ooodev.format.proto.area.fill_gradient_t module

protocol ooodev.format.proto.area.fill_gradient_t.FillGradientT[source]

Bases: StyleMultiT, Protocol

Fill Gradient Protocol

Classes that implement this protocol must have the following methods / attributes:

__init__(*, style=Ellipsis, offset=Ellipsis, angle=Ellipsis, border=Ellipsis, grad_intensity=Ellipsis, **kwargs)[source]


  • style (GradientStyle, optional) – Specifies the style of the gradient. Defaults to GradientStyle.LINEAR.

  • step_count (int, optional) – Specifies the number of steps of change color. Defaults to 0.

  • offset (offset, optional) – Specifies the X-coordinate (start) and Y-coordinate (end), where the gradient begins. X is effectively the center of the RADIAL, ELLIPTICAL, SQUARE and RECT style gradients. Defaults to Offset(50, 50).

  • angle (Angle, int, optional) – Specifies angle of the gradient. Defaults to 0.

  • border (int, optional) – Specifies percent of the total width where just the start color is used. Defaults to 0.

  • grad_intensity (IntensityRange, optional) – Specifies the intensity at the start point and stop point of the gradient. Defaults to IntensityRange(0, 0).

  • kwargs (Any) –

Return type:


from_obj(obj: Any) Self
from_obj(obj: Any, **kwargs) Self

Helper for @overload to raise when called.

on_property_setting(source, event_args)[source]
Return type:


__protocol_attrs__ = {'add_event_listener', 'add_event_observer', 'apply', 'backup', 'copy', 'default', 'from_obj', 'get_attrs', 'get_props', 'get_update_obj', 'has_update_obj', 'on_applied', 'on_applying', 'on_property_backed_up', 'on_property_backing_up', 'on_property_restore_set', 'on_property_restore_setting', 'on_property_set', 'on_property_set_error', 'on_property_setting', 'prop_format_kind', 'prop_has_attribs', 'prop_has_backup', 'prop_inner', 'prop_parent', 'remove_event_listener', 'remove_event_observer', 'restore', 'set_update_obj', 'support_service', 'update'}
property default: Self

Gets Gradient empty. Static Property.

Return type:


property prop_inner: GradientStruct

Gets Fill Transparent Gradient instance

Return type: