: ``CloseVetoException`` Note: This implementation raises a ``queryClosing`` event in the event system. The event data is a ``KeyValArgs`` instance with the following properties: ``key=gets_ownership``, ``value=gets_ownership`` and ``event_data=event``. """ kv_args = KeyValArgs(self, key="gets_ownership", value=gets_ownership) kv_args.event_data = event self._trigger_event("queryClosing", kv_args)
[docs] def disposing(self, event: EventObject) -> None: """ Gets invoked when the broadcaster is about to be disposed. All listeners and all other objects, which reference the broadcaster should release the reference to the source. No method should be invoked anymore on this object ( including ``XComponent.removeEventListener()`` ). This method is called for every listener registration of derived listener interfaced, not only for registrations at ``XComponent``. """ # from self._trigger_event("disposing", event)