Source code for ooodev.theme.theme_sql

from __future__ import annotations
from ooodev.theme.theme import ThemeBase

[docs]class ThemeSql(ThemeBase): """ Theme SQL Properties. The properties are populated from LibreOffice theme colors. Automatic color values are returned with a value of ``-1``. All other values are positive numbers. """ # region Properties @property def comment_color(self) -> int: """Comment color.""" try: return self._comment_color except AttributeError: self._comment_color = self._get_color("SQLComment") return self._comment_color @property def identifier_color(self) -> int: """Identifier color.""" try: return self._identifier_color except AttributeError: self._identifier_color = self._get_color("SQLIdentifier") return self._identifier_color @property def keyword_color(self) -> int: """Keyword color.""" try: return self._keyword_color except AttributeError: self._keyword_color = self._get_color("SQLKeyword") return self._keyword_color @property def number_color(self) -> int: """Keyword color.""" try: return self._number_color except AttributeError: self._number_color = self._get_color("SQLNumber") return self._number_color @property def operator_color(self) -> int: """Operator color.""" try: return self._operator_color except AttributeError: self._operator_color = self._get_color("SQLOperator") return self._operator_color @property def parameter_color(self) -> int: """Parameter color.""" try: return self._parameter_color except AttributeError: self._parameter_color = self._get_color("SQLParameter") return self._parameter_color @property def string_color(self) -> int: """String color.""" try: return self._string_color except AttributeError: self._string_color = self._get_color("SQLString") return self._string_color
# endregion Properties